shrink da map

Yeah I’d be against moving any cities closer. We already can’t develop some cities because of the 200 block rule. If that’s what 4k is suggesting.

I do not want this to be the new reset argument because I do not want this to be a recurring suggestion that never gains favoritism. I really want to get a majority of people on board with this.

Yea, I think HM has to evolve and that means remodeling Helloclan. Helloclan is our capital, and right now it is dysfunctional. I find it amazing that something like West Helloclan, has gained community support and turned out amazing, we can definitely do that to the rest of C.

Yea I think a big issue with shrinking the map is down to private cities. Private cities I think are fundamentally flawed. Before we could shrink I’d be down to remove as many inactive private cities as possible (buying them too). So much of the inside map is just dead zones.

A good starting point for me would be to renovate North and Main Helloclan. Buyback and demolish inactive private cities. Discuss with the city department on how to fix the monopoly private cities have on land. And lastly, try to navigate a way for the server to shrink as best as possible.

If HM was a dude and its active players represented the man’s fat on his body would the man be wearing the same shirt he did 5 years ago even though he lost a lot of weight.

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ok you can fix it

I disagree on shrinking the map, but I feel like we should shrink the scale of government where possible. A few steps towards getting the server back on track is to make things run themselves as much as we can.

We need to drastically shrink the discord servers channels, does anyone actually use all of them? Like I really like how everythings in one spot now, that was a great move, but we have literally 3 channels for VC, 3 channels for RC, 3 channels for CB, 4 channels for event department 10 channels for infrastructure, like as a new player i feel like it would be overwhelming to see all of this clutter.

CB is on my list for this year, last year my entire focus was on the event hub and players that are already part of the community, this year my focus is on crystal bay and bringing new players into the community. I also plan on finishing unknown island and temple.

I am confirming I have no plans for a valentines event, summer market will be as usual. Next big event will probably be halloween/octoberfest and xmas.

Just look at how much progress we made in just the last year, we upgraded two minecraft versions, added event hub, roleplay jobs, GTC rework (lmao coal) fishing, backrooms event, christmas event and just so much stuff.

The reason why I havent focused on new players the past year, is if we do that, and we dont have a stable foundation first, the players will just leave. The new tutorial needs an entire 3 month overhaul and to be put on a level HM has never seen before, this has been on my radar since 2020 and I really think I can get it done right.

I also have some plans for the staff team, to get a lot more done where possible. I just dont know if all of the plans will work out.

Why do you want to keep cb? Why not just finish renovating Helloclan? We have 1 section looking really good. If we fixed spawn and north helloclan, it would be amazing. Helloclan in my opinion has a way superior layout than Crystal bay.

Helloclan has old chunks and kinda affects preformance for new players, if people join to a lag-fest they will just leave, this is why we need CB to be where new players spawn in and do their tutorial. Yes we can clean up helloclan but I dont want to go around breaking peoples chests and pumpkin farms if its not necessary. Keep in mind I am working with ryan to get the suburbs fixed up and back on par with what it should be, we are not abandonning helloclan, we just need to focus on the areas we can.

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Alright, makes sense. I’ll try to be more active and work on main c then :smiley:

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Not trying to sound condescending or anything but the players need to fix hellominers. Its the community that drives any minecraft server. I can only do as much as I can.

Look at what Ashford looked like when it just opened, it was amazing and people loved it for the roleplay aspects, that was something great that Alex and the community did. If we had more similar things happen it would only help the server.

Companies, friend groups, socialize, all of these things build the server.

I think its entirely possible to do, it just requires people to work together.


Perfectly worded. Back in the days people made apartments for newbies, competed in chat to get them, all of that was part of the fabric that made HM great. There is only so much staff can do but we need your help as a community as well.

Also I can’t say this enough (and ye I am choosing to becondescending here cz Christ is it a terrible idea) but people are really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really underestimating how much of a shitfest it would be to shrink the map and move around regions.

It’s not like we can take all of Ashford and move it closer to Monbay to :sparkles:shrink the map :sparkles: with ease. Selecting and copy/pasting anything bigger than a small stadium crashes the server. It’s not a “uggh staff doesn’t want to do all this work task” it’s a “it’s an insane and impossible and quite stupid idea that even if staff didn’t have other priorities would still be a insane idea” task.

I personally made the decision to expand the map to the size it is now so we never would need to expand the map ever again. If we shrink the map and find out it needs to be re expended then we would have a shit show.

Think your taking my idea wrong than how I meant it. Im not suggesting bringing every region closer to each other. Im suggesting moving the regions outside of a certain perimeter in. Obviously, it would difficult still, but it doesn’t involve every region.

Im suggesting this as a way the community can help. People can free up inland space, renovate government cities, demolish old ones, and with warps back, people would have the incentive to congregate.

The idea of buying an apartment now is stupid without benefits, just go buy wild land. If we do this, a small factor would be apartments would actually be nice again, because they would reside in high traffic areas with shops and stuff.

Yea I know this is a very big task none the less. This would create the incentive for people to work together, kind of hard when your 2000 blocks from your neighbor, and dont even have a means to meet each other unless at warp airport.

I feel as if this was a dumb move in the long run. I like the premise, but Minecraft adds new stuff with each update, and if we expand all at once, then if we have plans on expanding again we will miss out on all the future stuff. Yea there is warp resource, but that’s only to get items, what about building on those biomes, visiting new cave generations, etc?

The server expanded how it did to incorporate new stuff from each important update onto the main map, now if we never expand again, we are stuck :confused:

Still underestimating how much effort it would take especially for the very little effect it will have if it it has any of the good effects you mention at all.

You seem to be backpedalling on your idea a bit here. That or you don’t understand your own idea?

Because if it’s just about plucking a few regions from the postmagnus world it does literally nothing about bringing people together and if you don’t bring cities closer / rearrange cities positions you’re still not reaping the benefits of your idea.

Like other then annoy a city owner maybe that suddenly there is a laggy farm next to where they wanted to expand. Not sure if you’ve noticed but the center of the world is quite full, Argos, PH, Monbay have been fighting over expansion land for years…

Look I like the sentiments and the goals of your idea but spending months moving around the on the map is not the way to achieve those goals. It will only result in

  • annoyance of admins
  • annoyance of city owners who are forced to have new neighbors
  • annoyance of city owners / farm owners who have their regions outside the perimeters and are forced to move somewhere where expanding isn’t as easy.

You ignored my reasons.

There is resource world for new biomes and for the remainder of your reasons, doesn’t change the insanity of the plan.


Nothing new was added tho and its been what two years? We missed out on swamps big deal :stuck_out_tongue: i mean yeah it was a risk but honestly it worked out.

Keep in mind moving a city is a entire mess becuase every single sub region in it has to be manually calculated and moved. Then every apartment sub rg and so on.

Yea, it’s too insane to do that. Not to mention not all regions are perfect squares/or rectangles; there’s lots of polys, particularly in some of tor’s huge apartment buildings in wc, with also their own sub-regions to protect the furniture from being destroyed/looted.

This could be taken as an opportunity to clean up regioning as a whole. Cities that are inactive and have individual plots completely unused and unsold for years could be merged into the main plot and re-regioned when they are actually ready to be sold. A lot of inactive cities contribute to this regioning surplus and with some merging, evicting and cleaning not only could it ease up re-regioning for admins as it may be one big region rather than 10 subrgs but it would also help with lag which I have been told the 1000+ regions have contributed to

Regions don’t cause lag. Not sure who told you that.

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