HelloMiners Community Rules


I. Game Rules

· Using exploits, glitches or bugs to gain an advantage is not allowed on HelloMiners.

· Client mods that provide an unfair advantage are not allowed.
· This includes: X-ray, Nodus, KillAura, auto-clickers, fly-hacks, printing mods, X-ray texture packs, etc.
· When in doubt, ask a staff member if a mod is allowed.

· Agreements made in community-provided platforms (Minecraft game chat, HelloMiners forums, official Discord servers) are expected to be kept, and will be enforced.

· This includes any deals involving items, money, property, etc.
· Agreements made outside of community-provided chat methods may also be enforceable and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

II. Account Rules

· It is only allowed to use one account on our server.

· Using another account or letting another person join with another account to get their money or property is not allowed.

· When a rule is broken on an account, the account will be punished.

· It is impossible for us to know who was using the account; therefore, each account is treated as a single entity.

· If your account is banned, you may not join the server with another account. If you believe you have been wrongly banned, create an unban request.

III. Player Conduct

· It is not allowed to excessively insult, troll, swear, or send spam.

· There is a zero-tolerance policy for any form of discrimination or harassment.

· This includes discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion, ability, and other personal qualities.
· This also includes harassment in the form of sharing personal/private information, sharing inappropriate/illegal links, falsifying information, sexual harassment, encouraging violence, etc. involving any member of the community.
· This will also be enforced outside of official community platforms and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

· It is not allowed to use sexually explicit language in any context.

· It is not allowed to build things in-game that are not allowed according to these chat rules.

· Promoting other servers is considered spam and is not allowed.

· These conduct rules apply in-game, on the forums, and in HelloMiners Discord servers.

IV. Property Rules

· It is not allowed to steal or damage property owned by other players.

· Property includes land, animals and pets, and items.
· It is not allowed to take someone’s items without their permission…

· Intentionally bypassing systems in place to prevent players from entering a completely enclosed area is considered trespassing and is not allowed.

· This includes using glitches, redstone, or complex Minecraft mechanics to bypass a locked door, travel through blocks, etc., and does not include simple actions like flying over a fence or wall.

· Scamming through intentional misrepresentation, lying, misleading someone else, etc. is not allowed.

· It is not allowed to scam or take advantage of new players.

· New players are defined as any player who first joined the server within the last 60 days.
· It is not allowed to give a loan to a new player who cannot reasonably be expected to repay the loan on time.
· It is not allowed to coerce or mislead a new player into making them pay you their starting balance.

· When buying land with the help of a staff member, please keep in mind the 5-block rule and 200-block rule need to be followed.

· It is the responsibility of the player to ensure the land they are buying respects these rules. Any future problems cannot be excused because of staff oversight.

· It is not allowed to exchange in-game items for real-world items, such as currency, without the permission of an Administrator.

· Any such transactions cannot be enforced by staff.
· Punishments may be dealt to those involved in such transactions and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

· PVP is not allowed, unless in events hosted by staff, in areas that explicitly allow it, or if both players agree to participate.

· When blocking off a nether portal, space outside the portal must be made so a player can warp out of the area if they are stuck in a loop.

V. Common Sense and Other Rules

· If there is ever a situation that is not covered by any rules on this page, ask a staff member for further clarification. Situations for which no rules or precedents exist will be handled at the discretion of the staff team.

· We expect players to understand when something is in the “gray zone” of the rules. When in doubt, always ask a staff member.
· The staff team has the authority to override or include further punishments at their discretion, whenever it is deemed appropriate.
· This includes any conflict between rules and policies in this document.

· If a staff member tells a player to do something, failing to listen is seen as breaking the rules.

· If you do not agree with something a staff member says, create a report on the forums or in Discord.

· A deliberate attempt at doing something that breaks a rule is treated as breaking the rule.

· Punishments made using the common-sense rule will automatically be considered as precedence for any future instances of the offence.



(A) Universal Policies

VI. New Players

· New Players are defined as a player who joined within the last 60 days.

VII. Eyesores

· Eyesore rules apply to buildings in both government and private cities.

· We do not expect every build to be a masterpiece, however, it should look reasonably appealing while considering the surrounding area.

· Eyesores are judged by staff members and city staff.

· When there is any dispute, the staff team will decide whether an eyesore is valid.

· When deeming a build an eyesore, the following requirements must be met:

· A sign must be placed on the plot, indicating the problem with the plot, and the day the notice expires.
· An in-game mail must be sent to the owner(s), notifying them they have received an eyesore notice and must include the plot’s region name.
· Plot owners must be given at least 2 weeks to make progress on the build in accordance with the notice. When there are disputes over progress, staff will decide whether sufficient progress was made.
· If sufficient progress is not made, the owners will lose the land.
· Photos showing the plot, the notice sign, and proof that a mail was sent must be taken at the time the notice is given. The photo must include the server chat.
· Photos showing the plot on the date the eyesore notice expires must also be taken to be used as proof for an eviction to be approved. The photo must include the server chat.
· If a plot owner is notified via external methods such as Discord, it is only a courtesy and is not required.

