How to start the Evaluation Process for Infrastructure

Infrastructure Evaluation Topic

Thank you for opening an application for a piece of infrastructure. Below are some assistance in opening an application. If you still wish for applications to be kept private, or have any issues - please visit the official department discord here - Invite to Infrastructure Discord and open a ticket. Please use this if you do not feel comfortable sending public applications, or have any other concerns not listed here.

Starting the process

There are currently two methods. You can either use the ticketing system on the Infrastructure Discord, or post something here. Each application requires a seperate ticket.

Infrastructure Types That Require Evaluations before Opening

  • Airports
  • Subways
  • Docks


Please on your post’s title mention what type of infrastructure it is. This will help us with book-keeping.

**City Name**:


**Coordinates for Transport Items**: 

**Land Value**:


**Infrastructure Type**:


Where can I find infrastructure rules.

You can find Infrastructure Rules with the other server rules, which can be found here: Server Rules