Resignation from Staff and my Outlook on the community.

tbh it’s kind of ironic. people are complaining about people quitting and coming back and quitting and coming back over and over again without realising they’re also doing it. Hell, I did it. Quite a few times.

Although it’s funny when you put it this way, this was never my intentions.
My only intention was to improve our server, improve our community and try to restore what we had.
It’s hard when it’s only 2 trials and a moderator are deeply interested in taking the right actions to accomplish that.

You’re throwing out nothing but facts here, Jen.

Unfortunately with the amount of work required to restore this place like we all want… sadly I don’t think we’ll get to see it. They’ve really ran themselves in between a rock and a hard place.

On one hand, most of the people still playing have adjusted to the new Meta. They’ve come to know this wasteland as HelloMiners and we’d probably lose players changing this meta again.
On the other, the amount of work required to restore this place is now astronomical. I wouldn’t even know where to start besides the massive wealth inequality from at the top compared to a new player. It’s just too much work for a volunteer basis job to do - and it’s because they took too long to address it.

I truthfully think that we are going to continue to see the same actions and same falling player rate until it’s 2-3 players online and finally none.

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I asked for updates on this daily after upper staff revealed that it was being worked on.
One said he had no clue what I was talking about. Another said it was being discussed by admins, but ultimately nothing came of it. No major economic reform, no council consisting of business owners.
I don’t know if they’re still working on it ( I doubt it), but I would not count on it to be what we want it to be.

Which brings me to another critical fault of the staff team, which even staff in these replies have admitted to - the horrible lack of communication. It’s downright nonexistent sometimes.

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expecting too much from staff, they need a few months just to discuss something like this let alone implement it, but yeah agree with u 100% ive been asking for gov to actually act like a government for ages. gov should be stimulating the economy, both gaining and spending money, but the mindset of the server for the longest time has been to have a complete free market because people don’t like their money being taken away. well guess what, that doesn’t fucking work, there’s a reason irl we have taxes and before any of your greedy asses say “hellominers isnt irl”, yeah no shit but its a simulation of an economy and theres a reason that they did this stuff irl.

i’m sorry but we need new admins, this isn’t an attack on current admins, this is a call-to-action for them to actually get some new ones that do stuff. the economic dept wouldn’t do much but at least it would allow a team to properly discuss economic issues, unlike the current system where it’s “make a case for it in suggestions and that’ll do”, with some new admins that actually engage with the server, a dept like this could’ve come months ago but sadly every admin puts the responsibility on another admin and none of you can reach an agreement unless it’s a vote, which also takes ages

it’d be actually wonderful if you guys could spend a few mins every month discussing with the community, like in a set place (for example a Discord channel could be made every month and people can raise their concerns there), a bit of openness and communication with the community would do wonders

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Of course she is, she’s Jen.

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Best of luck in your future endeavors.

TBH, a scheduled meeting every month where the admins only focus is talking to us would be a good idea. Also on voice chat.