· Private city owners must follow these requirements and may choose to enforce stricter eyesore rules if they are disclosed in their approved city rules.

VIII. Inactivity

· Inactivity is universally defined as a player being online for less than one hour per 30-day period.

· A player’s activity is determined by the /isactive command.

· When using this command together with an inactivity formula, the number of days may be rounded up or down to the nearest month. Any number of days 15 and lower will be rounded down, while any number of days 16 and above will be rounded up.
· For example, if the formula says a player can be evicted after 7 months and 15 days, the player may be evicted when the /isactive command says 7 months. If the formula says a player can be evicted after 7 months and 16 days, the player may be evicted when the /isactive command says 8 months.

· For regions with multiple owners, a co-owner may be evicted if they meet the inactivity period requirements for that region.

· When a player is banned, they may be evicted from a region if their ban time is equal to or longer than the necessary period to be considered inactive for that region.

IX. Land Value

· Wild: F10 per block in surface area to purchase from the Government, F5 per block in surface area to sell back to the Government.

· Government Cities: F50 per block in surface area.

· Private City: F5 per block in surface area.

· When starting a private city, city owners must purchase at least 50 000 blocks in surface area.
· City owners will be required to pay F10 per block, however, once the city has been approved, they can request a refund of F5 per block of surface area.

X. Apartments

· The minimum rent duration allowed for an apartment is 30 days.

· New players may only rent apartments.

· A new player is a player who joined the server within the last 60 days.
· In Government cities, new players may not be charged more than F12 per month per block of apartment floor surface area.
· In private cities, new players may not be charged more than F10 per month per block of apartment floor surface area.
· A new player may not be charged more than F2500 for apartments of any size or rental duration.

· Apartments may be sold only to players who are not new.

· If a player wishes to sell apartments, they must be given permission from a staff member first to approve the specific apartment rules.
· The staff member must leave a locked sign on the main floor of the apartment indicating permission was granted to sell apartments.

· Standard apartment rules are enforced by default for every apartment building on the server, and are as follows:

· No dripping liquids through the floor. (No placing water or lava)
· No nether portals in the apartment.
· No farm animals in the apartment.
· No chest shops inside the apartment.
· No griefing pre-existing interior blocks of the apartment before leaving.
· Apartment building owners may choose not to enforce one or more of these rules, and a rule board should be posted indicating which rules are being enforced.
· Apartment building owners may not enforce any other rules besides those listed above.

· All apartments, whether rented or sold, are eligible to be evicted if the tenant/buyer has been inactive for 2 months or the time posted in the apartment building, whichever is longer.

· This type of eviction must be done by a staff member, apartment building owners may not remove a player from an apartment without a staff member.
· For apartments that were rented, a refund will be given based on the remaining time left on the lease.
· For apartments that were sold, a refund of F3 per block in surface area will be provided by the building owner.

XI. Lag Rules

· Farms and machines may not have a significant impact on server performance.

· No more than 250 animals are allowed per farm.

· It is not allowed to use any method to avoid the automatic away from keyboard kick while not actively playing.

· Cargo networks may not contain more than 100 storage containers.

· It is not allowed to use any method to ensure chunks are permanently loaded.

· It is strongly encouraged to use barrels in place of chests wherever possible, and display blocks by physically placing them instead of using item frames.

XII. Copyright Rules

· Any company name that is used on the server is automatically “trademarked”.

· No company may have the same or similar name.
· If a company has no presence on the server and the owner is inactive for more than one year, the trademark is no longer valid.

· Building designs that are built in HelloMiners are also automatically “copyrighted.”

· No one may build the same or similar building in HelloMiners without the permission of the original designer.

· It is not allowed to use a real company name for a company in HelloMiners.

XIII. Historic Landmarks

· Historic Landmarks must be at least two years old and have significant meaning to the whole community.

· Historic buildings are denoted by an iron block and are decided by the staff team.

· Players may suggest landmarks on the forums.

· It is not allowed to alter a historic landmark without receiving permission from an Administrator.

XIV. Nether & End Regions

· Nether Tunnels
Government-connected nether tunnels/hubs are the responsibility of the Infrastructure Department and requests should be made in a reply to this topic or by making a ticket on their discord .

· Regioning over another approved tunnel is not advised. Speak with the owner of the tunnel that is in your way to work things out.
· Nether tunnel regions cannot be expanded vertically. Players must mark out the length, width, and height of the nether tunnel region before making a ticket.
· If two regions overlap horizontally, the owner of the newer tunnel region cannot alter the existing tunnel, they must build above or below it.
· If your portal destination is closer to a private tunnel than a government tunnel in the grid, it is advised to ask the private tunnel owner for a connection, and vice versa.

