Increase NYCEmpire's Ban Time. A Legal Discussion.

Howdy kids. I hope you’re all having a rooting-tootin’ly fine day. I for one am rejoicing at the recent news. My suspicions of NYC have finally been confirmed. But then again, I am also of great sadness. Whilst there is clear evidence that NYC scammed up to 35 million forsals (excluding any dupes accused to belong to gbt), this criminal received only two weeks ban. Effectively a slap on the wrist.

Part 1: Leniency for the Ultrawealthy
Much like today’s situation in the United States, part of this short bantime was due in part to the wealth of NYC. Satan himself said that:

since NYCempire has never been a problematic person on the server and he already is about to lose all his assets including the city he worked so hard on we’ve come to the agreement to have him banned for 2 weeks.

This is kind of excuse really is quite crap. No leniency has been given to such a player ever in the history of HelloMiners. Never has such a slap on the wrist taken place from the staff. No member of the community, including those who have put just as much effort into their own work, has received this sort of response. The most viable reduction is, of course, the 20% reduction for honesty. This would be 40.8 years out of the 51 years they should be banned. 0.08% of the ban time is what NYC instead received. Absolute bollocks. Historically, the most significant player to be banned for duplicating was Molderion, by CommandoBeta.

From my personal recollection, Molderion’s duping was barely a fraction of what NYCEmpire has done. They were banned for just over a year. 20x what NYC received. How is that, exactly, fair? It’s obviously clear from this, and other cases of the past - including gbt’s bans - that this punishment breaks precedent in an unorthodoxly negative way.

Part 2: The Downsides of Youth

This, my fine, learned friends, is complete bollocks. Not only does the evidence suggest that NYC scammed the government out of millions of forsals, but was aware that the stashes that gbt had - which he willingly used - were impossibly large and obviously duped. This is due in two parts:

  • NYCEmpire has extensive knowledge of Slimefun, possibly the most out of anyone on the server excluding staff
  • NYCEmpire has an inordinate knowledge of the HelloMiners server, perhaps to a greater extent then someone who has only played for as long as they have.

NYC could not have unwittingly gone along with the stashes and used them innocently. He knew they were suspicious, knew they were causing an unfair advantage for himself, and still used them. So why was this considered in his punishment?

Part 3: The Response
While most have widely rejoiced in the banishment of this cruel sinner, some are rather remorseful. A certain powerful figure in the government city game has even guaranteed that they keep their plot and that they are donated F100,000 when they return. Satan has admitted that finding all the exploits of NYC-GBT will take well over two weeks, which gives NYC plenty of time to exploit the exploits. That boy always has a trick up his sleeve

Part 4: The Connection
Now, I hate to link to a loon, but 4K actually makes some half-decent points in the connection between GBT and NYC, something many have always been suspicious of. Please give it a read.

Once again, I decree that NYC simply received a slap on the wrist. Instead of this, we should all unite in kicking that man’s can right out of town! Hurrah!

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I can explain the situation so this makes more sense to people. When I had become manager of Argos, one of the owners elitemoosh let me have access to a storage center in Argos as part of his goal to have shops that he wanted. We had met up online a few times and he showed me around the center and explained he had wanted me to keep shops in Argos and gave me the stuff in the tower to provide stock. While I would quit being city manager over a year ago due to the level of work required, I would have access still in exchange for keeping shops in Argos even though it was tedious since I had made my own city

I have always thought the stuff was legitimate as I assumed the player was rich. Some players have 100s of thousands of shulker shells, seemingly endless stacks of spawners, among other things. I thought a dupe stash would have been full of just rares such as Zilliux or netherrite but I am now seeing I’m wrong. I am very sorry about what has happened.

I cooperated every step of the investigation when staff asked me where I had gotten shulkers of items. Most of the information that has come out is due to this cooperation. I have helped in the past by reporting another player for duping.


Regarding the gov plot thing and the 100k.

There is a handful of players that I would lend a hand if they messed up and find themselves in warn waters. When I say this I mean I would help them with $ and not hiding nor ignoring their wrongdoings, In the past I have reported friends for using exploits that resulted in bans, I don’t condone breaking the rules in any way.

Do I think what nyc did was right?
Do I think he did it without knowing?
Do i think the punishment its ok?

At the end of the day it doesn’t really mater what I think, I don’t enforce the rules nor I select the punishments.

If you don’t agree with the punishment please complain to staff but don’t complain to me for lending a hand to someone I have known for years.

