[Suggestion] Remove Gov Jobs

Great idea but, now if we implement these no one wana do shiz because you dont make anything compared to the economy. This where a bal reset happens.

Arguably that’s not a great idea. Doing these kind of jobs is the only thing that would keep a new player returning as it’s a surefire way to make money to buy stuff.

No one wants to build shit for someone else for a fraction of what you could earn from doing gov / moneyhunters.

Try to imagine a newbie joining and the only jobs out there require litematica, that’s not appealing to any new player.

This would be a great idea if we reset the economy, they arguably would be worth time doing. Everytime I look at the map I see like 2 people online so what we have right now is not working anyways.

As a new player, I’d much rather build stuff than dig sand, especially the younger demographic this server so desperately needs.

In 2019 when I was 12 (haha very funny cakes a baby) I hired someone as the marketing director of my real estate company and paid him to advertise and bring attention to the plots I was selling, we held board meetings with other employees and I’ll tell you he (forgot his name now) stuck around for a lot longer than some new player would stick around digging sand.

Something I failed to clarify in my first post was that the appeal of player jobs isn’t just that the actual job is more exciting (though they usually are), it’s the fact that you’re working with other people instead of sitting in a pit alone swinging a pickaxe.

thats true, litematica building is boring as shit and we’ve progressively made designs as complicated as possible to keep up with minecraft trends and tastes. the question is what do we do?


player based jobs work can only exist when people have jobs mundane or big enough to actively want to pay others to do what they dont want to do (or requiring of a certain skill that needs practice/training like designing). ill go against what cake said and say theyre jobs people dont want to do or cannot possibly do. these jobs were more sought after when 1. we had children who dont value their free time 2. litematica wasnt necessary for everything 3. players actually got introduced to an economy by apartment owners

so clearly the gov does need to keep providing jobs, now the roleplay jobs we have cannot be “grinded” due to their limits, provides brain stimulation, provides a guaranteed job, and are always accessible. cargo port, mh and cart face the same downsides as player based jobs - no one truly wants to do them. cargo port is a glorified guaranteed demo job, cart job is pushing around a minecart for money, mh is spamming left click in the same spot for a few minutes.

i dont think theres much solution to everything, but if our objective is to make it easy for the new player and force the rich player to actually get a money source, our objective is to make a job seem like it pays a lot to a new player but not a lot to a rich player.


taking an average of all the possible marc diner and tedex modes, they pay around 1.5k a day together. as an average and not based much on evidence but observations, it takes at least 3 minutes for a daily task, 6 for a weekly, and 11 for a monthly, meaning in a whole month a player can spend around 250 minutes on these two gamemodes, in total making reliable, fun money costs the player around 4 hours, or around 8 minutes per day potential.

we can kill 2 birds one stone and maybe let people do a bit more? perhaps with the removal of cargo port, cart push, mh, we can double the length of time taken to complete the roleplay jobs and their payouts, keeping players playing for longer and paying them more adequately. getting 3k for 16 minutes feels more rewarding than 1.5k for 8 minutes, for example (not to you, the rich player accessing the cargo port, but the new player, who can buy a plot)

for a new player with 5k, something like 3k a day is 1/2 of their balance, and perhaps 1/3 of the price of a plot to start a business. for a millionaire, 3k a day is 1/3000th of their balance and maybe 1% of the cost to expand their city. this makes richer players seek alternative income (and since no mh, and limited grinding, this incentivises business and megastores and competition), and also for middle-income awkward-stage people, it does force them into player jobs, where some will do them and most wont. i think the best thing to note here is that there is a limit, and that limit is good for lower-income players, but too low for higher-income players. if a player runs out of money and rp jobs, i think fishing could be kept with a daily limit of F500-1k?

pair this with a game-like streaks system

tldr: remove cargo port mh cart push, make roleplay jobs longer and pay better (like double/triple/quadruple the price alongside doubling/tripling the duration of the jobs), better streaks


One could argue you could just adjust GTC, shop prices, city plot prices and house prices. Make it more incentivising to play to get properties. Devalue balances that way and therefore stabilising the economy. In other words, introduce inflation to counteract wealth.

love the enthusiasm tho

I would love to see the gov. spending their insane bal on hiring players to reform old and ugly buildings in gov. cities. Not only would it benefit the economy the server would also look nicer in general which in turn will attract new players hopefully

i think thats also a good thing we could do, but doesnt address the boringness of the non-roleplay jobs and the limitation of the roleplay jobs. it keeps player retention down if people can do less of the fun things and more of the boring things, but yes you raise a good point i think those could be addressed as well

yet at the same time i do think we get cost-push inflation with adjusting prices as new players need higher incomes, which means richer players would also have access to those higher incomes, and can pay for the adjusted prices and we get right back where we started. also causes much more riot raising prices. i think our best case scenario and most practical move right now is to just replace the non-roleplay jobs fully with the roleplay jobs, for the sake of better engagement, retention, and entertainment

Sorry for late response.

Absolutely agree, I’ve been talking about the negative effects of overpowered gov jobs for ages. Gonna put up a short message even though I don’t believe it results in any changes being made…

This indeed removes the possibility for hired workers as you can’t compete against gov prices.

There’s lots of money to be made still by material harvesting, but hardly anyone does it. Everything has to be done with sf or autofarms or else can’t be bothered. I bet there would be more shops and more people selling to shops if the grind jobs were removed.

Another aspect: maybe gov could pay people to make apartment buildings in their cities? This would keep the material market flowing and make the cities bigger.

Money should primarily come from:

  1. Player to player interactions. (shops, hiring)
  2. Government jobs that improve the server (design jobs, gov building, wilderness recovery)
  3. Government rp jobs (TedEx, demo, etc)

Category 3 should only be limited to players that are making the foundations of their own wealth. Millionaires should ABSOLUTELY NOT be getting any gov money without participating to improvement of the server.

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In theory, if a city is inactive (i.e. Argos), their minecart job should probably get yeeted until they decide to do something with it.


TLDR Version
Having had some more time to consider the suggestion here, it has become clear many players aren’t really engaging in the general economy and there is very little motivation to play HM with easy access to quick money. In essence it is having a negative effect on the gamification of the server. Additionally, the GTC and land value rules does provide a general lock on inflation and wealth creation opportunities do need to be curtailed if players can earn over a million each month grinding these jobs alone.

Should they be removed?
I don’t agree they should be completely removed as they provide some level of support for the economy and new players can find it difficult to build their money, especially at the start of playing and with the lack of players to offer meaningful jobs for players I think it will be good to keep these. It’s just a matter of how. I know some players would like the event hub as some kind of new player gulag but I don’t think everyone wants that.

Proposal TIme
I have therefore put a proposal in to upper staff to create a minor alteration to the amounts people can get so some of this is capped. This was publicised on discord but I feel it is better placed to let you know here as at least my response to the suggestion. I think having a totem of knowledge sharing for slimefun also isn’t helpful for gamification at all. Also it’s a great shame the casino was closed, so introducing casino tokens into voting rewards to see if that encourages people to vote more would be a good use of this. I also have suggested looking at a timed rank reward similar to VIP for discord server boosting.

In conclusion
Some of the problems have been historical community self-destruction with people hating on any change, but I’d rather we do something small than nothing and I know all of you above are really passionate about the server in one way or another. I don’t see this as a quick fix to all the problems and it will need to be monitored and to see if gamification improves. If doing something small doesn’t help fix, then we know it’s more than just removing something we don’t know is completely the problem.

It’d be interesting to have a “tutorial” period, where a lot of player-economy functionality is nerfed for like three days - but the player can perform gov jobs.

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