HelloMiners Community Rules

Hi All,

We are currently working on updating the rules, however we have a copy from a few years ago. Please refer to this until we have finished updating the rules.

i. Basic Rules
ii. Special Rules
iii. Action taken when rules are broken
iv. Forum Rules
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I. Basic Rules

These are the rules that everyone who plays in the server has to follow in every situation. Breaking them may result in punishment; these punishments can be found in category III.

• General Rules
Minecraft is a very open game, which means there are many things that can be exploited. Using exploits or glitches is not allowed in our servers. Duping, exploiting a glitch or plugin to create items, is also not allowed. With regard to mods, we have a simple general rule. Any mod that gives an unfair advantage over players that don’t use it is not allowed. That includes Xray, Nodus, the printer function of Schematica or related, MobRadar, and any other third-party clients. When in doubt, ask a staffmember if a mod is allowed.

• Account Rules
It is only allowed to use one account on our server. Using other accounts or letting people join with other accounts to get their money or property is not allowed. We advise that every account is only used by one player. If a rule is broken on an account, it is impossible for us to know who was using the account. We therefore treat the account as only one entity. If your account gets banned, you are not allowed to join the server with another account. Instead, create an unban request.

• Chat Rules
We like to keep the chat as nice and clean as possible. For that reason, it is not allowed to insult other people, troll ceaselessly, swear excessively, or spam chat. Please note that advertising and recruiting are not allowed. The chat is also used to make deals with other people. Therefore, if you make an agreement with someone, you are expected to follow through with it. Because we aim to provide a server for all ages, it is not allowed to use sexually explicit language. It is not allowed to build things that you can’t post according to the chat rules.

• Property Rules
It is not allowed to damage property owned by other players. Property can be land regioned to someone, but also animals and pets, and items in someone’s inventory. For that reason, it is not allowed to pick up someone’s items without their consent. When blocking off a nether portal, you are obliged to leave space outside the portal so that people can warp out. PvP is not allowed in any form, unless in events hosted by staff. It is not allowed to trade anything in game for something outside of the game without permission of a staffmember. When having land regioned by a staff member, please keep in mind that the 5 block rule (explained in category II) and 120 block rule (also explained in category II) need to be followed.

• The Eyesore Rule
This is a rule that applies to Government cities only. Of all the buildings that are built there, we expect that they fit into the city and look nice. We don’t expect everyone to build architectural masterpieces only, but we doe expect everyone to build thing that we can look at without our eyes being burnt out. Staffmembers and city staff decide whether a building is an eyesore or not. If a building is deemed an eyesore, a sign will be placed on the plot, notifying the player that they have two weeks to change the building. Additionally, the player will receive an in-game mail, and staff may try to contact the player over discord. If the player fails to improve the building sufficiently, the building will be taken down, and the plot will be sold to the Government. There is a specific rule regarding the height of skyscrapers in Government cities. The height of a skyscraper cannot be over six times the size of the smallest side of the base of the building. A less strict eyesore applies to all the land within rendering distance of government owned cities.

• The Common Sense Rule
If there is anything that is not included in these rules, that gives someone an unfair advantage or damages the server or other players, ask staff if it is allowed or not. We expect people to be able to understand when something they want to do is in the ‘grey zone’. When in doubt, always consult a staffmember. If staffmember tells someone to do something, failing to do so will be seen as rule-breaking. If you don’t agree with something a staffmember says, create a ticket in the discord. A serious attempt at doing something that would break a rule is treated as breaking the rule.

II. Special Rules

These rules generally apply in more specific situations. Breaking them may lead to punishment, these punishments are found in category III.

