[Ban] Zilluix Duping

Player: Zilliux
Staff: UltraPro and Tor helped
Reason: 1.8 Shulker Dupe

Estimated value of items duped, honestly this is impossible to caluclate but its somewhere between 10 million and 50 million forsals.

Bantime: At 10 Million Forsals Duped: 10,000,000/1000=10,000/365=27.4 years.
20% decrease for cooperating = -5.5 years

27.4-5.5 = 21.9 years
Zilliux had a balance of 98.478.01 and was reset to 0 because it is hard to track down how much was exactly sold. Similar to how we reset inventories with xray hacks, this warrants an eco reset.
Zilliux was storing money in mentalgamers account to avoid being sus: 4.2 million was removed from mentalgamers balance. All rares are being yeeted and any transactions should be reversed.

Because Zilliux cooperated with the ban we are going to set an appeal date for August 8th 2023.


items taken from shulkers:
5x ecduc sword offhand
1x ecduc sword
1x jackfrostshield

110x jack frosts sword

74x offhand bane

126x mario-1up

52x whiteshirt
58x legendary_emerald

65x iron_golem spawner
(one stack is missing)

~8 Emerald Infused Swords (30k each)

5x emerald infused boots + leggings


42 mr. berries vault key

77 imperial chestplate

28 white shirt

1 jfs suspected sold (removed from shulker)
2 whiteshirt suspected sold
4 mario-1up suspected sold
4 imperial chestplate suspected sold

8 offhand bane suspected sold

3 sticks of speed suspected sold

admitted via discord:

2 stack speed stick
2 band vests

i sold 1 imp chest 2 banes 1 1up 1 bandit tunic no speed sticks``````

(ult found 1 bane and 1 imp chest)
(1 bane, a 1up and a bandit tunic are still out there and need to be reversed)

he really should have put that energy into a job or something