[SUGGESTION] Make proper, engaging roleplay jobs to encourage children to play

make new jobs to actually get some kids to play. i posted this in a thread but i know for a fact my reply on a post wouldn’t really be taken under actual consideration by anyone of interest (upper staff, specifically technicians). i also do not really play HM anymore, but I still would like to suggest this to you all as I don’t genuinely wanna see HM die. i played this server when i was 9, you really need to appeal to that sort of audience again.

take some inspiration from wildly popular roblox game “welcome to bloxburg”, jobs there keep kids engaged, people spend REAL MONEY to play that specific game on roblox and the peak playercount of that game is 88k. your whole purpose is to work to upgrade your house and get a car, etc., it’s a slow start and you can really only do jobs when starting out. now, what are the jobs, and how can we implement them on HM?

  • delivery (taking something from point a to point b)
  • cashier (taking orders for people, could be done with NPCs)
  • fisherman (we already have this but instead of it being “yoo go fish in some water idk” it could tp you to a specific fisherman designated spot and feel like a job)
  • janitor (either… 1. cleaning up an area or… 2. you have 2 buildings, one is clean and one isn’t, you have to make the unclean one look like the clean one)
  • mechanic (npc gives you instructions like an oil change, a paint-job, or a tire change)
  • miner (mine ores but actually make it fun and instead of using plain minecraft for mining, make caves. try do something like hypixel skyblock for mining)
  • baker (give someone certain slimefun foods to make another slimefun food. for example, a player gets potato and salt, and has to make fries. they would get placed in a kitchen)
  • seller (essentially cashier but you do it at like a cafe or ice cream parlour and have to make the items they ask for)
  • stocker (restocking items in a store)
  • woodcutter (cutting wood in a DESIGNATED forest with CUSTOM trees and selling)

you could literally even make an “educational” system for these jobs. for example, being a cook, you could unlock new recipes and higher salaries IF you learn how to make those new recipes and successfully complete like a 5-min course on it (with requirements ofc, like “50 french fries made” and “50 salads” unlocks “potato salad” which pays more, similar to the characters you obtain in clash of clans)

see most of these jobs already kinda exist, but

  1. theres no proper facilities for it (resourceworld is not engaging, a custom mine like in hypixel skyblock is)
  2. they barely pay anything (if anything)
  3. some of these jobs arent automated

i know it goes against this server’s idea of being a capitalist empire but you guys have to add roleplay jobs if you want a chance at survival. kids do not give 2 shits about your economy, they care about what they find fun which is minigames and becoming rich by doing fun jobs, until they can flex to their other friends their possessions. another thing in “welcome to bloxburg” is that houses are much more expensive to get and you actually have a reason to work. ofc this would cause some more wealth inequality but people need a reason to actually play, you guys all forget this, there’s little reason to play hm except to start a business and get money… except no one wants to start a business anymore unless its a megastore

the only reason adults still play hm is because adults are the target demographic for hm. according to google, 53% of children aged 6 to 8, and 68% of children aged 9 to 12, are actively playing Minecraft. more than half of those play more than once per week. now, it’s true that adults still play mc, but it’s clear that children have wayy more patience and wayy less responsibilities. i started playing HM when I was 9. kids get other kids to play with them, had i not had 3 friends of mine already playing hm I would’ve never known about it. notice how the main playerbase of hm is young adults and adults? that’s not sustainable. adults have jobs, uni, stress, a lack of time…

stop worriyng about the economy so much (ironic of me to say nowadays but my point still stands) and worry about a new target demographic. GTA (yes ik it’s a different game) has an economy, apparently it’s kinda broken and inflated, but you still see plenty of people play it. it hits all demographics (yes it’s made for 18+ but you see kids play it because it’s simple. we have a block game on our hands to use, made for children) and is fun, you have actual things to do. we have a literal example to look up to.

look at hypixel skyblock, it has a functioning economy yet people actually want to play… because it’s engaging for all demographics, unlike HM. i’m sorry but very little people would actually want to play HM in its current state, no matter how much advertising you do. HM really needs to take the approach of hypixel skyblock in terms of how it handles its server. it LITERALLY IS our best example at how an MC economy can also be interesting. stop feeding into this dream of “player-based jobs” because we need government jobs if you want your server to actually be played

also, once the roleplay jobs are here: get rid of those minecart jobs they’re not really that fun and 100% get rid of sand mines / cargo port (you can even get rid of these now I’d be happy to see them removed, but either way they’re unengaging jobs)


The new player experience team has started progress towards more/better role-play jobs!