Privately Owned City Rules

•General private city rules
Every privately owned city (a place in the wilderness where multiple plots or buildings are sold to people, where custom rules apply to the properties) has to be approved by the government before it can open. To get approved, a city needs to have a board of rules. A staffmember will lock the signs of the rules. The land value of the city needs to be at least 60 000F. Every region of the city that is not a subregion has to be at least F8000 of land. Every plot that’s sold in a privately owned city needs to have the greeting “By buying this plot you agree to the rules of this city”. The greeting also needs to contain the coordinates of the city’s rule board, or a direct link to the forum topic containing the rules of the city. Finally, a town has to look reasonably nice before it will be approved. If a city owner wants to evict a player from a plot, they have to follow the special eviction rules for private cities.
Private city owners can choose to post their city rules on the forums instead of on an in-game ruleboard. Rules posted on the forums will go through the same approval process as city rules posted in-game. The city rules topic will be posted by the city owner in the ‘Private city rules’ subforum after the rules have been approved. It will be locked immediately after being posted.
The rules topic can only be edited by a forum administrator, at the request of the city owner. When this happens, the city owner will provide a list of all the plots that were sold prior to the rulechange. This list will be added to the topic. Older versions of the rules will also be listed in the topic.

•Private city evictions
Evictions for violations of eyesore rules (or other rules about the contents of the plot):
If a building breaks the eyesore rules of the private city, the owners need to be informed with an in-game mail. Furthermore, signs need to be placed next to the plot explaining to the player specifically and in detail what is wrong with the building, how it can be fixed, and how much time the player has. At this time a picture also needs to be taken that shows the signs and the part of the building that is breaking the rules. This can be multiple pictures if necessary.
If the fixing period has passed and the building has not been improved enough, another picture can be taken. Both pictures can be uploaded to the forums, along with the name of the player and the name of the plot. Please make sure that chat is not disabled in either of the pictures. An admin will then approve or disapprove the eviction request.

•Evictions for inactivity:
For inactivity evictions, no pictures are required. If the player has not been online for the period specified in your rules, simply post the name of the player, the name of the plot, the inactivity period in your rules, and the inactivity period of the player in a topic.
These requests will be assessed based on reasonable interpretations of the rules, and of the progress that the player has made in fixing the building.

Please use spoiler tags around your pictures. This will make topics with many images easier to load.
Players who have been inactive for more than 8 months may be evicted from a private city plot, regardless of whether an inactivity rule applied when the plot was bought. The evicted player will be payed a compensation by the city owner. This compensation will be twice the amount that the evicted player originally payed for the plot. If it is unknown how much the evicted player payed, this will be assumed to have been 12F per block. Evictions based on this rule have to be requested by the city owner in the ‘Eviction requests’ subforum.

•Private cities reserving land
Approved private cities can reserve land adjacent to their city regions for 2F per block. This land will be regioned and will have no owners or members. The city owners will have to pay the additional 3F per block within 3 months. If they do, they will be added as owners to the reserved land and it will become their property. If they do not, the land will be unregioned and they will not get a refund.

•Airport rules
Airports need to meet the following requirements for approval:
Cosmetic requirements:
An airport needs to have:
o security checkpoints
o It needs to have a control tower
o It needs to have one runway per connection (A runway is at least 5 blocks wide and 25 blocks long)
o It needs to have a terminal (this needs to be a big building)
o It has to look realistic

•Size and money requirements:
The surface area of the airport has to be at least 2000 blocks. The player will have to pay for the land and the construction costs. An airport will only be available to towns with at least 60 000F of land value consisting of roads, park, plots or city buildings. The town owners always have to be owners of the airport as well.
Opening an airport costs 40 000F. A city also pays 20,000F for a two-way connection. (So an airport with a connection to HelloMiners International Airport and to another private city airport would cost 80 000F). An airport will be connected to the highway network.

Special property rules

•Apartment rules
Apartments can only be rented out, not sold. Only the following rules may be applied to rented out apartments: -If the renter hasn’t joined the server in over 4 months, the owner of the building can evict the renter. The owner will have to refund the renter for the period that was payed for in advance. -No dripping liquids through the floor of the apartment. -No nether portals in the apartment. -No farm animals in the apartment. -No chestshops inside the apartments. Owners of apartment buildings may choose to not enforce one or more of these rules. These owners should tell players what rules they enforce when they rent the apartment. These are the only rules that apartment owners can enforce on tenants.
Renting out apartments to new players (players who joined the server less than a month ago) is limited:
• A new player may not be charged more than 4F per block of apartment floor surface per month in government cities
• A new player may not be charged more than 3F per block of apartment floor surface per month in private cities
• A new player may not be charged more than 600F for apartments of any size or any duration

•Farm rules:
Farms are not allowed to have a large effect on server performance. No more than 250 animals are ever allowed per farm. Using any device or method to avoid the AFK kick while not playing actively is not allowed.

