Suggestion: Remove KeepInv and GTC.

Hi everyone,
Admin -Ruinstheserver-I mean Satan, here with yet another radical idea.

As everyone can tell, the economy has stagnated and inflation is at an all time high. Not just in real life but on Hellominers as well and we need to do something about this.

Now obviously we as staff could make more Cargoport-like jobs but I don’t feel like that is the solution. The following suggestions I’m about to make aren’t the solution either but I do believe they’re part of the solution.

I honestly think it’s about time that we get rid of keepinv, because as of right now the market for Resources such as diamonds and enchanted books is kind of nonexistent. Because let’s face it, since you can’t lose your tools when you die, you don’t need to craft new ones. Nowadays you even get a fancy message telling you that your tool is about to break. Which is all convenient and such but I believe it’s bad for the economy.

While it sounds annoying to have to make a new tool when you die and lose your tools, I do think it’s necessary in order for resources to exchange hands again. Rather than having them pile up in your storage system. I believe this measure can improve the resource market which brings me to my second point, we need to get rid of the GTC as well.

For years the GTC has been determining prices of items rather than supply and demand, which I believe to be detrimental for the economy. It makes us all coop up in our bases grinding only to end up selling to the government again.

However, as we currently don’t have much economic activity I do believe we should keep the GTC around until the resources economy is back afoot, which I believe we can achieve by getting rid of keepinv.

But what about my rares?
There’s this vanilla keepinv feature called Totem of Undying, you know, the things you don’t even bother keeping after using your raidfarm.

  • Only remove keepinv
  • Only remove GTC
  • Only remove item break warning
  • Remove all of the above
  • Don’t remove anything

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Please give your input as to why we should or shouldn’t remove any of these things.

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I might sound stupid, but when you die and need to go remake your tools all that’s doing is moving money from players to other players (holla Killi and Mental)? I think keep GTC but have it sell stuff that players will buy, say something like 1k for a drill that you can place and it will break 4x4 for like 100 blocks or something, genuinely useful stuff sold by Gov.

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You’re not stupid, that’s exactly what I want to see. The economy shouldn’t be dependent on gov transactions but player transactions instead and who says you have to buy tools from just mental or Kili. Right now they’re the only vendors because the market is kind of dead but there’s plenty of space for other vendors.


I don’t think removing the gtc is the way to go since its does help provide a market for some items that don’t have a developed market yet. Keep inventory being removed however is a good way to get the economy going and there is armor called soul bound armor that goes with you when you die so it’s not just an unnecessary burden.


Yes remove keepinv as theres a vanilla feature Totem for that.

GTC isnt really impactful on the economy so i dont see why it needs to be removed. It offers something unique where you can sell as much as possible for next to nothing or buy something for a lot if you’re desperate. Its a good last resort and since everyone nowadays supplies i can get what i need for less from private shops.

Item break warning i am indifferent to removing. Idrc if it stays, there is a F3+H debug keys that shows numerical durability anyway.


I think soulbinding completely negates any economical advantage to removing keep invin. Additionally, removing keep invintory would probably be one of the worst ideas possible because it makes the rich richer and the poor new players frustrated. Also, if it does happen, these agora kids are about to have hundreds of creepers swarm them “randomly” while I miraculously walk by their dropped items. Others might be very confused when their loot completely disappears with invis particles as the only trace.

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Adding on to the keepinv thing, an economy involves risk and it seems that we have removed pretty much every risk from the vanilla game. The riskiest thing on HM nowadays is to give people loans, lol.

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That is illegal pvp to spawn creepers with the intent to kill, and it’d be considered stealing as well. So enjoy a lengthy ban

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I’m just trying to prove how it is impossible to enforce. What if someone were to flint and steel your items while in invis. Someone could use a magnet chest and hide the items without it even entering their invin. These are just 2 ways that I have thought of in 5 mins so I’m sure much more are possible.

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  1. Soulbinding only applies to armor as far as I’m concerned, not tools or weapons.
  2. I don’t see how it would just make the rich richer, I understand the idea that if people buy from them they’ll get richer but there’s no law keeping people from buying from others. This might even create business opportunities for poor players.
  3. Sure it would be annoying but keepinv isn’t a normal setting on most servers and it helps out the Economy, a little frustration is a price I’m willing to pay if that means that all the resources newbies mine get actually used.

And like ender said what you’re suggesting about doing with creepers is practically illegal pvp and theft. Not the kind of energy we need around here.

Alternatively we could have like a death chest that despawns after a couple of minutes to keep items safe from menaces.

I just did some testing, my guess is a soul bound rune will go for 100-200f and you can put it on any item in the game including slimefun. I do not believe this would make anyone do more player to player interactions as it takes under 2k to never worry about keep invin.

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You can’t apply runes since the rune stuff is disabled.

well with soul bound stuff and totems then we really do not have a use for keep inv staying

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Couldn’t the same be said for removing it?

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Nowadays there isn’t any real reason to have keep inv on. A lot rares basically have the same stuff vanilla items do, vanilla tools/armour and enchanted books can be got from villagers at very low costs (with hero of the village and curing zombie villagers), and soulbound and totem of undying can reduce the risk of actually losing items. As well, you can pretty much just store your inv inside ender backpacks

This explains the problem with the server at the moment (permanent recession):

I don’t agree with your description of inflation. I guess you’re trying to describe personal wealth, not the economy.

Inflation is a decrease in the purchasing power of money, reflected in a general increase in the prices of goods and services in an economy.

All I see is property prices dropping and prices of goods and services dropping, although players often don’t want to lower their prices too much.

How does turning off keepinv help with player count? Wouldn’t that just make it harder for players? Lets start with enforcing the rules around plot hogging and start selling off some plots in cities rather than leaving them unbuilt on (front row and back). Make it so people must not leave plots with no use whatsoever. If staff are so obsessed with preserving cities, introduce a planning permission team in the gov city dept. Start making the economy work rather that trying to fix things that aren’t broke. Make these players stay.

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gtc is being reworked and will see a new form when event hub launches, prices and what will be sold has not been discussed quite yet but im working on it.

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No. This is an economy server, and as much as it is trying to simulate mc it is trying to simulate the real world (but more fun). People don’t die that often.

Removing keep inventory, anyway, is just an attempt to prop up a dying industry for people that haven’t moved on. Similar to the conversation many years ago where people advocated for removing /suicide - because they sold beef and wanted to prop up a food market.

The GTC makes minimal difference to the economy, and does nothing but stimulate it as a final resort when nothing else is. So no, these ideas are pretty. pretty. bad.