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Hello everyone,

It has been a while for me, and I hope for a warm welcome back onto the forum with a legitimate topic at hand. I am once again advocating for a server reset. I believe that, at this current time, the situation could not be direr. Many arguments have been made in the past, however, I would like to present some new theories and evidence that we have at hand.

Per https://minecraft-server.net/details/HelloMiners/statistics/, our average player count is 7. For anyone who has any background knowledge of our average player count was around two to three years ago, it was probably around 20-30 players. This has become especially noticeable in the United States and any time zones within the region.

I would also like to point out our statistics compared with a competitor with a similar play style to our server (we have no true competitor for a vanilla economy that is active anymore),

This shows that activity is entirely our problem.
(PLEASE NOTE: most of our maxed out player counts have come during events, though that adds relatively nothing to the actual gameplay of the server and what is advertised. It is simply a tactic to get more people online).
Previously, our maxes of a few years ago were probably around 40-60 for a month. Let’s face it, the server is dying out. It is time we do something about it. For this dialogue, I would like to present my argument and hypothesis as to why this is occurring.

This image correlates to my “spread out” economic theory. Each box represents a player, either it is new or online. As you can tell, our map is quite vast for an average of 7 players contributing to the game itself. This group of players is highly likely to spread out amongst various cities. However, this will contribute to inactivity in and of itself. Since no city is truly active because of the spread-out nature of the player base, it gives us this facade that every private and government city is inactive when in reality, we just have a far too large map. This map was expanded to fit an economy that harbored at least 40-60 players online. Now, we have an average of 7. There is no plausible way for us to realistically make this work. The substantial nature of the map is not conducive for activity. It spreads the player base out and as an effect, causes our entire community and economy to falter. This is why a reset is needed. It is not possible to cut land off of the map and leave some for other players simply based on where the land is located. We need to completely clean this havoc on our economy up. This is what I would like to be included in a reset,

  • Protected wild and an adequate resource world to make up for this
  • New custom plugins that complement our advertised “economy” (more RP-conscious)
  • Augmenting the tier system to make it more difficult to gain a private city
  • Starting with a single government city the size of something equivalent to Crystal Bay, or a bit larger
  • Original map size (meaning the size it was before all of the expansions to accommodate for our size)
  • Keeping the strenuous work that administrators have done with events, cars, etc. around
  • Downloadable map or another server running to explore (without being able to build/destroy) while using /fly

If we reset, we must do it correctly. These proposals will not only guarantee long-term success, but they will fix the attraction to the server that we have right now. I understand that some of you are not willing to give up what you have right now for this, however, just think about how much more enjoyable it could be to get back to where we were before with the community and a functional and active economy.

Here are some quotes to consider from our former Administrator, SpartanPride7,

What will happen to our player count if the server resets? I predict that our player count will increase. The few players who are still active today are already dedicated to this server, and will likely return after a reset. Some old players who left for various reasons will return for a fresh start. And most importantly, new players will join. New players are attracted to our server because of our unique game style and our caring community. Both of these will still here after a reset. Plus, new players will actually have a chance to thrive on this server after a reset, whereas now they start with 2k competing against players with up to 8mil.

At what point do we say enough is enough, though? From what I can see, we are at that point where a reset is our last viable option. Our map is littered with eyesores that will never be cleaned. Our economy is in bad shape. Our player count is low. How do we fix these issues? These are the same issues we’ve had for the past couple of years. No proposed solution has been good enough to fix some of these large issues. As for preserving our map, we can do that. What would stop us from keeping it online with build-deny on global? We could allow players to fly around and explore, while we have the new server running.

The original server reset was difficult (full disclosure: I was not there for it, this is just from what I’ve learned over the years). Many players said they’d leave and just hoped that the staff can avoid the issues that plagued the server. But that was not possible, and the server was reset. Only after the reset did our server actually thrive. The reset not only brought back all the original, active players, but also a huge influx of new players that likely would not have joined before.

Please, consider the server before yourself. Remember, if nostalgia is the issue, one of the demands listed is either a downloadable map or an exploration server into the server’s history. We have to be willing to move on. HelloMiners is on the clock.


Dylad included some of my comments on this discuss from the HM discord, so I won’t say much right more right now; just that I agree with this suggestion and I see a reset as an excellent opportunity to revive and grow this server


assuming that the anti-reset argument of “the player count will halve” is right, that would assume our player count would go to 3-4. is that abhuge difference from 7? no. we can give hm a second chance and try our best on perfecting a new hm, or we could just not like we’ve always done.

if you’re anti-reset and you say “we could just fix the server”, will we? check #suggestions on Discord and tell me the last time a suggestion was implemented from that list.

one of the reasons I believe the economy can’t flourish is becausse players are too distributed (as Dylad said in this post), how would we fix that? how would we be able to make any changes without a reset? a reset sadly doesn’t seem probable as our playerbase is 99% veterans, but think logically and think selflessly if you truly believe we should not reset


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This is a very well thought-out suggestion. If done correctly, I believe that it would greatly benefit the future of the server. I, like many, have a lot of sentimental value attached to the current server, but I also understand that we are not really benefiting from it anymore. At what point do we seriously consider it? Once everyone has truly stopped playing? What good does that do for us? We could gain a lot from a reset, lose a lot but in my honest opinion we would gain a lot more. Obviously we should try to see what we can do with what we have now, but I see it as an inevitable change, its just a matter of when.