Regioning Rules

•The 5 block rule
No land may be purchased within 5 blocks of an already existing region in the wilderness that is owned by another player, unless one or more of the following conditions apply:
• The owner of the region gives permission for the new region.
• Land in the area is very much in demand and there is no land nearby that is equally popular. (for example land close to a land price border, or next to a popular highway)
• There is a mobspawner in the 5 block radius.
If none of these conditions is met, the moderator/admin will not be allowed to region the land. It is the responsibility of both the administrator and the player to check when they are making a region, that no existing regions are within 5 blocks. The 5 block rule does not apply in the nether.
In the case of private city regions, this radius is not 5 blocks, but 120 blocks.
Please note that if a player gives permission to another player to build within 5 blocks of their region, this is final and cannot be reversed.

•Regioning nether tunnels
It is allowed for owners of nether tunnels to overlap other tunnels. The owner of the newest tunnel cannot alter the original tunnel, they will have go over or under it. The new tunnel region will be temporarily parented to the old region, so that the overlapping part can be built. The owner of the new tunnel may have to change their tunnel at a later point, if the owner of the old tunnel has a reasonable reason to ask them to do so. The owner of the new tunnel will have to pay the owner of the old tunnel a compensation of 5F per (horizontal) block used.

•Regioning in The End
Regioning in the end is the same as in the overworld, however the obsidian towers generated by spawning the dragon may not be regioned.
Special region flags
Players have access to a number of region flags (e.g /rg flag regionname greeting) by default. Other flags can be set by staffmembers in certain situations.

• Entry deny
The entry deny flag prohibits everyone except owners or members of a region to enter the region. This flag may be set for villager farms and for horse farms. The region will have to match the size of the actual farm; a subregion will have to be made if the farm is smaller than the region. If the region no longer meets the requirements for this flag, the flag will be removed.
• Mob-spawn deny
The mob-spawning flag stops mobs from spawning in a region. Owners of approved privately owned cities may be let this flag be set in the regions of their approved city.
• deny-spawn Zombie
This region flag prevents zombie from spawning in the region. It is allowed in villager farms.
• deny-spawn Pig_Zombie
This region flag prevents pigmen from spawning in the region. It is allowed in nether tunnels.

•Locks on purchased wilderness land:
If land that is bought from the Government in the wilderness contains locks, the locks can be removed by staff at the request of the new owner. In the case of chests, the contents will be removed too.

•Troll regions:
If the main purpose of the purchase of a region is to hinder already existing regions, the region can be removed. This will only be done when relevant circumstances lead to the objectively justifiable, convincing conclusion that this was the purpose. This will be applied quite restrictively. If a region is removed through this process, the owner may be forbidden from purchasing regions in certain areas.

General eviction rules

•Eviction of apartment owners due to inactivity:
Owners of apartments that were sold (not rented out) can be evicted if they have not joined the server for 4 months, regardless of whether they agreed to an inactivity rule when they bought the apartment. However, the person evicting them has to give them a refund of 2F per block of apartment floor surface. These evictions are carried out by staff members, who will also add the money to the account of the person who was evicted. It is illegal for an owner of an apartment building to remove an owner from an apartment - this removal has to be done by a staff member.

•Buying wilderness land owned by inactive players:
Land that is owned by inactive players can be bought if they have been active for a certain period of time. The lenght of this period required to buy the region depends on the size of the region. This means that for instance a small region can be bought if the owner is inactive for at least 90 days, but a bigger region can only be bought if the player has been inactive for more than 150 days.

