New Megabuild - The Original World Trade Center

Hello, all!

Coming soon to Flowing Meadows: The World Trade Center.

Starting with 1 WTC & 2 WTC, this build will be as accurate of a replica as possible. It will include shops, commercial lease space, and government space.

Stay tuned!

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Liberal estimate of completion - November 1st, 2023.

Due to plot & game limitations, there will be the following inaccuracies from the original WTC complex:

  • There won’t be a throughway concourse floor in the towers, nor an official “mall” floor.
  • There won’t be diagonal/round edges of the towers, nor their caps.
  • As of this post, only the first third of the towers won’t have more than one staircase, nor more than two elevators.
  • Of course, there won’t be 110 floors in either tower.
  • Staircases won’t hit each individual floor, but the elevators will.
  • The one-third “separators” won’t be scaled accurately, but will be adjusted as the build nears completion.
  • There won’t be as many maintenance floors (likely only two in each tower).
  • Hallways won’t be structured the same, and likely won’t exist on every floor.

With that out of the way, some notes on the project:

  • Estimated total cost of the project: F326,800.
  • Donations are accepted, for both Forsals & materials.
  • Donors get first pick of their own floors.
  • 1 WTC: 319m height, 2 WTC: 300m height.
  • Entire project is part of the third phase of the “Economic Boom” HM project.

Stay tuned for more updates!


More constraints (especially with zoning) have simply made it easier to shift to more blueprints, more specifically:

  • Plans of what the original World Trade Center would have included over the next two decades.
  • Changes in SkyLobby construction, including interior decoration.
  • Certain “Twin Towers Two” specifications.

Most of the modifications will only affect floors above the 10th floor of both towers. It will otherwise stay true to the original complex.

A bit of good news - we have our first donor to the project, @PrinceAdam!

Donors get their pick of floor on a first-come, first-serve basis. So far, this will only occur for 1 WTC, but will expand as the project does.

The donation minimum to get a floor is F6,000. Those with donor floors can sub-lease the floor, to their own rules. Donations are always accepted in the event you’d like to either pay a smaller amount, or just don’t want a floor.

Current floors (1 World Trade Center)

10 (M1, M2): SkyLobby
2: @PrinceAdam
1: @PrinceAdam

Stay tuned for project updates!

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