I’m one of the disagree voters so allow me to explain. While Dylad makes a lot of valid points, I do believe it’s possible to still save the server in its current form that is if we pull through some drastic changes that the community has been against for a while but given that many of the remaining players are in favour of those drastic changes including the very drastic change of resetting the server I think it would be fair to set a deadline for those changes to be pulled through and watch the effect of it.

Staff will make a post this weekend in which we will communicate those changes and see how the Community responds.

I won’t go into detail in this comment as some ideas are still being discussed but basically expect ideas on:

  • resetting the nether
  • removing the GTC
  • removing warps
  • adding a lot more roleplay jobs.

My personal idea is that we try those radical ideas first and shake up some departments, give it a trial of like 3 months (or less) and see what it does.

I mean I think that removing warps would level government cities with private cities and suddenly that 2.5k plot that a newbie buys to start a business isn’t as insignificant anymore as without warps people will have to travel anyway in order to shop. Obviously cities with airports and government highways will benefit the most from this but that’s something we can work on.


if the objectives above (+ some other ones like increasing land value, starting balances, apartment limits, all government-set prices need inflation adjustment) would be achieved, I’m in full support of not resetting, as at that point I feel as if the economy can be somewhat salvaged, the issue I have with it currently though is that I have little faith that these changes would be actually implemented.

I think we should all agree collectively as a community to focus on these goals and actually accomplish something beneficial on the long-run to the server, I’ve not heard any economic cases as to why these goals shouldn’t be achieved (only arguments based on self-interest). people want change, it’s time to discuss the changes and hopefully work with staff to implement them.

If we don’t reset, I dont think we shouldn’t remove warps. I think we have too many warps. Even when the server was in its prime, Crystal Bay never took off. With an average of like seven players on, I think we should scale back, remove the warps to government cities that are not used. Maybe two government cities would probably br enough. Having 6 government cities and 5 warps to them is too much. However, with all I said, I don’t know we could shrink, givin the investments players have made in every government city. Figuring out an acceptable way to shrink would be difficult.

wouldn’t having only 2 warps to government cities just monopolise the plot market in those 2 cities and achieve little in terms of what it’s supposed to actually accomplish? one of the main purposes is levelling out the playing field for private cities, honestly just having airport would be fine (assuming it would be moved, which has been said before by staff that it would be moved if that would be the case)

I agree with Albinary’s point and like I mentioned staff is considering some drastic measures to change the server for the better. removing just a couple of warps wouldn’t do the trick, it would just make the /warps that remain far more valuable and expensive driving up prizes rather than making them more accessible to new players.

We have gold plot rules. I don’t think warps can be removed lol, working against a lot of people who own plots in government cities.

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They most certainly can, what is clear is that our current path is not the way to go. I frankly couldn’t care less if a bunch of hmmillionaires would rage quit if warps got removed, luckily most players including the rich ones don’t seem to mind. Your frontrow plot ain’t worth shit if you have no playerbase to sell to.

I completely agree with this although I think we’d be playing a tricky game to work on new private city rules. I think more effort should indeed be put into cities although what usually happens - just ticking up the required land value - would be an idiotic mistake. A new, smaller map should keep the 250k minimum purely due to the smaller size of the map and the fact that 250k is already a very large plot of land to work on.

I’d also like to suggest that a massive buyback of land occur. All land could be sold for F2 a block during the final weeks of the old map for some financial recovery. Although this is debatable as lots of people hide their wealth in land ownership

Honestly, I do think we need a reset. People tend to keep refusing it because of our world map, but what if they just gave us the map file?

Don’t get me wrong: pretty much like everyone here I spent years and years here building what I have now (well, you know, MonBay costed me my whole highschool time), but is it worth it to see the server die just so i keep memories? I don’t think so. All they need to do is reset with a smaller map and keep things in a scale. If the community only has 10 players, then the gameplay and world should be reasonable to that scale.

Also, for all the city owners like me: remember you can always make new cities, and better ones, since now you have (or should have) experience :smiley: isnt it a great chance for a new, fresh start?

In general, It thrills me to think that we could experience what people did in 2012. Imagine building the first highways, designing the first city areas, building the new path for a new generation of players to come!! Isnt it exciting?

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It seems that general support has been given in the replies but the poll doesn’t reflect that. I believe the actual active members of the community are supporting this idea - when a few years ago there was clear disdain for it. So I think the staff should take our supportive comments as of greater importance then the poll, which would largely be filled with inactive users who want to “preserve their work”.

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Quote from Felipe,

Also, Luke mentioned something that is pertinent to the argument above. Most of the comments have been supportive, but the poll doesn’t reflect that. The disdain that a reset has right now may be likely coming from inactive members of the community or those that don’t care enough to have a reasonable discussion or thought into this idea.

I haven’t actually played on the server in years. I always check back in every once in awhile to see if the server has been reset and how its going. So I can confirm at least one old player would join again!