(Suggestion) Allowing EasyPlace :)

It really depends on the Anti-Cheat they use here.

I don’t believe it would set off the anti-cheat since easy-place only makes slight adjustments, it’s not like printer where you are placing blocks behind you. Besides, Hellominer’s anti-cheat isn’t top of the line shiz either, so I doubt it would be a problem on their end anyway. Even if it set off the Anti-cheat, they probably get false flags all the time, or they could just disable the flag.

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Anti-Cheat which are not top of the line will be getting false flags for EasyPlace xd, I don’t think that they will turn off the flag because that flag is the same for printer. Anyways we have to wait for an official statement from staff team about this. @Jcava5

Top of the line Anti-Cheat
New WR for getting kicked on HM

Just gonna say though, if this was the issue surely they’d also ban jetpacks (the one GBT used in his ban video) as that was setting off alerts

I actually support this idea! There should be a poll for this.

Do you want EasyPlace to be allowed in HelloMiners? Vote!

  • Yes
  • No

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The voting above is just to see how many people want EasyPlace to be allowed on the server and it is not an official voting for the final staff decision.

I’ll close it at the end of June.

edit: Please don’t edit your vote and abuse the thing, and don’t vote if you don’t know what is EasyPlace xd pls

accidentally voted no but meant to vote yes

Press “show vote” and put your new optionI’d also like to point out that many that we haven’t had anyone who voted no actually discuss it here…

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Used admin magic to edit the topic title.

As for my opinion, I voted yes, but only for EasyPlace since it simply reduces annoyance a bit and doesn’t build it for you. Can’t say I’ve tested the anti-cheat on EasyPlace, unless it’s very very clever it’ll likely be fine.


Please allow this already no one wants to build anything for any amount of money. I cant even pay people 10k for a tree… a tree.

tbh it doesnt matter what we do if we dont get people building and rn, it simply isnt possible. We have to build the airports since we not using w/e and no one will want to or it will take months which just isnt feasible in my opinion

Okay so I acknowledge that the building market is in ruins as I’ve experienced it myself that finding builders is hard and I get why. Time is valuable and due to inflation most builders with an understanding of building are already worth at least a million in networth.

A fix to this would be Easyplace but I’ve asked Luc what staffs main concerns are here and those seem to be:

  • How are we going to regulate this if we’re even going to regulate this like as of right now printing, Easyplace etc is not allowed and there is no need to distinguish between those two but the lines might blur if we allow Easyplace.
  • Easyplace allows for blocks to be placed mid air.

So I’m asking those in favour of Easyplace, how would you propose to make sure this can be implemented safely?

I think not implementing causes damage every day since we are a city server that has 0 ability to build atm.

The regulation is simple in that cheer semi hinted that easy place does not trigger the anti cheat while we are all aware that printing does. Printing works by rapidly placing blocks whether you are looking or not while easy place requires you to be within range and looking at the block.

We already added picks that increase demolitons 18-26 fold so this wouldn’t be crazy.

Yeah these concerns make sense, but here’s my viewpoint on it. It isn’t hard to tell when a player is printing, they don’t have to look at the blocks they place, and multiple are placed at a single moment; any staff with knowledge of how Easyplace works would know the difference. Now for distinguishing the difference with newer players, we could provide a guide on how to download legal easyplace safely, and make it very clear that printing is still a bannable offense (printing being defined by autoplace, while easyplace is defined as… well… easyplace). As for placing blocks mid-air, first off the player would need a blueprint which has floating blocks for them to be able to place it, and they still have to look at the block and click it to place, so I personally don’t see a problem with that because it can’t be abused (from what my smooth brain can tell).

There are a few main reasons I am against Easy Place being allowed on the server.

One reason is that I do not think there is a lack of builders. There are still build companies that are active ( to my knowledge) and only a few months ago arguably the server’s biggest cooperative build session took place over a week ( Saving your Agora plot).

Bringing up the airport plot, if Easy Place was allowed, then anyone would be allowed to avoid the consequences of being unable to finish a building in the time period.
Once again, people who do not want to use mods, aren’t allowed, or don’t know how would be left at a disadvantage.
People who do build fast, have built large build teams ( remember, this will affect all future players as well!) once again at a disadvantage because one person can be an entire build team.

All of this leads to the main reason I’m against this being allowed and other people should be as well - it changes the game too much. It makes the playing field even more rough instead of leveling it. Do we all forget that we’re playing minecraft here? That the server used to have a huge focus of realism - mindlessly switching and looking at blocks is not realistic.
I implore that everyone take a step back to realize what changes like this might to do the server - intended or not.

One thing I would argue with this is that you are already basically incapable of competing as a builder without Litematica: given that EasyPlace is a setting in Litematica already it makes little difference in my opinion.

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normally i would agree, but as someone whos pretty involved in the building market, there are no active build companies, agora build is the only one left and most of the builders there are inactive or don’t want to work, which means there’s pretty much no building market at all, the agora plot was 1. a while ago, almost half of the main builders there are not active now (bean, jacob, mike, radinat), and it was really really hard to build, and comparing the speed isnt really fair, since that wasn’t a regular build job, we stayed on for hours working, kino stayed on for 24 hours straight just building once, and all the other builders were on for tens of hours stright as well :p, , and the only reason i did it was because oza was my friend and he needed help, also i thought it was unfair how everyone is hating on them, normally i would never accept such project, and i think a few of the other builders had similar reasons.

also, like cheer said, easy place is a feature in litematica, which is pretty much a must have for building right now, so easy place wont really change anything in that case :p.

and, needing a little less players to build something but getting them, is better then needing a lot but getting none ;p

also as gbt stated, no build jobs get workers, the only ones i’ve seen lately is ppl working for their friends, no actual build jobs that ppl go to for payment, the build market is pretty dead right now ;-;

and designs changed a lot in the past few years, look at the agora design and at the egeo design, its a lot harder to build (not comparing size), so giving builders better tools would only be fair ;p

also, like cheer said, easy place is a feature in litematica, which is pretty much a must have for building right now, so easy place wont really change anything in that case :p.

But it will though - regardless of installation of the mod or not, people have varying build speeds, knowledge of litematica, or just plain care more about the job. Allowing Easy Place gets rid of all of these minute details that people can advertise themselves with.

I think people still need to take a step back and look at this with more of a bigger overview. Allowing easy place will start a new precedence for the server.

I can recognize that allowing this part of Litematica would be an insanely simpler & easier way to finish buildings on the server - but it also starts to take even more away from the game itself. One of Minecraft’s Fundamental game rules is that the player can only interact with one block at a time - this changes that way too much for me unfortunately. Every builder for the rest of our future will have to know how to install this mod, learn how to use it, etc. The precedence is just too much.