The following formula is used to calculated the required inactivity period:
90+S^0,6 with S as the surface area of the region. So if a region is 6x6(36) blocks, you can buy it if the owner has been inactive for 90+8,58= 99 days.
NOTE: To calculate this, the filled in formula can simply be pasted in Google. So to calculate the required inactivity period for the aforementioned 36 blocks, simply fill in 36^0,6+90.
Multiple regions together owned by the same player are treated as one region for this rule. Inactivity means a player being on the server for less than 1 hour per month. Land owned by banned people can be claimed in this way – time that they are banned equals inactivity.
Land will be sold at land value and the revenue of the sale will go to the original owner. If land that is bought in this way contains locks, the locks can be removed by staff at the request of the new owner. Chests and their contents will be removed.

•Eviction from Government city plots due to inactivity
The time people have to be inactive for before they are evicted depends on the location of the plot in relation to the warp. A plot that is in the first line of plots next to the warp will only be evicted after 6 months of inactivity of the owner. A plot in the second line of plots around the warp will have its owner evicted after 5 months of inactivity. Any other plot in a government city will have its owner evicted after 4 months of inactivity. In RiverCity, the row of plots behind the warp plots counts as the first row. Requests for evictions based on this can be made to the mayor of a Government city.

•Pets on other people’s property:
Pets that are sitting on regioned land to which the owner of the pet is not added can be released by staffmembers at the request of the owner of the land.

Other rules

•TNT rights
Players do not have the right to place or ignite TNT by default. These rights can be obtained temporary by wellbehaved, trusted players. To get these rights temporarily, make a request in the #tnt-permissions channel of the government discord. TNT will only detonate in regions with a special region flag; this will have to be set by a staff member.

•Copyright for company names and building designs
Every company name that is actively used is automatically ‘copyrighted’, meaning no one can give their company the same name or a name that is very similar. Building designs that are first built in this server are also automatically’ copyrighted’, meaning no one else may build the same building or a very similar building in the server. It is not allowed to use a real life company name for your company.

Rules that apply to staff only
Staff members can only use the tools that only they have for ‘staff tasks’. Staff members are also not allowed to use /ignore on any player. As a general guideline, staffmembers have to be kind and helpful to all players if the situation permits it. When banning a player for more than 24 hours, a staffmember always has to make a bantopic with evidence within 24 hours of the ban. There are two exceptions to this. If the banned player is an alt-account of an already banned player, the information on the newly banned account will be added to the bantopic of the main account. Secondly, a bantopic will not be made if a player is auto-banned by the Warnings plugin.
Staff must behave with integrity and in accordance with rules and guidelines set out for them.

III. Action taken when rules are broken

These rules only apply when a rule from one of the other categories has been broken. They form a guideline for staff members to decide the ban time of a player.

• Chat related offenses:
For chat-related offenses, players will be warned twice (or warned and kicked) before they are banned. If the offenses are of a very serious degree, a player may be banned without warning. The bantime per serious offense (usually a severe insult using profanity) is one day of ban per violation. If a player receives 4 warnings within 3 days time in the Warnings plugin, they are banned for 1 day. A bantopic will not be made for these bans.

• Staff can take appropriate action if a username or nickname is deemed inappropriate, or too similar to the username of another player, given relevant circumstances.

• If a player breaks the rules repeatedly for much of their playtime despite multiple warnings of staff, they may be banned until further notice. This means that if their bantime is up, they will not be automatically unbanned. Rather, they will have to make an unban request before being unbanned.

• Stealing:
1 day ban per F100 of value stolen, and the items (or money) are returned.

• If someone illegally gains money in a way that is not a direct disadvantage to another player, the ban time will be 1 day of ban for every 200F gained in this way. The money or property that was gained will be taken away from the account.

• If a player plays an active role in a new player being charged too much for an apartment while he could and should have known that this was a violation of the rule, the following action is taken:
The new player will be given back the amount of money that was in excess of what was allowed to be charged, plus half of that as a fine. If the same player violates this rule again at a later point, he will receive 1 day of ban for every 100F that was overcharged in this way.

• Locking a door, sign, chest or any other item on a region that is not owned by the player locking it:
A 50F fine, this money will be given to the owner of the region.

