Nether Tunnel Rules (Seperating from application topic)

New Nether World Rules for Tunnels and Regions

  • Tunnels

· Land Price is F10 per block, just like the overworld

· Government-connected nether tunnels/hubs are the responsibility of the Infrastructure Department and requests should be made in a reply to this topic or by making a ticket on their discord .

· If your portal destination is closer to a private tunnel than a government tunnel in the grid, it is advised to ask the private tunnel owner for a connection, and vice versa.

· Nether tunnels in the government hub are meant to be a fix to spaghetti-like overlapping tunnels found in the old nether system. Regioning over another approved tunnel is not advised. Speak with the owner of the tunnel that is in your way to work things out regarding linking tunnels, or reconsider where in the government nether grid you want to link to to avoid overlapping.

· Approved tunnels regions must not be created with the ‘//expand vert’ command.

  • Private regions

· Land Price is F10 per block, just like the overworld

· The area below the bedrock is now available for farming and regioning without any applications, simply make a helpme.

· Regions can be expanded to a maximum height of the nether ceiling (Y 127). Staff have the ability to easily do this in helpmes with /netherexpandvert.

· Portals that interfere with portals above bedrock and vice versa can be fixed with a manual nether portal linking plugin (to be added). Request a helpme if this issue arises.

  • FAQ (Ask questions to be answered in future)


The overworld and the new nether are now linked by nether portals. Travelling through a nether portal in the overworld will put you into the new nether. The old nether is still accessible until May 2022 by “/warp vcnether” and “/warp rcnether”. This will bring you to the VC Mall Hub and the RC CHS Hub.