Do you still support the rise in land price?

After witnessing the land price change to F10 buy, F5 sell recently: do you still support this change?

  • Yes
  • No
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Trying to gauge opinion. Have your say in this poll! Will close in a few days.

That’s not a yes/no question, which is yes and which is no?

reverted pls (my statement will be a part of beak’s magazine)

I don’t mind an increase in land price (inflation on here is real), but you’re saying that new land purchased can only be sold for half of what you paid? There’s already little incentive to buy land, and that makes no sense. There has to be a way to see when land was purchased, and set the land Sell price accordingly so people can’t profit off of land. If that can’t be done, revert it for 5 B / 5 S.

"do you still support this change (yes), or would you like it reverted (no)

It’s shit

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ig it going up to 10f is like ok but i felt it was a bit sudden. 7f would have been fine then at christmas it going up to 8f would have been really good. raising it over time makes it seem natural and a less aggressive solution to the problems we have.

the problem with it going up is that the rest of the economy hasnt countered inflation either. gov trade prices are still super low, theres still not many ways to make money and people will still only pay shit rates for designing and building (like me xD)

tbh, i do feel now i dont want to buy land unless im 100% sure im able to use it and im just glad i bought the stuff i own when i did. that being said, the whole sell back for 5f thing makes sense but really just seems like we are lairing rules ontop of rules ontop of rules to try and cover our asses. like just saying land can be sold of the price it was bought for is enough and is a great way to come across casual and sensible about it. bumping land up by 10f and then setting the sell price for all land to 5f isnt necessarily a bad way to do it, just combined with the new warping system, the new rules on what we can build over water, ect. it all seems like we are creating an excess of rules to try and govern everything humanly possible.

kinda miss the days where its like as long as u aint being an asshat to everyone youre ok.