[Suggestion] Remove Gov Jobs

Back with another suggestion that will make everyone think I’m crazy and you’ve probably all heard me rambling about this but I thought I’d put this in one post so you guys can hear me out.

Remove Gov Jobs. Those are the jobs that spawn money out of thin air, I don’t mind Marc’s Diner, TedEx, Demos or Art Gallery too much but I have a serious problem with the push carts, cargo port and mob rewards.

When 1.20 sent everything to shit, including MoneyHunters, cargo port and the cart jobs, everyone was freaking out about how they were going to get they were going to get their precious 25k a day. We all know that everyone’s income now comes almost entirely from grinding, but this really put in to perspective how people literally cannot cope without these (frankly boring) jobs. When I suggested to Buga doing player jobs (designing, building, demos, etc) she (rightly) replied that player jobs don’t pay enough for the time they take up. That very conveniently highlighted the root of the problem, this gov jobs are quick, relatively low effort and pay insanely well for the time they take. This, as anyone with a brain could have predicted, has entirely crashed the player job market (as anyone who has ever tried to find a designer, builder or demolition knows). The jobs haven’t changed, we’ve changed. Gov jobs mean everyone has become too lazy to do the jobs that once made HM fun, the market that once meant you could have a company that wasn’t a megastore.

I think one of the biggest reasons for HM’s recent decline isn’t just that we’re not getting new players, but also that the game has become too easy. I’ve seen some players (I won’t name names) quite literally decide one day they were going to farm these gov jobs and be millionaires the next. No new player wants to join a server where everyone is a millionaire and the only way to reach that is spending hours doing the literal peak of boring tasks, pushing a minecart, swinging at mobs and digging sand. That’s part of the reason I don’t have an issue with jobs like TedEx, they’re a good way to get to know the server, don’t give you insane amounts of money and are much more interesting as jobs for new players.
I think it’d be very interesting to see what everyone does for money if these jobs were ever removed, cause I garuantee we’d be talking to each other a lot more.

I’ll be happy to clarify or justify any of these points, I wrote this in 5 minutes so I’m sure I’ve left out some things.
Can’t wait to get smoked by all the ppl who grind these jobs :smiley:


I agree with this, anything that creates money out of thing air can be good for beginners with the small jobs but long term players shouldn’t really be able to stick to inflation-driving jobs like MH, Carts, cargo, etc. Money is too easy which makes everyone sad in the long run. +1 well written Cakey.

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Lol, i mentioned this before

oh yeah as much as im a roleplay job warrior ive been against cargo port for a while nowww i wouldnt mind cart jobs and end farm money being gone too

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I find these gov jobs really useful and helpful and attractive to me continuing to play this game whilst we wait for player count to increase back to where it was.

While some people will understandably be angry about their main source of income being removed, the community aspect that will develop with these jobs gone will be an even bigger motivation to play HM. Sitting around and letting inflation run wild to wait for new players is no use, if they come at all they won’t last 2 seconds when they’re told “oh yeah we all make money by spending hours digging and hitting mobs”. They’d much rather here “oh yeah I own a construction company, my mates got a shop and this guy does landscaping” etc.

I get your logic. For every 100 new players there’s always x number of players that stay. Usually it’s a small amount with no advertising. If we remove gov jobs without that x being a large figure then we start to lose the players we have. Then again if we remove the jobs after getting lots of players joining then we might lose the new players. We could look at adjusting some rewards and periods between rewards. It kind of acts as a substitute for universal basic income. Sometimes it’s good to adjust stuff rather than removing it as it might interest some people and it can be good for new players learning stuff, seeing the server for the first time.

While I absolutely disagree that gov jobs are a ‘root cause’ of our flat economy, I can’t see how their removal wouldn’t push the working player to a more economically generative position. Frankly, I wonder what economic argument exists FOR the gov jobs.

*Not that they aren’t cool or that we don’t appreciate the work put into them!


Sure, I understand dropping them overnight isn’t the smartest move. It might be smart to lower somewhat significantly the amount of money they give and see if people focus on more fulfilling jobs - if everything crashes and no one works and everyone’s poor then sure bring them back but I guarantee that wouldn’t happen.

Keep Tedex tho. At least we get to explore a few cities that we probably will never go to.

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yeah i think a flat rate like F500 a day (with increasing rewards up to like lets say F1.5k for a weeks streak) would very much benefit lower income players but make little difference to higher income players who are going to play anyways, i think the best way to counteract ANY fears of the mh/cargo port/cart jobs removal causing harm to new players is to focus on a system to incentivise logging on. afterall, hm is getting more gamified with its roleplay jobs, and thats with good reason

i think this post should better be called “remove tedious gov jobs” or “remove non-roleplay gov jobs”, doesnt have the same ring to it but roleplay jobs are limited and actually are fun, make you think, so theyre obviously fine to keep

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I did say in my post to keep jobs like TedEx

This applies to Jakey too, I’m fine with fun and server-related jobs like TedEx

Last time I needed money on this server I grinded for like 2 hours one day and made like 50k. People talk about “oh it’s okay because of inflation,” I don’t think you get it, this is the inflation, this is bigger than anything Magnus has done. Fishing was a huge exploit, it lasted like what, a year? I’d say probably 20 million was generated into the economy? How long has these “government jobs” been around? 2-3 years. If like 1 person continually grinded 20k for three years they would have put more money into the economy than the fishing exploit ever did. This is a root problem, and unfortunantly most people on this server who play like it becuse they no longer even give a shit about the economy because there is none, what are you going to buy? Land. Wow so cool. This server is literally a smp, with property lines. Obviously now, roleplay jobs are harder, and maybe there is an arguement for them, but for the other ones its called bullshit.


