What would make you come back to the server?

As of lately I’ve noticed that our player count is quite low and that’s sad. That’s why I’m wondering if especially the currently inactive players could give insights on why they stopped playing. Not so long ago we managed to get back into the 20 players online range but that seems to have faded again. What interests you on Hellominers?
Edit. I’m looking into things that we could pass on to staff to make the server interesting again minus a server reset obviously. I’m aware some staff members are working their asses of on fresh minigames and events and I have some ideas myself as well but like what are easily implementable things you’d like to see? Vihq and I have been thinking of having weekly minigames, perhaps on like a specific time and day of the week.

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Careful Satan.

You may start another ‘Reset the server’ thread early.

Remove resouce worlds, add an actual end dimension and reset nether.

Remove government jobs as well, they stupid af. Increase starting balance to 10k. Government relience is so stupid and makes player to player interactions happen less. Most of the multi millionares have made money outa admin/government shops or jobs.

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Why do jack shit for a private player when I can make the same amount they offer for like 1/5 of the time doing cargo + mobhunter. Thats why easy place was popular because it made private contracts actually worth your time because private players dont got the massive amount of money the govenment throws out.

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Also add a tax of some sort and make stuff actually valuable again. People sit on 15mil of money because they dont got anything to spend jt on other than land.


Some kind of way to either balance for inflation or to remove a lot of the millions that people have. Bring competitive shops to the industry instead of having just the standard megachains. Removal of slimefun and all the unessecary additions of non-vanilla items except mythicmobs / rares. Rework of rules and government city management.

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Adding in here with doodle. Slimefun is purported to add quite a bit to the server, but in reality it takes away most of the time. Explosive tools made demolition easier, so why hire someone to do it? So many loopholes & extra lag added to the server for only a portion of the community to reap the benefits from.
4K606 makes a good point when saying to remove the government jobs. The government shouldn’t have to prop up fake jobs, when it should use it’s millions of forsals towards a fair loan program for new players.

Agreed also in saying to remove some of the millions in the economy - a lot of it was unfairly gained during the PyroFishing era. Let’s offer statues in places of millions of forsals ( jokes, but something needs to be done. It is sacrificing quality gameplay on the server)


I mean gov jobs have been introduced because the private market has fuck jobs at all. Unless you know how to use Litematica and that’s just such a specific thing that’s not suitable as a job for newbies.
No one is building job centers or hiring newbies in general anymore. I’m fine with removing gov jobs but not without proof of a stable hiring economy first.

Well said. I also think the addition of a cargo port is just plain retarded. People were saying gov was too OP and people wanted it to be nerfed, now stone is 10f a stack (2f lower than before the economy inflated). Then we just added a cargoport where you’re payed to mine and sell, exactly like with stone? Idk why people think gov was op, it’s how people made money. The whole point was that you were meant to do a grind to get some money to make a farm to make some more. Then to make a shop with those farms and sell materials to the playerbase to build.

I’d also like to comment, people are not adjusting their prices for inflation, which makes it all the worse. Build jobs are being given crap 2017 pricing and shops still sell their items at 2017 era pricing. So it’s all well having an inflated economy but us as players have just straightup ignored it expecting things to continue.

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Sorry for the paragraphs, I never realise how much I write. Read the TLDR if you want

Doesn’t help that we have 2014 land prices, 2018 starting balance (I think it was 2018 anyway) and GTC to anchor prices. We will never see any tacit collusion on our server with GTC, companies will never unilateraly agree to raise their prices whilst prices are anchored. They won’t infact raise them at all because they make a profit anyway and unlike a real economy where most central shops are rented and not bought, we cannot see shop owners raising prices for any reason at all. First of all they don’t rent, and even if they did, rent prices would stay the same. A tax on property should be considered. I also believe most front/second row plots should be rented/leased, of course this would depend on the owners of said plots/cities but this would potentially fix this problem. It also depends in the market they’re in as shopping in general is not a market you can be much of a price maker in as there would always be one person that would offer it for cheaper. If Agora raised all their prices by 10% the market might adjust to that but if they only did it with food, it wouldn’t make much of a difference quite honestly

In 2015, I was trying to save up for a house that costed F4k in Subdury. Now, I can afford 60 times over that yet prices are generally the same throughout the server for plots in general. Is this not serious proof that we should be adjusting to inflation? Land should not be a fixed price, I’ve spoken about this on Discord, it should be an investment as it is in real life, it should all be based on supply/demand. The less land there is, the higher the price. The more there is, the lower the price. We can start at F15. If everyone decides to sell (which probably will not happen since people don’t just buy land for no reason, well some may do idk), the price goes down and others can’t take advantage of that F15 price. This lowers the price to, say, F12. This would be seen as a discount, and so people would buy it expecting higher gains eventually. With every expansion, it is clear the price would go down, but eventually people would buy more land and this would be a great investment opportunity. Also would be a means of controlling inflation. Lower prices would encourage more investment, more economic growth.