· Nether Private regions

· The area below the bedrock is now available for farming and regioning without any applications, simply make a helpme.
· Regions can be expanded to a maximum height of the nether ceiling (Y 127). Staff have the ability to easily do this in helpmes with /netherexpandvert.

· The End

· The land where the obsidian towers are in The End may not be purchased.

(B) Government Cities

· Government cities are managed by the staff team and city employees under the direction of the staff team.

· New projects may not be undertaken without direction or approval from the city mayor.

· If the city mayor is not a member of the staff team, new projects must first receive approval from an Administrator.

· Government city plot limitations:

· Players and Companies may not be listed as an owner or member on more than three plots in each government city/HelloClan City district.

· Government City maximum plot size:

· River City: 1500 blocks
· Valley City: 1500 blocks
· Crystal Bay: 1000 blocks
· Swamp City: 1000 blocks
· Central HelloClan City: 1500 blocks
· Northern HelloClan City: 1000 blocks
· Western HelloClan City: 3500 blocks

· Special Government City Rules:

· West City:

· Builds must be approved by staff (via discord ticket or forums) before altering the plot.

· HelloHills:

· Builds must be approved by staff (via discord ticket or forums) before altering the plot.
· Land Value is F80 per block
· Players may not be listed as an owner on more than one plot.

· Merging plots is only allowed with approval from an Administrator.

· When merging plots in a government city, the merged plot must be named in a way that indicates which two plots were merged (i.e. rivercityplot1_and_2)

· Plots in government cities are not allowed to contain resource-intensive farm or redstone machines, mob/villager farms of any kind, or slimefun contraptions aside from elevators and holograms

· Plot owners may request a temporary region in front of their plot to place signage, chestshops, banners and heads, providing this does not significantly interfere with the city regions or other plots and is relevant to their build. Additional billboard space outside of the plot area is at the discretion of the city mayor.

XV. Government City Evictions


· Buildings do not all need to be architectural masterpieces, but must be reasonably appealing.

· Eyesores are judged by the staff team and city employees.

· If there is ever uncertainty whether a building is an eyesore, the staff team will assess the building and reach a verdict.

· When a building is deemed to be an eyesore it will be given a notice, and the Eyesore process outlined in Section VI must be followed.

· The eviction must be posted to its appropriate city eviction topic.

· The height of a skyscraper cannot be greater than six times the length of the shortest side of the base of the building.

· The building will be deemed an eyesore if this is not followed.

· Regions within 200 blocks of a Government city may be subject to city eyesore rules.


· Plot owners of Government city plots who are inactive for 4 months may be automatically evicted.

· If a plot has multiple owners, any owner who is inactive for 4 months may be evicted.

· All Government city plots must be actively used. For a plot to be considered actively used, it must meet at least one of the following conditions (except for plots meant for homes):

· There must be apartments available for rent on most floors if the plot is a skyscraper.
· There must be at least one chestshop per 20 blocks of the plot’s surface area, and the chest shops must be sufficiently stocked.
· The plot must have shop space(s) available for rent at a reasonable price.
· Anything else reasonably determined as “actively used” by the staff team.

· If a plot does not meet at least one of these conditions, it will receive a notice in accordance with the Eyesore process in Section VI.

(C) Private Cities

· Private cities are owned and operated by players in the community.

· Private cities have their own independent city rules and are managed by the city owners and any hired managers.

· Private city approvals are the responsibility of the City Department and requests should be made in the “City Applications” forums category.

XVI. Tiers

· City tiers are classifications for private cities.

· There are incentives and rewards for private cities to increase their tier classification, as listed below.
· Cities can apply for a higher tier when all requirements are met for that tier.

· All cities are automatically classified under the tier system.

· New cities must meet the Tier 1 requirements to be approved, in addition to being generally aesthetically pleasing, as determined by the Private City Department.

Tier 1: Settlement


· City size: 50,000 blocks
· 2 Public Buildings
· 1 Public Park
· Adequate city lighting
· The majority of streets are at least the standard 3-block wide size.
· Access via nether tunnel connection, highway, or railway
· City Hall
· At least 10 plots, each sized at least 5x5, outlined to sell once approved.
· A city name - one that is not already taken by an approved city
· A city rule board that plots must adhere to, which is approved by the city department and locked by a member of staff


· Tier 1 Item
· Ability to build a train station
· Ability to create and sell plots
· City flag icon indicated on the server map
· F5/block refund and F5 per block expansion rate
· Mob-spawning deny flag
· Ability to build an airport and connect to other private cities

