Warp shops are back


Today I learned that we have plots next to warps again. This is the case with /warp dealership. Great stuff, bringing warps back again. When was the community asked about this?

Please move the dealership somewhere where it can’t be exploited to get an unfair advantage for shopkeepers.

The picture is taken from the warp point, the shop is literally just 10 blocks away.


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Why were warps removed in the first place?
Who voted for them to be removed?

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Seems like quite the oversight? As far as I am aware this and other near plots have existed for awhile.

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Tbh no one even goes to warp dealership expecting stores idk what the big deal is for 1 store. It’s honestly just as easy to access as using the taxi buttons from airport or the warp rivercity. Dude found a good business opportunity not his fault for other people’s oversight.

Warps still exist lmao

The deal is:

  1. It’s an unfair advantage
  2. Warps to shops were removed and they shouldn’t exist

The shop is not very big yet and the sooner this exploit is removed, the easier it’s for him to establish his business elsewhere.

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The community did.
Warp removal passed with huge support, only a couple of people voted against it.

Warp has been yeeted
Dealership can be found in tourguide at eh

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Well it seems like the “community” were people who didn’t have any business in a warp city
And who is this huge support from? You’ve just made rc/vc as dead as every other private city around the server
The golden plot rule actually helps with the cuddly situation which can control and give everyone a fair chance at owning plots near a spawn point

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If im not mistaken, gold plot rules were removed.

So is someone gonna pay me back the huge price i paid for that plot?

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Imo you should be able to keep that store. When you do warp deleaership you have to walk to get there, almost the same you walk when you do warp a click on a taxi and get you to spawns with stores. Also i believe the delearahip is being moved to the new spawn for new players in CB.


That’s great let the whining millionaire screw me over, that’s really how this server is ran? I lose out on my investment because management screwed up and didn’t think to block out sellable plots near a warp? No wonder the server is dead because of stuff like this. I don’t care that it was deemed an unfair advantage and it needed to be fixed but, how is that my fault? Why do I have to lose out on this?

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Isn’t warp dealership surrounded by barrier blocks so they cant access the surrounding plots?

Ngl this seems harsh, there was a shop there before his.

If Torombo is right that the plot rule was removed, then under what basis are you removing the warp?

nope, if someone would’ve done that before I would’ve known not to buy the plot to put a shop on. I didn’t exploit anything so why do I get the bad end of the stick.


How much did you pay for the shop?

you realize that warp dealership was removed with event hub right? then someone just re-added it for some reason


Ca3mon didnt break any rules by adquiring that plot, it blows my mind that his store is getting wiped out becuase staff re-added that warp creating confusion on a new player trying to find a competitive edge on the server.

Staff should find a solution for this issue so both parties are satisfied. Players shouldnt pay for government mistakes.

Also, ca3mon, the server isnt run like that, there are a set of rules we all should follow to not find ourselves in dark waters.

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