The Great Communist Housing Reform

Greetings Comrades!

Ve have found a solution and voted on it based on ourrr kapitalist goverrrnment! We have agrrreed to gut out suburrrbs by any means necessarrry muahaha!

Plots that have followed one of the two below conditions will be automatically evicted without a topic, otherwise it would take a million years to evict, post, approve and remove. This is the kommunist way is it not?

1. Plots that have eviction signs from 2020 or earlier.
2. Plots owned by players that have gone 6 months or more without logging in.

These plots will be evicted, repossessed by the Kommunist Government and demolished just like the Soviet Union. Evictions will be ongoing and we plan on doing a wave of actual evictions for plots who don’t meet these requirements. We will be hiring a suburbs manager in the future.

This is all part of us working on new player housing, making suburbs actually usable again. Keep in mind we are working on making a full, and usable suburbs. Plots going forward must conform to reasonable eyesore requirements, and must fit with surrounding building types and design styles. Evicted plots will be auctioned on the forums later this month.


Bump: I, the new Suburbs Manager, aim to continue this scheme until we’ve cleared as many plots fitting the guidelines as possible, as well as improving suburbs as said.

I’m not promising deadlines, with a city/district (delete as preffered) as big as this, it will take a period of time, but as soon as I’m ready (and everyone I’m working as closely as possible with is feeling safe to let me do so), I will post an update.

And yes, this wasn’t mandated. I just felt it was smart to let you all know that I and Ultra (whose working part-time on this) are still working together on this.