• Breaking the eyesore rule in or within rendering distance of a Government City:
A staff member will place a sign explaining to the player specifically and in detail what they have to change to fix the building. The player will also get an in-game mail that contains the plot name and tells the player it has been marked as an eyesore. If the player has not made as much progress as could be reasonably expected from them, they will be evicted two weeks after the plot was marked as eyesore. The building will be removed and the owner(s) and member(s) will be removed from the plot. They will get a compensation that equals the land value of the plot (20F per block).

• Scamming:
The scammed player gets their money back, and the scammer gets a ban of 1 day for every F100 of value scammed.

• Duping:
1 day of ban for every F100 worth of items duped.

• Spamming:
When continued after warnings, kicks, and a temporary mute: a 2 day mute.

• Recruiting:
A 7 day ban per recruitment attempt. Every time someone tries to recruit another player through private message, this is counted as one recruitment attempt. When the public chat is used, every 4 lines count as one recruitment attempt.

• PvP without explicit permission from a staff member:
2 weeks of ban per killed player, unless the victim does not want to press charges.

• Ban-evasion:
2 months plus 1 day for every day evaded.

• Flyhack:
A 3 month ban.

• X-Ray:
A 4 month ban, and the X-rayer loses all their items, property, and money.

• Using any method or device to avoid becoming AFK while not playing actively:
A 1 week ban. If a player has been caught doing this before, the punishment will be more severe.

• Greifing:
We decide in which of five greifing categories the destruction can be placed. A scale one griefing means that only a few blocks are damaged, category five means that one or multiple large structures have been destroyed (nearly) completely. The punishments for the categories are:
Category 1: a 5 day ban
Category 2: a 20 day ban
Category 3: a 1 month ban
Category 4: a 3 month ban
Category 5: a 5 month ban

• Multi-accounting:
When it is proven or extremely likely that two accounts are being operated by one person, both accounts will be banned temporarily. The player will then have the choice with which of the two he can continue playing, after which the other account will be permanently banned.

• Lying about the offenses when there is incontrovertible evidence that disproves innocence:
20% increase of total ban time

• Full honesty and cooperation in the investigation into the crimes that lead to the ban:
20% decrease in ban time for the offense

• Any of these offenses committed while banned will have their time added to the total ban, as well as a 20% increase of total ban time. Any of these crimes combined in one ban sentence also get a 20% increase in total ban time. There will also be a 20% increase for every ban the player has had before the latest one. A player’s bantime will be increased 20% for every time they have been banned before. No more than 70% of the total bantime may be attributed to multipliers.

• Players will not be unbanned if there is a substantial risk that they might be a threat to the server or are very likely to repeat their offense.

• Jail:
If there are good reasons to believe a player has broken rules, they may be jailed for the sake of the investigation. This can be to protect possible evidence or to force the player to cooperate with the investigation.

IV. Forum rules

The forum rules are the rules that apply to http://www.hellominers.com
All these rules apply to forum posts, private messages, signatures and profile pictures.

• Be Respectful
Here at HelloMiners there are a diverse range of people, all of whom deserve respect. This means we expect you to behave sensibly and treat everyone kindly. Insulting people or using sexual chat is not allowed.

• Don’t Spam
Repeatedly posting the same message is not allowed. Please try to make your posts as relevant as possible and try not to go off topic.

• Don’t do anything illegal
We do not allow our users to place anything illegal on the forums. This includes but is not limited to the following:
o Harassment of members
o Threatening actions towards members
o Links to illegal activity
o Invasion of privacy
o Sexual abuse of minors
o Hateful content

• Only use one forum account
You are only allowed to use one account here. If your previous account doesn’t work you can make a new account. Please inform a staff member of this. If your account is banned you are not allowed to make a new one. Instead you can ask for an unban using the contact form.

• Don’t make false reports
Because the forums are closely tied to the server, it is important that members don’t intentionally post lies. This includes making false reports about players or staff members.

• No promoting other servers
Our forums are not the medium for you to promote other servers.

• Server rules also apply to the forums
This pertains primarily to chat rules and property rules, as the forums are often used to make deals that will take place on the server.

• Use common sense
Some things may not be narrowly defined in the rules. We expect our users to have a good idea of what is in the ‘grey zone’. If you are in doubt if something is allowed, contact a staff member.