Tier 2: Village


· City size: 100,000 blocks
· 4 Public buildings
· 2 Public parks
· No more than 4 eyesores for the entire city
· All Tier 1 requirements


· Tier 2 Item
· Ability to connect an airport to the HMIA

Tier 3: Town


· City size: 150,000 blocks
· 6 Public buildings
· 3 Public parks
· International Airport
· No more than 6 eyesores for the entire city
· All Tier 2 requirements


· Tier 3 Item
· Ability to build a subway/dock system
· Ability to change biome

Tier 4: Metropolis


· City size: 200,000 blocks
· 8 Public buildings
· 4 Public parks
· Stadium/Sporting Venue
· Use of intracity subway/dock system
· No more than 8 eyesores for the entire city
· All Tier 3 requirements


· Tier 4 Item
· Cities can have up to 4 landmarks on the server map

Tier 5: Megacity


· City size: 300,000 blocks
· 10 Public buildings
· 5 Public parks
· No more than 10 eyesores for the entire city
· All Tier 4 requirements


· Tier 5 Item
· Ability to apply for a mob shrine
· Smaller cities within 500 blocks of the city’s borders can join if both parties agree.
· Cities can have up to 6 landmarks on the server map

Tier 6: Independent State


· City size: 500,000 blocks
· 10 Public buildings
· 6 Public parks
· No more than 10 eyesores for the entire city
· All Tier 5 requirements


· Tier 6 Item
· Your city is now classified as a state
· States can have up to 10 landmarks on the server map
· Ability to make a colony.

XVII. Tier Definitions

· Public Building: Buildings that are owned and managed by the city, and make up the infrastructure of the city. Examples: Train Station, Airport, City Hall, Stadium, Police Station, Fire Station, Library, Energy Plant, Theatre, Mall, Water Treatment Station, Job Center, Museum, Visitors Center,

· Train Station/Airport/Subway/Dock: Modes of transportation controlled by the infrastructure department.

· Public Park: an accessible grass area of more than 10x10 blocks, decorated with greenery (flowers, trees, shrubs, etc.)

· Standard Road Size: Three blocks wide, with one pavement/sidewalk block on either side

· Adequate City Lighting: Functional and well-designed lamp posts and lighting to illuminate the entire city at night

· Colony: Territories that are reserved for states, which are at least 500 blocks away from the state/city. Must function as a city, meeting the Tier 1 land size requirement, with plots and parks/public buildings. These must be approved by the City Department.

· Biome Change: A city can apply to have areas of their city changed to a specific biome, within reason. Banned biomes: Flower Forest, Mushroom Island, Mushroom Island Shore, The End, Hell, Deep Ocean, The Void, Frozen Ocean, and Extreme Hills Edge.

· Server Icon/Landmark: Indicators of cities on the Server map. Cities are given the default ‘bighouse’ icon, but can request a flag/crest to be used instead. Landmarks can be any of these icons except for ‘bighouse’ (Private City Icon) and ‘building’ (Gov City Icon).

XVIII. Private City General Rules

· Private City Definition:

· A government-approved region of land with rules, dedicated to sell developed plots of land to players for commerce and residences.

· Private City Plot Rules:

· At least half of the plots are sold or available to rent or buy, through areashop signs or signs to contact an active city owner (<1 month inactive).
· A city with less than half of its plot regions sold/rented or for sale/rent is at risk of being unapproved (3 month eyesore notice).

· An unapproved city is not able to expand at F5 per block, sell plots, use any city transportation, have mob-spawning deny or have any of the benefits of an approved Private City.

· Redesigning a Private City:

· Redesigning most of an approved private city will require you to make a ticket in the City Department discord to let city department staff give you a 3 month timeframe.
· They will check at the end of the timeframe to see if it still meets basic city
requirements from when the city was made.

XIX. Private City Evictions

· Private city evictions must be requested in a topic on the forums.

· A photo of the city rules, the plot name, the plot owners, and relevant photo evidence are required.
· Inactivity evictions do not require photos. Simply include the amount of time the owners were inactive in addition to the other required information.
· Evictions for violations of eyesore rules or other rules about the contents of the plot must follow the Eyesore process as outlined in Section VI.
· Please post eviction requests in the “Evictions” forum category, and please place photos in spoiler tags. ([details=”text here”] photo [/details])

· Eviction requests will be assessed based on reasonable interpretations of the rules, and of the progress that the player has made in addressing the notice.

· Players who have been inactive for more than 8 months may be evicted from a plot, regardless of a city’s inactivity rule.

· The evicted player may receive compensation from the city owner, of the amount that was originally paid.

· If it is unknown how much was originally paid, a standard F15 per block will be provided.

XX. Private City Size, Expansions & Outskirts

· City Size:

· The surface area of the main city region, any expansions, and buffers.

