Ban appeal Vixen_MC

A couple of years ago i was young and made a really stupid mistake i was being greedy and wanted more money and i got an alt off a website and got the money and i got banned because i didnt know it was bannable i thought i was just outsmarting the system and i really regret that can i get unbanned you can reset my money and my propertys i just want to play this server again and make content on it.

Hi Vixen_MC We are happy to say that your appeal has been granted and you are welcome to return to the server when you are ready. Thank you for coming back! Please note a lot has changed since the last time you’ve been online, if you have any further questions our staff team will be happy to help!

As per staff guidelines, you will be put on a 6 month probation (which just means if you do get banned within 6 months of 7/26/2021) your ban will have an additional modifier on it to increase the time. But you are fully unbanned and welcome to return!

Please review our current server/staff rules at the topic below.

HelloMiners Community Rules

Omg thank you so much i cant wait to join!