Slimefun, I admit, I started off hating, then liking, but now I do see it doesn’t actually really help anything. It completely replaces fireworks, a recurring payment people would have made with a wind staff. Companies worldwide try their best to make their products replacable. A light bulb is not meant to last very long intentionally so that you would buy a new one every few years. Explosive pickaxes seem OP especially with enchantments on them. Elevators are fine but there is another plugin for it that does it better, the rest idek because I don’t play enough to actually care about what SF has to offer

All the PyroFishing money would be pretty hard to track nowadays but I do think that removing a few millions would be good, deflation would be nice for once.

A self-sustaining government would be helpful. No /eco give to the government. It would get its money from taxes, selling land, interest from loans, investments and the casino, and it would spend on jobs (with money from the people), buying land back, projects, grants, loans, investments… I recommend that the current government jobs should be replaced with government jobs that are actually somewhat intruiging, for example being a deliverer or a firefighter or a cook. These jobs would be paid for by government money, not /eco give, therefore not causing any inflation and they would be more just like baseline jobs, they wouldn’t pay much, the private market would have to supply higher-paying jobs

Bring competitive shops to the industry instead of having just the standard megachains.

One of the reasons I used to play is because I had my own store with things to sell and people to sell to. There is little competition anymore. If you do not own a megastore, you cannot compete. Apartments as well, links back to my point, you used to have apartments and a shop, now it’s unlikely you’ll get a penny off either

I haven’t played in 2 months so I don’t know how much this still applies but /ah. It should be taxed. It is used to be more convenient to get something. People don’t need infrastructure at that point, they just need items and /ah and they can make a profit. /ah should not be so free to use, anywhere that you can sell things without being present at the transaction (so a ChestShop or /ah) should have some cost associated with it (whether it be fixed like plot costs, or it’s variable like tax).

TLDR: Change land prices, remove GTC, add property and /ah tax, SF bad, PyroFishing bad, government should be self-sustaining, gov jobs replaced with fun gov jobs (paid by government, not /eco give), less megastores, more small shops :slight_smile:

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I disagree with removing gov because that’s essentially what we have done and it hasn’t worked.

We’ve just added the cargo port. It hasn’t been properly removed, it is limiting prices and not allowing them to properly move. If it has essentially been removed, why not go a step further and actually remove it?

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because it sure isn’t new players grinding it into the wee hours of the night

Because if it “essentially” has been removed, then actually removing it means replacing it when the economy still doesn’t recover will just be much harder. Cargoport needs to go because it is the definition of grind and sell. Yes, you can sit at a gen for stone but you need to build that gen. With cargoport you just straight up mine and sell with no effort. It puts 500k+ into the economy every time it’s fully mined and yet it seems to be completely mined every 3 days. I don’t see how that’s a healthy way to keep the economy moving. Allow people with farms to sell their produce and make farming a way to make money again.

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Also prices aren’t being limited by gov, if people wanted to raise their prices, they will. Take a look at concrete. Hard to make, yet people were selling it at 35f a stack??? Now it’s 41f but it’s still too low because people need to remain competitive. Gov trade isn’t the issue here, it’s us and we need to take responsibility for it.

If every shop decided to sell wood planks for F100 a stack, people would choose to go to GTC as it is cheaper and always in stock (because they’re admin shops). I think removing the ability to buy from GTC would be good

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There’s a difference between reasonable pricing and pricing above acceptable levels. Removing the option to buy from gov would stop any major impacts, but raising the sell price is very much needed imo.

The issue is the gov regulates and doesnt properly adjust to inflation then adds op money generation things.


Why dont we use a dynamic economy plugin? We can base gtc prices based on supply and demand or how much is sold.


I suggested this plugin a while ago, it would be great to see and I’m in full support of it. Integrating supply/demand would be great, this plugin comes with a web version to see prices too, you can change the volatility and also it comes with loans, which is something we should have. Now, if not I still think this plugin could be used for investing, for example it can act as a (sort of) stock market, again it wouldn’t really be one as it would act more like crypto but a stock market idea has been wanted for ages and this would be a way of somewhat having one with HM companies, and with a web viewer of prices it would potentially be more useful than other plugins that claim to do the same thing

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