Resignation from Staff and my Outlook on the community.

Let me preface this post with the fact that I will not be arguing with any member of staff who disagrees with this post. Feel free to comment, you won’t have my attention.

One of the only things most of our community has agreed on lately is that Magnus and his hostile take over is what killed HelloMiners. I disagree, we were salvageable, although his reign was the beginning of the end for our fragile close-knit community and economy.

The death of our community is a result of 4-5 years of fractured leadership, mismanagement, and a slew of other adjectives that would make this post too long.

Certain members of staff benefited from what Magnus added. They now have millions of forsals and joke about being a monopoly in discord. If you’re wondering why massive action to fix the economy hasn’t been taken - look no further. They claim that we are no longer the “iron fisted staff team” of Old, but that we are a democracy, it’s all a farce to remain in power yet they’ll vote against removing the things that got them there. Other members of staff have good intentions, and I will give them that. They are failed by this useless team and left to twiddle their thumbs.

Most of the fixes are band-aid solutions in a half-ditch attempt to undo what was done. It’s lazy and just wastes valuable time - most of our community have left by now. It is too late to get them back. I have tried to start discussions on taking the right actions to fix our community. But when half of staff disagree with taking the proper action to fix the things that killed it - well one person could never do this alone. Which is why I’m not wasting any more of my time and passion with it.

This is why I can no longer be a part of this dysfunctional team. HelloMiners is dead and both of my trials as a moderator has told me that. It just took longer to realise this time.




Certain members of staff benefited from what Magnus added.

They claim that we are no longer the “iron fisted staff team” of Old, but that we are a democracy, it’s all a farce to remain in power yet they’ll vote against removing the things that got them there.

Couldn’t have put it better. Thank u for ur service tho!


Sorry to see you go, good luck with whatever life has for you!

Cya. :wave:

Hello ViHQ!

I understand what you are trying to say but I don’t think this is the best way for you to voice your concerns after it was denied by a group vote by the staff team.

Also I believe its unfair for your to say the following:

This is no way to engage in discussion, everyone should have a say with your discussion and disregarding other ppl concerns you are doing the same that you claimed it was done to you.

I agree with you here, staff that abused any plugin/aspect of the server that was exploitable should have that money taken away and demoted as it used to be. Without naming names, last time there was an exploit with apples which it was reported and the staff that abused it got demoted right away, I don’t see why this would be a different case. If you being staff notice that there is an aspect of the server or plugin that can be easily exploited, its their duty to report it right away and NOT to exploit for personal benefits.

I don’t agree here, I have witness some staff have work countless hours to implement fixes to the server and economy only with good intentions in their hands. For you to call it band-aid solutions and throw this “I am quitting tantrum” for second time because your solutions were not approved its just not fair for all the staff team as a whole.

This is just not true, you are saying that some recommendation got denied by staff vote? there is a vote system because its a democracy were things get decided by vote and even by doing polls into the community. If things in the server are done by the saying of 1 staff always or regularly then you would be right and the gov would cease to be a democracy but that’s not the case here.

You can’t expect that the same ppl that you played with in 2015 will still be around playing Minecraft, some people like it to take it as a hobby others just as a game and eventually get bored and move forward.

What I believe it should be done its to focus on what was broken by magnus and fix it (as staff is trying to do) and to put almost all efforts into bringing new players into the server. If we don’t pay for ads we probably wont see a mayor increase in player traffic on the server. Ads would be the most effective way for new players to find us and to significantly increase the traffic of players in the server.

I mean no wrong with this post, I just want to voice my opinion on this topic.

Wish a nice weekend to everyone!



Well, I’m sad to see you go again, but hope you have a great future.

  • From an generic bogstandard unimportant boring nobody player who respected you. (And yes, that’s how I think of myself)
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What I mean by this is flaming the argument / arguing in general. Happily will discuss things like I am about to do with your reply.

