[OFFICIAL] Open Government Job List

As a lot of topics and discussions recently showed, many of the community members have amazing widely agreed upon ideas that could definitely help and Improve the server.
The Issue is, that us (Staff team) can only work on so much at a time, and as a lot of people pointed out, all players should be allowed to help if they’d like to!
So we’ve decided to make a publicly available list of all open government positions where players can contribute, help Implement new ideas, advertise, events, quests, Improve new player experience, etc!

Open Government Positions:

  1. Infrastructure department lead - Infrastructure department
    You will lead the Infrastructure department, work on new infrastructure (Trains, Highways, Subways, etc.), infrastructure rules (Anything from changing the block requirement by 10 to suggesting a network of alien space ships that instantly shoot you to your destination (obviously a joke, but you will be able to suggest & implement anything))

  2. Social media team - Community development department
    You will help manage everything regrading advertising, host social media events, obviously receive access to all HelloMiners social media pages, and have Gov mode access for filming!

  3. New player experience team - Community development department
    You will plan, work on, and manage new player experience: roleplay jobs, tutorials, quests, and anything else to do with new players, from adding an extra 10F to starter bal, to completely reworking spawn!

  4. Events / Minigame planners and designers - Events department
    You will help plan, manage, create, design and host Minigames and Events! anything from a quick treasure hunt to a huge server-wide war event, if you’re up for it!

  5. Quests writers and designers - Events department
    You will be in charge of quests, writing / designing / building new ones, removing / maintaining old ones, and possibly work alongside other teams/departments on quests related to their goal (i.e. work with new player experience team on a tutorial quest).


  • That’s too many options >:c what should I choose?
    Our current priority is (obviously) making the server as fun and easy for new players as possible, and as stable as possible (thous the few recent plugin changes), while keeping all of the good players and things it already has.
    Which is why things like the Social media team are less urgent currently, since the server isn’t ready for new players yet, while things like the New player experience team, or Quests writers and designers / Events / Minigame planners and designers are more urgent.
  • What would I get from joining?
    First of all, and most importantly, Forsals the ability to actually add your ideas yourself! a lot of times when staff implement suggestions they get slightly edited, misunderstood, etc., (which is reasonable, when working in a team with a lot of people helping and suggesting), by being in one of these departments/teams, you will be able to actually work on ideas yourself, the way you think is best (while consulting with your other team members of-course)!
  • Ok fine, where do I apply?
    You can apply right here, (or in a ticket on discord, if you wish to stay anonymous) using the following form:

In Game Name:
Information (past experience, Ideas, why should we choose you, etc.):

Anything else:

There’s way too much info/questions that can be asked for us to cover everything here, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask here or on discord!

That’s it for this post! See you in the department chat (after you start your first government project)!


Community Development Department
Username - NYCEmpire
Position - Community Development Department; New player dept
Information - As a player who is on the newer side, and who had to go through the tutorial again a few months ago after coming back from a long break, I feel I am best for this department since I know what works and what doesn’t with getting new players to integrate. I would focus on providing a better starting base by working with the quest department to have new player oriented quests that would integrate the server basics with getting forsals. This is just 1 of the few plans and ideas I have for the department. Other experiences I have is being a city manager, store operator, and agricultural employer.

In-Game Name: __Baz
Position: Infrastructure department lead
Information: I find myself fit for the job because of my past positions such as Swamp City Manager, and Helloclan City manager (I was a manager for about 2 years). My architectural skills have increased over the years and are at an all-time peak as of now. Along with that, I have designed and built the whole of Deorlanda. The main problem with the Infrastructure department is the inactivity. I would not only bring value by hours but also value in skill.

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In Game Name: RPD929
Position: New player experience team (Community Development Dept.)
Information: Although I don’t have any experience managing or building full cities I have built a few Mansions/Houses and run and manage quite a few apartment buildings and shops across 5 cities. I’ve been on the server for a little over a year (Pretty active for last 8 months). I have a few ideas in mind about some new roleplay jobs and quests for new players. One quest I have in mind is creating a prison and having the players act as cops who need to stop a prison break by fighting off different levels of increasingly harder opponents where the main prize could be some forsals as well as some other nice items. I would also consider adding some sort of tutorial for the slime fun guide as it took me some time to get use to when I first started. I have other ideas also which I would love to discuss if given the opportunity.

So far, all 3 applications have been accepted, and progress is already being made regrading implementing their ideas, and coming up with new ones together!