Ironball Friendly Matches - Each Saturday


Introducing, a new schedule of friendly Ironball matches, taking place weekly on Saturdays at the Helloclan Arena, unless staff create a warp to an alternate location.

Event Details:
Saturdays, 6pm BST / 2PM EDT

How to get to the arena:
Visit /warp eventhub and click on the button next to the sign for the arena at x-507, z-944.

Who can join:
This is not a league match so anyone can participate. Just turn up to take part. It will be 5-a-side in order to play. Players can choose to join as part of a team, but must be willing to take on substitutes from willing participants if they do not have 5 players.

How do I get a stick / ball / uniform:
When you visit /warp eventhub, immediately rotate anti-clockwise and u will see to your left admin shops to buy your equipment. At the stadium there will be chests available to obtain uniforms.

Click here for Ironball Rules

Please note friendly matches may not be organised whilst tournaments are taking place.


Let us know below if you have a team or willing to join for next week’s match, either as a player or spectator.