I am not saying there haven’t been members of staff the pour hard work into this place, that is putting words in my mouth. These band-aid solutions I’m mentioning are not those that took hours to implement, they are cargo ports and things of that nature.

I am offended that you refer to this as a temper tantrum rather than honest frustrations with a place that I hold very deep to my heart.

For your own information, I didn’t want EasyPlace nor any other major addition that might have been shot down by staff recently. I do not think that the server should be run 100% democratically at all, I’ve made that known before. Perhaps I should have said community lead- democratic system, because that is what staff has said they are like now.

I agree with you entirely but also disagree with saying that they are trying to focus on what was broken by magnus. If that was the case, slimefun would be removed and the millions of forsals that were gained illegally by exploits and his leadership would have been wiped. There is plenty of action that could have been taken, should have been taken, but wasn’t and most likely won’t be. @Staff Team, prove me wrong please

The only thing that I suggested lately that did not have full staff support was bi-weekly meetings so we could get our shit together. Nothing beyond my usual mantra of Lag<Economy<Community goal.

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While you said you don’t want an argument, you also want us to prove you wrong (?), so I’d like to take issue with one thing.

You say your mantra is “Lag<Economy<Community” (ignoring the fact that I think you mean that the other way round, since lag is a higher priority than economy since a functional server is important), however this isn’t even remotely helpful:

Lag is a diagnosable, traceable issue that (I think/hope) is more or less fixed (excluding experiments with render distance which temporarily broke everything).

“Economy” is incredibly broad. You want to fix the economy? Great. People literally do entire degrees on how to do this and still disagree. Thus saying that staff are wrong to not do something is objectively wrong. There is no single, easy fix way to solve this, otherwise we would’ve done so.

For example, take removing Slimefun + all money gained from it. Sounds wonderful! One slight problem: people have put hundreds of hours into this stuff, so to wipe it all with no consideration (especially if there’s an alternative) would cause even more problems, as people have invested hundreds of thousands into a bunch of playerheads that now have no value beyond asthetics. Granted, some things like fishing, you’re probably correct (given that literally spawned money in from nowhere), but Slimefun is more complicated.

(I should also mention that for a lot of things, removing the money gained is literally impossible, since not every plugin keeps neat logs like the fishing one did)

You asked to be proven wrong, and I hope I have enlightened you at least somewhat: your argument only works if you assume over half of active staff are the sorts of people to deliberately run a server into the ground (thus rendering their own work pointless) for short-term gain.

If you genuinely think that, I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say.

If you do not, then I hope you are at least partially convinced by my argument.

P.S: I’m tired as I write this and there’s a chance it’s completely incoherent. If so, I apologize.

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You’re entirely coherent, no worries. I said prove me wrong by addressing some of these issues, mainly removing what magnus added to the server, hence making me wrong by saying these things won’t get fixed. Apologies.

Also probably the reason Lag<Economy<Community came out the wrong way, guess I meant Lag>Economy>Community.

You’re entirely right, it would take deliberate planning and balancing to address all of those issues you listed with Slimefun. My argument is that had it been removed shortly it was added, the workload would be a whole hell of a lot less to fix it than what it would take now. Now it does most likely require someone with a degree in economics to come in and rebalance - virtual economies are fragile systems and we have shattered.

(I should point out that Slimefun was added a while before we managed to regain control of the server, and I got my console access revoked for literally changing a server description saying I should burn in hell, so I dread to think what would’ve happened if someone actually changed something)

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Honestly man don’t leave. Pls

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Staff: I am going to college for a computer science degree!

What staff the server actually needs: I am going to college for a finace or economics degee!