· The main city regions and any expansions primarily consist of plots, public buildings, intracity roads, and parks.

· Intercity roads and railways parented to the city are not included as counting toward the land value/size of the city.

· Cities can expand in four ways:

· Buying land adjacent to their borders.
· Buying the next closest island within 500 blocks, without needing to buy the body of water inbetween it.
· Possessing an approved city through mutual agreement/inactivity within 500 blocks, reserved for Tier 5 and 6 cities.
· Possessing an approved city through mutual agreement/inactivity 500 blocks away, reserved for Tier 6 cities.

· City expansions must be at least 5000 blocks.

· City expansions must NOT overlap the original city region OR any other expansion regions.

· Buffer Definition:

· Regioning the surrounding landscape of a city for preservation. A buffer does not need to be its own region.

· Approved private cities can reserve land adjacent to their city regions for F2 per block.

· This land will be owned by the Government, and the region will have no owners or members.
· City owners must pay the additional F3 per block within 3 months to be added as owners to the reserved land and it will become their property. If they do not, the land will be unregioned and they will not get a refund.

XXI. Claiming Inactive Cities

· Private Cities that become inactive enough (see city inactivity formula below) will fall into the government’s hands to be auctioned off on the forums, UNLESS:

· Another private city is within 200 blocks. That private city has the option to buy it at land value, or have the government demo or auction it.

· Multiple private cities are within 200 blocks.

· They can come to a mutual agreement concerning the city’s ownership.
· They can come to a mutual agreement for it to be demoed by the government.
· If no mutual agreement is reached, a majority of the city owners can choose to reach an agreement instead. If no agreement is reached this way, the city is auctioned by the government.

· Agreements can be made by opening a ticket on the city department discord with all of the involved city owners.

· The following formula is used to determine the amount of time that the private city owner must be inactive before the region becomes claimable:

· 90+SA^0.4 days, where SA is the surface area of the region.
· For example, if a region is 6x6 (36) blocks, you can buy it if the owner has been inactive for 90+36^0.4 = 90+4.19 = 94 days.
· To help calculate this, simply paste the formula in Google with the SA of the region. For the example above, type 90+36^0.4 in Google for the result.

(D) Wild

XXII. Inactivity Evictions

· Land owned by inactive players can be bought if they have been inactive for a period proportional to the size of the region.

· The following formula is used to determine the amount of time that the player must be inactive before the region becomes available:

· 90+SA^0.6 days, where SA is the surface area of the region.
· For example, if a region is 6x6 (36) blocks, you can buy it if the owner has been inactive for 90+36^0.6 = 90+8.58 = 99 days.
· To help calculate this, simply paste the formula in Google with the SA of the region. For the example above, type 90+36^0.6 in Google for the result.

· If a region owner is inactive for more than one year, the region may be evicted for inactivity regardless of its size.

· Multiple directly adjacent regions owned by the same player are treated as one region.

· Regions that are owned by the same player and are close together but not directly adjacent will be treated as separate regions.

· Inactive regions will be bought for the buy price of wild land, and the previous owner will receive compensation at the sell price of wild land.

· Any existing locks in the region can be removed by staff at the request of the new owner, and the new owner will also gain ownership of any chest contents.

XXIII. Regions

· Regions made in the wilderness must be at least five blocks by five blocks (5 x 5).

· When purchasing an inactive region larger than 4000 blocks in surface area, joint staff approval must be granted.

· Regions may not be created within 5 blocks of an existing region in the wilderness unless one or more of the following conditions apply:

· The owner of the existing region gives permission for the new region.
· The land is next to a government highway.
· There is a mob spawner within the 5 blocks.
· The mob spawner must only spawn entities within the region containing the spawner, and the region must only be used for purposes relevant to the spawner. The region can be a maximum of 15x15 in surface area.
· Staff may deny creating a region within 5 blocks of another region at their discretion.
· These conditions are not applicable within 200 blocks of a city.

· Regions may not be created within 200 blocks of a city. (Both private and Government)

· Regions within 200 blocks of a private city that predate the city are not allowed to expand their existing region towards any city within 200 blocks. They may expand away from the city/cities, if possible.
· Inactive regions within 200 blocks are treated as new regions to prospective buyers; in the event a player would like to buy it, the 200 block rule applies.

· It is not allowed to buy land over a large body of water, like lakes and oceans, unless building something reasonably expected to occur in a body of water.

· For example, buying land over water to build a boat, dock, or protect the coastline is permitted, while buying land over water to build a building that floats on or above the water is not permitted.
· If land is being purchased to construct an island or extend the coastline, the land must be fully terraformed and made to look natural.
· Guardian and Squid farms should be submerged under water, with exception to already existing farms - If the farm is sold to another player, the new owner must make changes to comply with the rule. Farms for other mob types are not permitted to be built in bodies of water.
· These rules do not apply to small bodies of water, like ponds.

