(Suggestion) Allowing EasyPlace :)

This is ironic, but honestly, why not allow it? I decided to look at the server map recently and I noticed that there was still a lot of empty plots. I saw some cool new buildings but building has always been an issue while demoing seems a lot easier. I noticed in VC for example, there was some demolitions, but there doesn’t seem to be any construction. Same for most of the cities.

Allowing it would help the economy since building wouldn’t be so tedious and wouldn’t take days if not weeks to do; meaning more people buy blocks. In my opinion, hacks are bad if they inherently hurt the economy by increasing useless grinding activites or the subvert demand for certain items. For example, unfair advantages like xray or auto fish which can extract resources for an admin shop and allow some people to make way more money than others is bad since it increases money in circulation for minimal work (if that is still there). Flying provides a boost in travel times (tbh idk why you would do this with elytras existing but I mean you do you) without the need to purchase elytras, fireworks, and other things so that makes it inherently bad for the economy. AFK allows for someone to extract resources without actually contributing to the server in anyway which is bad and contributes to grinding. PVP hacks/Killaura allows people to farm mobs at a much greater speed and perhaps avoid the need for armor or battle resources which inherently hurts the economy by decreasing demand and increasing supply. Printing speeds up the process of building which involves consuming blocks which actually boosts demand compared to boosting supply or subverting supply somehow. While you can argue it could hurt building jobs, most people have preferred to grind anyways, and no one ever accepts building jobs (I would know since I was banned because I wanted to build things fast and couldn’t get someone to build). Increasing the productivity of builders may in fact increase the rate of hires since new players don’t like to spend days or weeks building something but may be inclined to do something that would only take a few hours with good pay (like the demo jobs with explosive picks).

The server is a city roleplay server but city construction has taken a back seat to grinding admin shop resources for the past 2 years which in many ways hurts the economy since it increases actions that increase money in circulation but doesn’t increase the corresponding demand meaning plot inflation occurs while block inflation does not (block deflation was the trend before I was banned and I don’t see anything that would have fixed that).

Most people on hm have litematica so it wouldn’t be that revolutionary either. People would probably be more likely to build since it wouldn’t be so tedious to build a single stadium or something. It would also mean there could be continued realism since there wouldn’t be a great reason on why things need to be constantly world edited around if building time is cut by 75%. I don’t see how an explosive pick for example which increase breaking speed by 18-27x is ok while something that increases building by 4x+ is hurtful. Unlike the explosive pick also, building involves spending money rather than making money as well. Increasing mega projects are great for providing jobs to new players while also making the server look better which both help in player count.

A lot of the server was also printed in the past and the economy benefitted from it. Crystal bay for example would not have been such a quick project without it. We might have just had a bunch of w/e instead and it would have made selling concrete for 70f impossible. The palace owned by sensei was constructed with printing when it was legal thanks to http (at least half of it until staff made it illegal). The builders spiderpig hired to build on the nc plot that became agora was printed (could tell by the random holes) and it used over 20.000 blocks of quartz if I remember correctly along with a ton of glass which did help the quartz market and the glass market. Those projects did help boost the economy as spending millions on gold ingots and terra or brick at a rapid rate provided the server an economic boost (this was also the time when the server had a like 60+ players as well on a regular basis and there were jobs like quartz mining since demand for building blocks was huge).

I want to end this with stating this is not unban attempt or something along those lines. It was illegal then so I get it. I just think these are one of the few addons that could help the server and the economy on the demand side.


Frankly I’m inclined to agree out of laziness but on the other hand building companies are currently thriving on HM, one of them ironically being Agora build. Those companies help a lot of newbies and vets to a job and that’s what’s important in an economy as well, not just selling items but also services.

To clarify, he doesn’t mean printer, he means easy place (Litematica Easy Place - Super quick survival building - YouTube). This would spur the economy, help fill plots in cities (especially private ones who need it), and also would help fill the huge map we recently expanded which is likely impossible to fill with our current player count. Obviously staff should scrutinize it and see what would work before they make a decision, but if we allow enchanted explosive picks from a mod, I don’t see why we can’t mod the building process too.

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Sort of, except we can’t find consistent builders who are willing to do it for often mediocre pay. Check the link I put in my comment, it isn’t really “printer” which places blocks where you aren’t even looking, it just makes it easier to orient and place blocks quicker. It would make it way easier for builders to complete projects without charging insane prices and having inconsistent timeframes. It might be a little too OP though.