I mean tbh. The staff have been the core of a lot the issues not being resolved. Although I’m probably not the best person to say this, staff have always been incredibly slow and the fundamental structure of the gov is why I never supported a restart. Many of the issues would have just reappeared if we restarted with staff using their position to benefit their selves or influence policy. The people you are referring to have abused numerous things and only fix it when other people try to get in on it. Sad to see you go.


people have put hundreds of hours into this stuff

consider how much they’ve made back. spell said he’s made over 1m return

isn’t 3/4 or like 7/8 of our active playerbase from before 2019? no new players are sticking around to bring back our average of 25 players online, i doubt theres much to do about this

remember when an economic department was going to be added? why don’t we have people actually informed in economics/finance take economic decisions? (ones that would not directly benefit the council themselves, a group of around 6-10 players of different amounts of wealth, join dates and viewpoints should have been considered ages ago but it’s all been to the hands of suggestions :confused:



I mean it seems like a good idea but it sounds to democratic to actually work…

Imma miss you & hope u still stay as a player at least.

But what you said about staff, I agree. I was staff during the horrid Beta era (mans wouldn’t let the server move forward unless he agreed with it and it really stunted server growth, especially as he started hopping on less frequent).

When I came back from being inactive for 2 years, seeing the current staff line up was honestly a shock. I love everyone on staff team now don’t get me wrong, but there were multiple staff members (prior and current) who wouldn’t even be CONSIDERED. Meaning, staff was desperate for people to run this shit show.

There’s not a lot to be done now about the fucked economy without making players upset, because the main reason it’s so bad is because we don’t have enough players. Back in 2015-2016 I was a home designer/seller. The housing market died because no one wants to collect homes anymore. No money is circulating anymore. No one is buying/selling big things anymore. No big auctions anymore. No one really gives a shit about anything. No government plots have much value anymore.

I wish we had advertisements back and the server was more new player friendly. I know I joined because of an ad I saw. I’ve been streaming HelloMiners on Twitch and have gotten a few people to join. That isn’t a lot, but if that little exposure gets some players, imagine what an actual advertisements would bring. If the server was more new player friendly they wouldn’t leave after 15 minutes. Me and VIHQ worked our asses off tryna make a good new player city. Honestly, it worked, a few players who are active in the community today came from our city. Since the economy is so fucked, and favors the rich. I hate to say it but after playing this server for 6 years 400k was my max bal. Once Mike sent me his 1 mil I’ve been making money like CRAZY. Having more money just makes you more money idk I don’t make the rules. So, why haven’t we made a new player only world - would be hard to moderate, sure, but if you put into the tutorial that they can request access to a special resource world, or if you could even use command blocks to coordinate with their join dates and that world. It’s really just there to get players a head start on gathering resources for a potential shop/build/home/etc. Or if that’s too much, just raise the starting player balance to 10,000 F.

Another way to potentially help with the server economy, would be to do a tax on cities. Sounds worse than it is, and would probably make some people upset, but it would help reset the economy. Just charge people a one time 10% fee. If you have 1 million in land, you owe 100,000 F. Probably just start with cities with an airport connection, and then work on the cities that have a marking on the map. So only higher tiered cities get taxed. Any cities that are inactive/unable to pay the tax should either have 1/4th their balance taken, or if inactive have their city deemed illegitimate and remove their airport warp, until they re-apply. Some /warp a cities are already dead and it’s taking up space for an active player to have their city near the top of the /warp airport villager dude. Add the money collected to the government funds and fucking do something with the government funds.

Bring back the summer markets, events, make a NEW quest, players hosting events for money, bring back hiring players to make parks, buildings, etc. Using the government funds could help start circulating the server’s money somewhat. The server is just outdated, even with all the plugins we have.

This server has no value anymore and people only log on to work on the same shit they’ve been working on for years. Most of my friends left years ago, and I’ve made new ones, but the community and server just isn’t the same as what it used to be.

Something needs to change because Imma cry if this server dies tbh , so staff , this is a sign to fix the economy and save the server/community we love.


Vi in literally 2 months:

  • Became a trial
  • Quit
  • Rejoined
  • Became a trial again
  • Quit again

he fully played the entire staff team