· Regions made with the intention of trolling other players are not allowed.

· These include regions where it is evident that the intention is to prohibit expansion or send a negative message.
· These situations will be judged by the staff team and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Trolling punishments may apply.

· Special region flags are permitted in certain situations:

· ‘Entry deny’ for parts of a region with villager farms and/or stables.
· ‘Mob-spawn deny’ for cities
· ‘Deny-spawn zombie’ only for parts of a region with villager farms
· ‘Deny-spawn pig_zombie’ only for nether tunnels
· Other flags such as ‘Snow-fall deny’ may be permitted in certain situations.

· If land that is bought from the Government in the wilderness contains locked blocks, the locks can be removed by staff at the request of the new owner.

(E) Infrastructure

XXIV. Airports

· Airport approvals are the responsibility of the Infrastructure Department and requests should be made in the “Infrastructure Applications” forums category.

· Airports must be built in an approved city, and will only be approved if the city is at least classified as a Tier 1 Settlement.

· There is an F25 000 fee to open an airport and connect it to HelloMiners International Airport. This is only available if the city is at least classified as a Tier 2 Municipality.

· There is a F10 000 fee to open a two-way connection between cities, which can be split between the cities.

· If the airport is closed, city owners may be refunded 20% of all the fees they paid towards the airport.


· An airport must have all of the following requirements:

· A large terminal building

· Must be at least 750 blocks in surface area.
· Must have at least two security checkpoints: one for arrivals and one for departures. These should be one-way only and clearly labelled.
· Must have at least one gate which leads onto the taxi/runway area
· Must have a check-in area, a seating area, and be nicely decorated.

· A traffic control tower

· Must be taller than the terminal
· Must have windows at the top and have a realistic control room

· International Airports should plan on having at least 2 large runways (at least 45x7).

· Strictly regional airports (two way connections) should have at least 1 large runway (at least 45x7) or 2 smaller runways (at least 30x5).

· The region must be at least 2000 blocks in surface area, and the airport’s buildings should fit the city and environment and look realistic.

· The airport should be connected to a main road in the city.

· The airport should have a parking lot and/or pickup/drop-off point for vehicles.


· Heliports are two-way connections to a helipad at a location within 1000 blocks of the city.

· Heliports must have their own helicopter terminal.

· A helipad must be built for each connection

· A maximum of 4 connections are allowed
· Locations must be approved by the Infrastructure Department.

XXV. Helipads

· Helipads allow private regions to be accessed from an airport.

· Helipad connections must be within 1000 blocks of an approved city with an approved airport.

· Helipads must be within a private region, such as a base or job center.

· Helipad designs must be realistic.

· They must be at least 15 blocks wide (15 blocks in diameter if it is circular)
· They must be unobstructed; either on top of a building or 20 blocks away from any structure.

· Helipads fees must be paid to the government monthly, paid for by the owner of the destination. Helipad connection fees are as follows:

· For a helipad within 200 blocks of a city, the fee is F20,000 per month.
· For a helipad between 200 blocks and 500 blocks away from a city, the fee is F40,000 per month.
· For a helipad between 500 blocks and 1000 blocks away from a city, the fee is F60,000 per month.

· Failure to pay the monthly helipad connection fee will result in the connection being removed.

XXVI. Subways

· Subways may be designed as a traditional rail below ground or follow an alternative intracity transport design along a road/rail that could include a bus route, tram, or other by city staff approval.

· Subways stations may connect to other stations within a 2000 block radius, whether in the same city or a different city.

· A subway system may not have more than 20 stations, whether between multiple cities or within one city.

· Subways may be set up as the city owner likes; either following a continuous track or having a central location that connects to all other stations.

· The cost for one subway station is F5000; cities may split the cost if sharing a subway line.

· Each subway station must have its own application, approvals are the responsibility of the Infrastructure Department and applications should be made in the “Infrastructure Applications” forums category.

XXVII. Docks

· Docks can connect to other Docks that are on the same body of water within a 2000 block radius, whether in the same city or a different city.

· Cities may not have more than four Docks.

· The cost for one connection is F5000 in total; Cities may split this cost.

· Docks must look realistic and have at least one boat with a realistic appearance that fits the environment.

· Each Dock connection must have its own application, approvals are the responsibility of the Infrastructure Department and applications should be made in the “Infrastructure Applications” forums category.

XXVIII. Train Stations

· Train station approvals are the responsibility of the Infrastructure Department and requests should be made in the “Infrastructure Applications” forums category.

· Train stations may only connect to stations in a different city.

· Train stations must be in an approved city. (Applications can be made at the same time)

· There is a F12,500 fee to open a train station and connect it to HelloMiners Station.

