Hey all.

Wow. This has been a long time coming. 2 years later than I expected. It’s been a fun ride the past 5 years - but I just feel like I’ve gotta move on. So, here it is, my swansong. Been holding it off for almost 2 years, trying to hold together what little joy I had left on HelloMiners, but recently, I’ve just not been feeling it. The motivation left due to several events that have happened between me and several people recently, and the remaining enjoyment I get is just from wandering HelloMiners, seeing the history of the server, and joking with friends.

Some people will be happy. Some will be sad. Some will feel indifferent.

However, this won’t be all. Horizon Awards will still go on for as long as I can go and do it, since I feel like if I don’t do it, there’ll be a huge amount of issues (and because, ironically, I love doing it so much I can’t bear giving it up). However I will be handing out the remainder of my property to various players who I will trust, leaving all Government Departments, and just wishing everyone luck with thier future.

So… here goes.


ayalaandtal - You will inherit Cardiff and complete it for me. You do not need to pay beak since I’ve already paid them.

herd_the_nerf - You will inherit Horizon Mart in Archendale, Crystal Bay, West City and HelloClan City.

alfroda996 - You will take over Horizon Estate Agency fully as an owner for free.

Everyone Else - If you are added as an owner or member too on the region, you may take over the running. This does not count for any Government Owned Regions.

I trust you all to complete my project, and I’ll see ya’ll in Winter when I do Horizon Awards like I promised I would continue.

Thank You

God long list - aya, Tunnel, frodo, queen, cake, nico, luc, jc, ultra, jayce, vita, and there’s too many, so all my friends overtime on HM




See you in 3 weeks!


You may think I’m joking, but I’ve cut all ties with HelloMiners but 1 or 2.

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I was joking, sad to see you go :frowning:


Edge leaving will be the death of role play on hm rip.

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Sad to see you go. We’ll miss you.

Although I’m probably juking on an dead corpse - this is not entirely my final goodbye, moreover a swansong towards who I was.

You see, I’ve given up almost everything I’ve done on HelloMiners. It’s because I’ve decided I run too much, and it has affected who I am. So.

January 2022. I will be a better person. I will have spent these 3 months reflecting on who I was, and who I will be. Reflecting on what I will do next on HM.

So yes, I’ve changed my mind yet again, but I won’t be rejoining almost immediately since I feel like I still need a break.

I will not ask for my property to be returned, in fact - I’ll refuse any returns. I want to start from scratch to an extent, just keeping my balance I have and the two threads I have left - plus a third smaller thread.

Sorry if this post seemed a bit clickbaity, I wasn’t entirely sure how I wanted to quit, but I knew I had to decide how to move on from my past, so I made this not knowing what to do and, after some thought, will be returning to HelloMiners.

So, book January 1st 2022. I will be back, and I will be a better person than I was this year.

P.S: I’ve been needing this break, and I just think this will solve all my problems with lack of things to do on HelloMiners, since I’ve done it all.

There will be more to come in a post closer to the time, but lest it be known, this is not an full-quitting, just an quiting of who I once was.

i’m not gonna say I told you so… BUT


next time you plan on quitting i beg you to not make a topic, this really is “the boy who cried wolf” all over again, do it silently like most of us did hehe


Apologies for changing my mind?

You sir did not do it silently. You might have not made a post but you made sure to take the time to slander the server in a reply to ever topic created for the next 2 months

nah thats just on discord, on the forums i’ve mostly just criticised how hm handles/handled things which rn is shambolic

also it’s one thing publicly stating your quitting and then saying you’re not, and it’s another thing doing the same thing like 5 times :confused: like i’m just saying that at this point you might as well just say you’re taking a break and that’s about it

ryan’s known for being pretty OTT

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Again, apologies for changing my mind?