[Official] Staff October Q&A Thread ANSWERS TOPIC

Alex: I have asked about how the end got deleted. I understand it had to do with the server drama, but why haven’t we gotten compensation for regions there (end)?

The reason we didn’t compensate is due to 100% of data being lost, making it Impossible for us to know which, where, and how much money to give back.

PrinceAdam: Why should regions within 120 blocks of government cities follow the government cities inactivity rules. These regions shouldn’t have to follow government city rules; what is the reasoning behind this?

Good point, them following eyesore rules is mostly to block people from making troll/grief-like builds in regions next to gov cities, but there is no actual reason for them to follow inactivity rules as well, expect rules update soon.

CakeDevil275: Why is selling back land half the price you bought it for if you bought it after the change?

Due to us trying to encourage investing in player owned cities & prevent wild land being used for storing money, which makes huge areas of wild land un-usable.
And also, there’s no actual way of knowing when a region was created, so the sellback price remains the same to
stop people from making huge profits off selling regions bought for 5f a block for 10f.

Edgewurth: What is the general staff opinion on award companies like Horizon Awards?
Are staff aware they’ve been nominated for Horizon Awards?

They’re great, and are definitely very nice for the community.
Indeed, thank you all for nominating us!

We also recieved a few player related questions on when people can buy older cities again.

UltraPro: We would like to re-introduce that players can now buy old cities again. We will be basing it off of the current 10f a block land value of all city regions and subregions. Again this will need to be approved by staff and needs some additional supervision over a regular helpme.


I understand that the current rule is that when F500,000 or more of land has been regioned for a city and it has been approved, half the land value is sent back. This still leaves a barrier for players to create cities, and creates risks people simply don’t want to take. It’s been made clear that the majority of players now support switching it back. So why can’t the staff?

There’s plenty of lands to go around on the server, especially on the outskirts. The absolute and incredibly unlikely maximum someone would spend on land at F5 is only ~1400 b^2. Not only that, but the repeating exchange of F5 land between the government and players can bring in future revenue when the government might need it, and is only for short periods before the land is either used or sold back.

Why upper staff has not joined the server since it went down? Why there are no updates? No more events? The only staff that has been active is aya.
Why there is a ton of land that the gov has evicted in all gov cities and not auction? Even thou it’s been years since the gov its holding that land.
There has been minimal engagement from most staff with the server, if staff dont put their business in order this server will die completely.
Staff should be restructured so some take an active role in weekly events, others as PH, others solving technical issues and so on, I have not seen any of this for a long time, what’s going on?
Why vote crates has not been fixed, if players cant redeem their prices why would they vote? This hurts the ranking of the server on those websites.

^ this

i appreicate the effort to try and answer questions and engage, this is a really good thing but only half the questions are good and the answers are kinda vague?

Which? we did our best to write answers, but if anything is unclear, we’ll provide more detail :p.

Some are joining, but a lot of an admin/technicians work is done behind the scenes :p.

We are currently working on one

There is one on Saturday :p.

Due to me still being relatively new, I don’t know what’s the original reason, this may be a good question for the next Q&A

Expect info about that in to soon-to-come update post

I agree that staff could Improve on organization, we are working on that :p.

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the first two

The world files got corrupted, if you have any specific questions feel free to ask :p.

Whats is unclear regrading that one ;-;?

^^ Forgot to respond