· There is a F5000 fee to open a two-way connection between cities, which can be split between the cities.

· If the station is closed, city owners may be refunded 20% of all the fees they paid towards the airport.


· A train station must have the following requirements:

· At least two platforms, one on either side of the train tracks where the trains will run.

· A platform must be one block above the actual track.
· A platform must have a yellow line displaying where not to walk.
· Platforms must be situated along the widest part of the build and at be built least five blocks back from the train tracks.

· Trains can have up to six platforms.

· Must have a seating area, a check-in area, and be nicely decorated.

· The station must be at least 250 blocks in surface There must be depth to the buildings on the station grounds, whilst also fitting the city’s eyesore rules and keeping realistic.

· The station should be connected to a main road in the city.

· The station should have a parking lot and/or pickup/drop-off point for vehicles.

XXIX. Taxi Cabs

· Taxi Cabs allow players to access a private city’s most vital part of the city from the airport, one-way.

· There is a F5000 fee to open a taxi cab connection.

· A city can have only one taxi.


· The taxi vehicle must not be bigger than 30x10 in size

· The taxi must be parked alongside the airport’s road

· The design must be able to have a button placed on the side.

· Designs can include but is not limited to: A yellow taxi, bus, trolly, limo, etc.

(F) Special Rules

XXX. Staff Rules

Administrators and Moderators

· Staff members can only use the extra tools available for staff-only or Government tasks.

· As a general guideline, staff members must be kind and helpful to all players.

· Mods and Admins that reach 3 month inactivity with /isactive will automatically result in demotion. If a staff is preparing to be inactive for an extended period of time they should resign and then request promotion once active. This does not apply to Technicians due to the workload they face in the backend.

· Staff members are not allowed to use /ignore on any player.

· When banning a player for more than 24 hours, staff members must make a ban topic with evidence for the ban within 24 hours of the ban.

· If the banned player is a duplicate account of a previously banned player, the information for the new ban will be added to the ban topic of the previous account, and a new ban topic is not required.
· If a player is automatically banned by receiving 4 official warnings, a ban topic is not required.

Department Staff

· Department staff can only use the tools that they have for government tasks.

· As a general guideline, department staff must be kind and helpful to all players, especially those who require assistance from their department.

· It is expected that all department staff members act professionally, as they represent the government.

· Department staff found violating server rules, department rules, or acting in poor character will risk being removed from their department(s).

· This includes taking advantage of their department staff position for personal gain.

XXXI. Precedence

· Precedence can be taken into consideration at staff’s discretion when an action that is believed to be breaking the rules is not directly codified in the rules.
Due to rule updates taking time to discuss and formulate in a clear and concise manner, staff are allowed to collectively decide to freeze actions until the rules have been updated


· Players do not have the right to place or ignite TNT by default. These rights can be obtained temporarily by well-behaved, trusted players.

· To gain these rights temporarily, submit a request in the TNT Requests topic in the “Administration” category on the forums. TNT will only detonate in regions with a special region flag; this will have to be set by an upper-staff member.


XXXIII. Conduct Offenses

· If a player receives four official warnings within three days (with the warnings plugin), they are banned for 24 hours, and a ban topic will not be made.

· Staff may act if a username or nickname is deemed inappropriate or too similar to the username of another player, where appropriate.

· Continuing to insult, troll, swear, or spam after being asked to stop by a staff member will result in a warning, mute, kick, and then one day ban.

· Staff members may choose to skip one of these steps where they deem appropriate.
· In extreme circumstances or for repeat offenses, a more severe punishment may apply.

· Discrimination as outlined in Section III, will immediately result in a warning, mute, kick, or ban, depending on the severity of the offense.

· Harassment as outlined in Section III will immediately result in a ban and may result in a permanent ban with no chance of appeal, depending on the circumstances.

· If a player helps another player circumvent the rules, they will receive the same punishment as the primary offender.

· If a player breaks rules repeatedly despite previous bans or multiple warnings by staff, they may be banned indefinitely.

· This means that players will have to make an unban request to be unbanned, as they may not be automatically unbanned.

· If a player uses an exploit or glitch, including but not limited to the following:

· Illegally gaining money in a way that is not a direct disadvantage to another player;
· Duping;
· Taking advantage of Adminshop or government chestshops (i.e. apple exploit);
· Any other exploitation through glitches, bugs, etc.

They will be banned for one day per F1000 earned from the exploitation

· If a player uses a client mod that provides an unfair advantage, they will receive the following punishment(s):

· Fly-hacking: A 3 month ban;
· X-Ray: A 4 month ban and the offender loses all their items, property, and money;
· Nodus: A 3 month ban, unless the cheat falls under another of the cheats listed;
· KillAura: A 3 month ban;
· Printing Mods (including easyplace): A 3 month ban and the printed blocks will be removed;
· Any client mods not listed that are deemed to be illegal will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, and the resulting punishment will become precedence for any future instances.

