[gov] HelloClan Suburbs Evictions 2023.1

It’s like a citrus fruit, some are sour (like lemons and limes), and others are sweet (like satsumas). But that’s irrelevant.

Rules: HelloMiners Community Rules - #8 by Luc, HelloMiners Community Rules - #8 by Luc and HelloMiners Community Rules - #8 by Luc

Eyesore Evictions

Plot: sunew7, sunew5, sunew6
Player: oJacy
Reason: Lack of progress since October 2022.
Relevant Images:

Before (13 December 2022)

After (3 January 2023)


I have given more time than standard simply because I was on holiday on when it would be 2 weeks up (27 December 2022), and haven’t returned till yesterday.

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Evictions are approved

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