I posted that thinking I’d forgot a point I wanted to make and THAT WAS IT


These jobs are quite literally fishing - the pinnacle of Magnus’s failures - reincarnated.

I agree with you on the other point as well, the only reason people need money here anymore is land because you literally can’t pay for services anymore and goods are comparatively really cheap.

Everyone subscribes to fixing the server, fixing the economy, guess what I’ve been hearing that same shit for the last 5 years of my life playing on here. Maybe the map is fixable, maybe the population is fixable, but you know what IS NOT FIXABLE ANYMORE, the economy. The only way your fixing the economy, and this is a FACT, is going to be reseting it, and reworking the entire process for how money is introduced.

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That is the only way your going to get people to spend time on here, because they have to work to do something, and they can’t use the ten fuckin billion dollars in their bank account to buy a stack of diamonds for 100 dollars at the gtc. You know what gets more people on, when they feel as if they are actually earning what their time is worth, and right now, HM’s economy is looking like Zimbabwe 2008.

You are lying between the lines to make your point seem valid, which its not.

You said the following:

I’ve seen some players (I won’t name names) quite literally decide one day they were going to farm these gov jobs and be millionaires the next

Say names, because there is NO ONE that has become a “millionare” here by pushing carts, doing deliveries, cooking or fishing. Also, you cant do these job all the time but ONCE PER WEEK so no one can grind them as you lied and said players were doing.

Mob rewards is not a gov job, its just standard accross the map, you get money if you kill mobs, you dont have to go to evenhub and kill mobs there after starting a quest.

Ultra took lots of time to make these jobs balanced and fun for new players, they dont offer any type of advantage nor outrageous payment.

The only thing that could be made a fixed amount is the money generated by killing mobs which seems to be the only thing that could be exploited and has been exploited for years now, i believe this is how kili got his 20million balance. The other side of the coin is that Kili worked EVERY DAY for long time to get his money, nonetheless, 20M seems too much.

ppl still interpreting ur post as saying “remove all gov jobs”, look at tors post, change the title a bit so people who glance over ur post dont misinterpret, or put like a lil bold warning at the top saying “i am not saying to remove the roleplay jobs in eventhub, i am saying to remove cart jobs, mh, cargo port”

torrr he wasnt talking abt the eventhub jobs only mh, cargo port and cart jobs

Now that I’ve thought over it. Here’s a definitive list of what I believe EH jobs that should be kept, mitigated, or removed.

One thing to note is that I am aware that Ultra worked hard to build and code these, so I definitely appreciate that.


  • Cart Jobs
  • Cargo Port Job
  • Art Gallery Job
  • Demo Job
  • “Ironball” Job
  • Public Farms Job (Does not function, would be wise to remove)


  • Money Hunters
    I didn’t even know you could make 40k per day doing MH, let alone now being 10k. I think 2k in total for all mobs is fair, but the ender farm has definitely made it boring. That being said removing MH is not a bad idea. Want to make money killing mobs? Do headhunters guild!

Alternatively, you could only limit money from rare hostiles or non-farmable mobs such as ghasts, witches, wardens, even creepers.

  • Fishing
    Remove the fishing gov job but you can keep the regular 2k per day fishing limit. That way you don’t just click an NPC and get rewards from getting an event hub shark.

Perhaps introduce new rare fish that can ONLY be found in a certain city, or sea on the map.


  • TedEx
  • Marc’s Diner
  • Head Hunters Guild


Now, we’ve left a hole. How can we actually turn money-making into something effective that helps the server?

Introduce productive government jobs

  • Hire people to demolish old ugly buildings in gov cities, and pay them to replace them with better ones.
  • Some gov cities need to have their roads replaced with concrete.
  • Some gov cities could use custom trees perhaps.
  • Hire someone who will host events on weekends!
  • How about newer developers for events and mobs? Pay them too with in-game money.

Incentivize Logging in

  • Introduce a daily streak crate?
  • Open some gov jobs for those who have daily streaks
  • Throw away useless voting rewards such as the concrete crate and armor

Quests, Better TedEx, and Events!

  • Add more cities to TedEx!
  • Add more TedEx style quests that combine with Head Hunters Guild like a GTA style job
  • Add quests that force players to search the entire HelloMiners map to find something, then return it or give it back for a reward! What if you had a quest where you needed to brew a certain drink for an NPC, but you need to find the recipe in a city somewhere? Wouldn’t that be fun?
  • Plan big quests ahead of time and schedule it as an event.
  • Pay players to actually play real ironball.
  • Pay players to build parkour maps and reward players for completing it the first time.

Officially advertise companies and cities (Ultra’s suggestion a while back I wonder why it never came into fruition)

  • Help city owners sell plots and erect buildings on its empty plots
  • Help store owners generate income buy leading players there.

One last note that has nothing to do with the government jobs at EH which is that currently there is a hole in the market. Private cities need stunning buildings to fill it with, but there aren’t enough designers and builders. We need to turn players from cart jobs and cargoport into design-thinking professionals.