It would be quite ironic for me, as an owner of a building company, to agree with this, but I’m not exactly opposed to it either. EasyPlace would still require time - something that some have, something that others don’t. A majority of people who require building services don’t have time to do it themselves. There will still be a demand for those who will want to place down all the blocks required in building something and whilst building prices would probably go down a bit, to keep up with a slight change in demand, it wouldn’t exactly hurt that much and there would probably still be a valid reason for some to hire constructors. Also those who can’t get Litematica or don’t want to use it, they would still hire others.

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Just no bro

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You know I’m talking about easyplace not printer, right? Second, you know how much empty land and plots exist, with nobody willing to build it at snail speeds, yet we can speed up every other aspect of the game because it’s a plugin not a mod. If we are gonna have plugins that greatly speed up resource gathering and demolishing, how is it such a radical idea to do the same for building?

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You also just had to offer your builders 100% commission (which I figure is because you’re struggling for workers, just like we are, and we also offer 100% commission depending on the job). The building business is not thriving because people want to build, it’s because the prices are being jacked up so astronomically, and even then they rarely get built (Agora Build has 4 large projects we are seriously struggling to find builders for, and there are 4 of us constantly looking). It’s way too hard to build man, nobody is willing to do anything large for under at least 100k, and most people refrain from building cool structures because it’s a million times easier to just build a concrete block with windows. I’m not asking y’all to take my word, I just want you to consider it.


I really do have to agree, I would say one of the reasons Liteworks has had a declining reputation is because people actually do somewhat value their time. It’s very hard in the building industry to convince people to build.

I haven’t admitted it as much in the past but it seems like both of us have the same issue in terms of not being able to get stuff done. I’ve had a promotion going for Liteworks in which I pay the builders double the ticket cost (so basically I’d be paying for something with no returns), but that still isn’t enough.

We have to realise that HelloMiners has an older demographic and people don’t have the time to focus on placing stuff in block game, and people may say that “surely that would drive up the prices”, but we have to consider clients which would not hire at ridiculously high prices.

As an example, demolition, that’s way easier to do and yet there’s still a demand for that, it probably still would be profitable for companies getting into the demolition industry as it’s not as labour-intensive.

A counter-argument is that we’d become too lazy, and to an extent that’d be right, but there comes a point where it’s basically phyiscal labour and similar arguments could be applied to SlimeFun, it simplifies something yet still brings its own benefits. Lazy ≠ bad.

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Good point, actual economic case can come of it, also lower prices would mean higher demand , might compensate for what people would claim is the “largest” counter-argument - smaller demand for building “since everyone can do it”. EasyPlace still takes time to do, not everyone has access to it, etc.

Also, if owners from the top construction companies right know are supporting it, the very people who are supposed to take advantage of the lack of EasyPlace, that shows that there should be a consideration of it.

I understand why printing isn’t allowed, but EasyPlace is a no-brainer, in my opinion. Honestly, why not? It simply facilitates building. It doesn’t even build for you, it just makes building a bit simpler. I can’t see why it’s not allowed.


This post should probably be renamed to “Allowing EasyPlace”, it’s quite misleading

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Yeah, I think the main problem is that not all computers/operating systems can easily access litematica. I don’t think there’s a way to solve that, but easyplace wouldn’t completely kill regular building, the pay would just lower with the demand for building. Idk I think it would give more incentive for building on here, which we honestly need because I think people are tired of resource gathering when it’s so hard to build anything with it.

I suppose if we allowed it, we should put up a safe guide on how to download litematica (without giving people viruses). Nothing we can do about their computer’s ability though.

People nowadays either hire builders with Litematica or build it themselves with Litematica. Regardless of whether EasyPlace is used or not, you could argue that people with Litematica have an advantage over those who can’t get it, if your computer can’t access it, you’d probably hire builders to build it. EasyPlace would also higher demand in the case that people cannot get Litematica, as it may mean less of an investment for the people who need something built

Maybe they can’t allow EasyPlace because they are not sure if that will be a trigger for the Anti-Cheat as a Printer or just EasyPlace itself, maybe they want to test it out first or maybe check if the Anti-Cheat has a trigger for it.

In GBT’s ban video, the alerts were going off for “Build Angle”. When EasyPlace is used, you either look at the block or very close to it, so I don’t think this would’ve been the main issue but we never know