· Using any method to avoid becoming AFK while not playing actively will result in a 1 week ban.

· Recruiting will result in a 1 week ban per recruitment attempt.

· You may invite players to a build server that is directly related to work being done on HelloMiners
· Every time someone tries to recruit another player through in-game private messages, discord DM, or any other community-related platform, this is counted as one recruitment attempt.
· When a public chat is used, every four lines counts as one recruitment attempt.
· Players inviting others to join a Realms server will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and may be punished under the recruiting rule

· If a player is found to be evading a ban, they will be banned for 2 months plus 1 day for every day evaded.

· When it is proven or extremely likely that multiple accounts are being operated by one person, all of those accounts will be banned.

· The player will choose the account they will continue using, and the other account will be permanently banned.

· If two or more players are found to have exchanged in-game items for real-world items—such as but not limited to currency—without explicit permission from an Administrator, the parties involved may be subject to punishment, and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

· If a player is to be found in breach of the government city plot cap rules, the offending player will be removed from all plots in excess without consultation. They will also be fined F500 per block in surface area for the excess plots.

· If a player is found to be abusing entry deny and mob-spawning deny flags, all owners/members on the region will be fined F50,000 each.

· Entry-deny and mob-spawning abuse includes, but is not limited to applying entry-deny flags when they are not needed/allowed, removing the villagers/stables once the flag has been granted, buying an old city and re-purposing the land for private use, etc.

XXXIV. Offenses Involving Other Players

· The offences listed below are offenses involving other players. If any of the following offenses occur (except for offences involving taking advantage of new players), the punishment will be dependent on the victimized player pressing charges.

· If a player is unable to determine whether to press charges, for example due to inactivity, the offender will be punished.

· Failure to adhere to an agreement made in community-provided platforms (or outside of community-provided platforms, evaluated case-by-case) will result in staff intervention to ensure that the agreement is carried out as agreed.

· If a player is unable to uphold their part of the deal, they may be banned under a relevant punishment, such as stealing or scamming.

· If a player steals from another player, they will be banned for 1 day per F1000 of value stolen, and the items (or money) will be returned to the victim.

· Picking up another player’s items or removing items from a shared container without the owner’s permission is considered stealing.

· If a player scams another player, the scammed player will receive their items (or money) back, and the offender will be banned 1 day for every F1000 of value scammed.

· If a player actively partakes in scamming a new player (whether with an item or loan they cannot reasonably be expected to repay):

· The new player will be given back the money scammed, plus an additional F10,000 from the offender as compensation.
· The offender will be banned for scamming.
· If a player plays an active role in a new player being charged too much for an apartment, the new player will be refunded the excess allowed amount, plus an additional half of the value as compensation.

· If the same offender violates this rule again, they will be banned for scamming.

· If a player is caught locking a door, sign, chest, or any other item on a region that is not their own, a fine of F1000 will be paid to the region owner.

· Illegal PvP will result in a two-week ban per affected player, if the player had PvP toggled off.

· In most cases, if the victim is not killed, they will need to prove that illegal PvP occurred if they wish to press charges.

· Griefing destruction will be categorized into one of five categories. Category 1 means that only a few blocks are damaged, and Category 5 means that at least one large structure has been completely destroyed. The punishments are:

· Category 1: a 1 week ban
· Category 2: a 3 week ban
· Category 3: a 1 month ban
· Category 4: a 3 month ban
· Category 5: a 5 month ban

· If a player is found to have damaged property that is not structural (i.e. animals and pets, items, etc.), the punishment will be determined to be either stealing or griefing, and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

XXXV. General Ban Sentence Information

· Players will be permanently banned if there is a substantial risk that they might be a threat to the community and/or are very likely to repeat their offence.

· If there is reason to believe a player has broken the rules, they may be jailed for the duration of the investigation.

· This may be to protect evidence or force the player to cooperate with the investigation.

· Full honesty and cooperation in the investigation into the offences that resulted in a ban will result in a 20% decrease in total ban time if applicable.

· Probation may be applied to a player who is unbanned before the end of their ban time.

· Players on probation will receive a suffix [P] in-game.
· Players on probation will be banned again for the duration of their original ban plus for their new offence, if they break any rule or receive an official warning during their probation period.

· A 20% increase in total ban time will be applied for:

· Lying about the offenses when there is indisputable evidence that disproves innocence;
· Offences committed while banned or on probation;
· Multiple offences committed at once, combined in one ban sentence;
· Each ban the player has had before the latest one.

· No more than 70% of the total bantime may be attributed to multipliers.

· Players who are banned lose the ability to control their money and property while banned. This means they cannot transfer regions, items, or balance to other players.