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I don’t really have time to get into the rest of this post, but this stuck out to me. In the past, the acting staff team at the time fully removed the permanent ban system and altered it to provide leniency towards Alex after she was caught cheating the minecart job to get millions of Forsals. That is the only reason Alex was able to return to the server. Given the evidence, and NYC’s contribution to finding the actual source of the alleged duped items, the staff team is satisfied that although possibly willfully ignorant to the source of the duped items, there isn’t evidence that NYC was responsible for said duping.

I got banned longer for spawning 500 snowmen that didn’t even lag the server


and the rule was made after I started committing the “crime”, this is hocus pocus

I can assure you that regardless of whether I find all the evidence within two weeks or not, nyc won’t be able to join till I’ve searched and scrubbed clean every nook and cranny.

Neither has his wealth to do with with the decided upon punishment, it’s the fact that he instantly cooperated and directed us to the source of the dupes he abused by proxy which was a massive help as we’ve always suspected gbt of duping but never managed to find his dupestash in the swaths of land that are called Argos and beyond.

Normally whenever we catch someone doing something illicit they won’t cooperate or tell the complete truth in order to save themselves some shit for when they get unbanned again.

Once removed of his (by proxy) duped items and ill-gotten wealth he won’t be a threat to the server.

We could extend his ban to a perma one with chance of appeal after a year but that would be more symbolic than practical.

Also I’d like to note that

isn’t correct, the wealth was generated by using gbt’s dupe stash, NYC did not dupe stuff himself.

Anyway we’re always open to the community’s input. You have to understand that as staff members we’re just looking at the facts (like leading us to the largest dupe stash in the history of HM) rather than the emotional side of feelings of injustice.

From what I understand most of the community is fine with NYC returning (given everything he owns is reset) since he was actually a nice and helpful guy (unlike other infamous exploiters) but I’d be open to a public vote on extending the ban.

I can assure you that spawning 500 of anything will most definitely lag the server lmao.

Ah, thank you for these replies! these have provided some great clarification (especially over some of the mistakes I made in the post). Please understand that I’m not trying to be a dick in this situation, it’s just my personal opinion and it has changed.

Why is nobody focusing on the fact that nyc has been basically sourcing the entire server with cheap sf machines with dirt cheap prices thus killing the market? Also, is it ok to push prices down by flooding the market with items that have been created to the server via duping?

And about being nice, I would say that a person who over an extended period of time lies the community about his gained wealth and belittles other people over their wealth is not a nice person. I would also say that it’s not very nice to overbid some legit player on a new hellohills manor.

“I have always thought the stuff was legitimate as I assumed the player was rich. Some players have 100s of thousands of shulker shells, seemingly endless stacks of spawners, among other things.” -Nyc

^ Absolute bullshit. If I found millions of diamonds in chests I would quickly come to a conclusion that these can’t be legit, anyone with any minecraft experience knows this. Especially when you got the items from a person that has all the possible economic bans on their record. Did it never occur to you that you might want to ask staff?


To be honest the comments about the spawners raised my suspicions. it kind of indicates that NYC knows about people with stacks of spawners, which is pretty much impossible to have. Spawners have been illegal to gain for years now and have been dwindling in numbers ever since.

Bro the tps was at 17 when i was banned… anyways all im saying is it still seems kinda lenient, like 2 or 3 months… but 2 weeks

This is mostly relatable to the apple exploit which happened around 2016. I believe Spav got a 1-year ban for simply exploiting a gov chest shop. He made a lot of money off of it but not millions. (correct me if I’m wrong I’m going off of memory). And spav was a mod at the time. Shouldn’t we be consistent with bans? Introducing millions of forsals into the economy, forcing prices to impossible lows, and in the process creating a monopoly so new shops cannot open. (probably could breaching anti-trust laws tbh). We cannot expect the economy to heal if we do not enforce rules to prevent things like this from happening. Nyc has done irreversible damage to the economy that will have a lasting effect on the server. Absolutely no leniency should be given to players who damage the integrity of HM.

I’ll be taking all your concerns up with staff and discuss the matter.

Your recollection about spav’s ban is unfortunately incorrect. Spav’s only ban around that time was for leaking information (proof can be found on the wayback machine:View topic - Ban: Spav - HelloMiners and confirmed in the ban list database on our current site) . Don’t get me wrong, he was punished, but was not banned for the apple exploit. Richie and Kino were also punished but not banned. If we want to treat it the same as back then, it would be zero bantime and a massive fine.