Official Nether Reset Announcement

Hello Everyone,

On December 4th, we plan on introducing a new nether world with an organized government tunnel network and private tunnel application system. The old nether will be fully accessible up to this date. After Dec 4, we will give restricted access to anyone who hasn’t gathered everything they owned from the world on a case by case basis. If you need access to the old nether past that date, we will keep the world accessible by ticket request on the government discord until May 1 2022.

As of right now, this is a notice to all players so they can begin selling and demoing their old regions and farms. When we remove the old nether, we will release a world download of the nether how it is right now.

How will I get land compensation?

For regions , simply run the /nethersell region RegionName command, It will automatically calculate the land value of your region, and spread it evenly between all owners (make sure only actual owners are added while selling, since all players added as owner will get a share).
It will block you from selling if:

  • The region is completely within its parent region
  • You own the parent region
  • The region or its parent aren’t cuboid (poly region)
  • You aren’t added as owner

Upon selling, all sub-regions owned by you that are completely within the region will be removed, and the rest of the sub-regions will be parented to the region’s parent, or un-parented if the regions doesn’t have one.

If any problems arise from the use of this command, there is a database we can check to solve any issues regarding ownership.

How will I get nether spawner compensation?

For spawners, face your spawner and run the /nethersell spawner command, It will automatically remove the spawner and give you 15,000F for it, you are unable to sell your spawner if:

  • You don’t own the region the spawner is in
  • The spawner isn’t in the nether
  • The spawner isn’t in a region

If any problems arise from the use of this command, there is a database we can check to solve any issues regarding ownership.

What does the map look like?

The tunnels are all above bedrock and you will be able to build over tunnels to access your base if the gov tunnels happen to interfere with coordinates of a destination in the overworld. There are 8 cardinal directions that are color coordinated in the nether hub. Horizontal and vertical tunnels all are equipped with high speed rails so players can travel to each intersection via minecart.

What do the tunnels look like?

Each intersection will equipped with holograms telling you where each city is and how far. At the destination of a private nether tunnel entrance, we can put up a hologram in the middle of the tunnel. The tunnel is nether themed with panel walls. When you request a private tunnel connecting to the main gov network, you will choose 1 panel to build out from. We will restrict 1 tunnel per panel in order to prevent clutter.

In the coming days I will work on a nether tunnel application channel on the gov discord.

Any questions please ask below.


Thanks for the heads up. Now I read the announcement several times and I dont see any mention of regioning for private hubs for intra region travel (yes i have big regions and I’m doing that at the moment). Also no mention if tunnel network (connecting more than 1 base and-or farms) are permited. Also what about below the top bedrock? is regioning permited for things I have mentioned and-or building farms…etc. I’m assuming that farms ABOVE bedrock will NOT be permitted still. Please clarify

Second set of questions: Are we still using regular nether portal for linking between above bedrock and our bases, gov cities…etc? If yes for this to work there must not be any other portals closer to the overworld ‘ground’ one otherwise linkage to above bedrock one could be compromise. And this can be a significant amount of blocks of seperation to prevent issues. Thats assuming we CAN make portals below bedrock at any location (same assumption for overworld portals: Any new rules to their usage? see next question)…

Bayview’s hub is going to be >>>

Third set of questions: What about existing overworld portals? Anything in the plans to address them? I mean any old overworld portals need to be tackled: Not just tunnel and hubs entry-exit points. Many portals exist in farms (gold and others). After the nether is in fact reset any player or entity crossing an old overworld portal will either cause it to link to new nether ones above bedrock or create one at some random location near where it used to be in nether below bedrock… Be bad to dump a few thousands of pigmens in the middle of a gov or private city plaza…

I notice only HC, RC and CB are on the map. Will VC and suburbs be added?

Lastly, what does this mean for airport connections? Are we likely to move away from the warping/teleportation system and focus on nether based travel?

me: has a flight out of the uk on dec 3
staff: “oN dEcEmBeR 4tH wE pLaN…”

Can we just pick up the spawner so we can replace it in the new map?

Request - Suggestion: I have used /nethersell region RegionName on the less important - unused regions I own. But I am not comfortable leaving all my tunnels that I use on a regular basis totally unregioned. I was talking about this with Richie and he suggested that we could simply sellback, remove owners and members and leave the region undeleted. This way no one can grief tunnels or pillage - destroy blocks from them (trolls in the dungeon just thought you 'd like to know). Effectively makes the region owned by the government. (could even add gov as owner ig). Could you please consider this? Otherwise I might just keep my vital tunnels and hubs all regioned till Dec 4th…


nope because then people can build insane mob spawner farms like they did last time

And what’s wrong with that ?

it’s because those huge spawner farms create tonnes of lag and it will affect the tps quite badly - which will not make for a pleasant playing experience.

Place-able spawners shouldn’t be a thing again, the ones that currently exist are rares, which is nice and all, but we shouldn’t be making more, adding an entirely new nether adds quite a bit of spawners as-is :p.

Also we technically could, but there’s no actual harm in keeping them regioned till then ;-;

The problem is, VC and HC are right next to the world spawn, a portal to VC from the nether would go in the center hub, not even far enough for a tunnel :confused:

Ender will be able to give an official answer, but I imagine that at least personal hubs would be permitted.

Pretty much same answer as above.

Tunnels/Hubs would preferably go above the nether roof, everything else will go in the regular nether.

Are we going to be allowed to make mob farms and build in the nether?

Yes, its going to be the same as the current nether, just with tidy and easy to use travel system, and without the crazy regioning mess

I know, if we see its becoming a big issue, we could switch to portal linking/teleports.

Not a lot we can do about that sadly, generally most portals shouldn’t cause issues, due to mob-spawn deny (In cities), and regrading the nether not having their “other end”, it would just generate a new one in the regular nether.