Suggestion - Administration Town Hall

I initially proposed this idea in Swansong.

My idea is that every month, the admins and techs hold a civilised town hall meeting for the server. For 1 hour, the only focus of staff and players would be responding to any question asked by players about the server and it’s future. Preferably this would be done in a voice chat and senior staff would not be allowed to leave unless there was an emergency. There are multiple reasons for why this should be done:

  1. more transparency between staff and players

  2. the entire playerbase can be up to date on staff events. A general brief of work by each departments could also be given during the town hall, like a press conference

  3. can gain trust between staff and players instead of creating rumours

  4. can address suggestions from players directly instead of being abandoned on forums

The audio from the town hall can be recorded and uploaded to YouTube after its finished to archive it.


Or as normal people would call it, a press conference.


I’m not even joking I brought this up with admins last week. My idea was a Q&A thread where people could ask anything to admins and we could answer via voice and I would clip it together into a quarterly video. Main issue is half of the admins including myself don’t really wanna talk on vc - still open to doing this but I’d have to discuss further with upper staff.


Hire a representative such as yours truly

I’d agree, but press conferences are different from town halls.
Town halls are for the people; the people can be present in them.
Press conferences are for the press; the press can be present in them.

Press and all people are very different. Hence town halls.

I can understand, the reason I talked about using vc instead of just a chat is because you can simply avoid answering a question on a chat instead of answering it in vc. maybe it’s for privacy reasons, and there isn’t anything wrong with that, but a text chat just gives admins more way to drop questions

I remember we had atleast 2 press conferences with spartan, tunnel even made a press conference hall @ admin HQ for it and we had a rare given out at the time, i think it was a recorder or something


bump because there still hasn’t been a response from the admin team on a decision, ironic ain’t it

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they’ve probably been “discussing” it in DMs lmao icl something needs to happen in the staff team because responses are always pretty slow, yeah IRL takes priority but it’s only like a 10 minute conversation and a majority vote that needs to take place. having an economic dept would defo help with speed (and lets not forget that they would actually take informed economic decisions)

I mean im open to a Q&A, unsure if other admins wanna do it how I had planned.

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