How to start the Evaluation Process for Infrastructure

Infrastructure Evaluation Topic

Thank you for opening an application for a piece of infrastructure. Below are some assistance in opening an application. If you still wish for applications to be kept private, or have any issues - please visit the official department discord here - Invite to Infrastructure Discord and open a ticket. Please use this if you do not feel comfortable sending public applications, or have any other concerns not listed here.

Starting the process

To begin the process, please open a new forums topic in the Infrastructure Applications sub-forum.

Infrastructure Types That Require Evaluations before Opening

  • Airports
  • Subways
  • Docks
  • Train Stations
  • Helipads


Please on your post’s title mention what type of infrastructure it is. This will help us with book-keeping.

**City Name**:


**Coordinates for Transport Items**: 

**Land Value**:


**Infrastructure Type**:


Where can I find infrastructure rules.

You can find Infrastructure Rules with the other server rules, which can be found here: Server Rules