HelloMiners Staff Rules

This forum post should help clarify to all of you what’s expected of staff and the rules they should follow. It will also list and explain the commands they have access to, and what they should be used for. Please remember that all permissions they have, that you as a normal player do not, should only be used for staff tasks, and in most cases the outcome of those commands should not be shared with you. This includes chat in the admin forum, discord staff chat and the in-game staff chat. Anything mentioned there should be considered private, and not shared with you without prior authorisation from an admin or, in the case of events, the event host.

All staff are expected to help players to the best of their ability with the server, which effectively boils down to answering questions, doing helpmes and enforcing the rules.

Some staff also have additional roles they are expected to perform, such as mayoral duties for a government city or organising events.

Commands for trial mods and above:


  • /a3 next - Will cause you to attend the next helpme in the queue
  • /a3 close - Will allow you to close the current helpme request if you’re finished.
  • /a3 stats [name] - Will list your current amount of honour points, or the current honour points of the specified player.
  • /a3 leaderboard [number]- Will list the top 5 honour point holders, or the specified amount if you provide a number.

The honour points of other staff members should not be shared with players. If you want to share your own, go ahead, but it is up to the other staff members if they want their known.


  • //wand - Provides you with the regioning wand for selecting regions.
  • //size - Gets the size of your selected region.
  • //expand vert - Allows you to expand the selected region from bedrock to height limit. Used for all wild, and most city plots.
  • /rg define <owner(s)> - Defines the region with the specified name and adds the specified owners to it.
  • /rg setparent - Sets the specified child region as a child of the specified parent region so players can build even if their region is within one they don’t own. An apartment is the child of the plot region, a plot is a child of the city region etc.
  • /rg select - Selects the region you specified as long as you are added to it. Useful when selling regions back to get their size.
  • /rg redefine - Allows you to change the specified regions location to that of your current selection. Usually used when a player wants to increase or decrease the size of an existing region.
  • /rg flag - Allows you to apply a flag to the region from the choices below:
  • mob-spawning <allow/deny> (controls if mobs can spawn or not. Used only on approved private cities.)
  • deny-spawn (Allows you to deny the spawning of specified mobs, in accordance with the rules.)
  • damage-animals <allow/deny> (Allows you to control if animals can be damaged or not. Mainly used for sheep farms. Affects anyone in the region.)
  • use <allow/deny> (Should only be applied to a sheep farm subregion in order to allow players to shear sheep. Affects anyone in the region.)
  • block-place <allow/deny> (Controls the placing of blocks. Affects anyone in the region.)
  • block-break <allow/deny> (Controls the breaking of blocks. Affects anyone in the region.)
  • build <allow/deny> (Controls everything on the region. Should only be used to stop illegal cities being built. Affects anyone in the region.)
  • interact <allow/deny> (Controls interacting with blocks or entities. Safer than ‘use’ as it doesn’t include inventories. Affects anyone in the region.)
  • vehicle-destroy <allow/deny> (Controls the destruction of vehicles. I.e. boats and minecarts)
  • vehicle-place <allow/deny> (Controls the placement of vehicles. I.e. Boats and minecarts
  • entry <allow/deny> (Controls whether players not on the region can enter. Used only on stables and enclosed areas with villagers)
  • pvp <allow/deny> (Used only for events.)

General commands:

  • /back - Used to return back to your previous location after answering a helpme.
  • /mute - Used to mute the specified player for the specified amount of time in accordance with our server rules. Please ensure you do provide a time.
  • /kick - Used to kick the specified player in accordance with our server rules.
  • /ban - Used to ban a player in accordance with our server rules. The reason should be along the lines of "Banned for Visit http://www.hellominers.com for info.
  • /tempban <time/identifier> . Used to temporarily ban a player in accordance with our server rules. Identifiers are y = years, mo = months, w = weeks, d = days, h = hours, m = minutes and s = seconds. Follow the same reason guidelines as above.
  • /banip - Bans the IP specified, you can get it using /seen . Only used in cases of multi-accounting.
  • /unban - Unbans the specified player.
  • /unbanip - Unbans the specified IP.
  • /bc - Broadcasts your specified message to the server. Should only be used for important announcements.
  • /eco give - Gives the specified player the specified amount of money.
  • /eco take - Takes the specified amount away from the specified player
  • /fly - Allows you to fly. Should only be used when required for staff tasks.
  • /gc - Provides information regarding the server. This information should NOT be provided to players.
  • /item - Moderators are able to give themselves: stone(1) for markers and a Wooden pickaxe(270) for finding regions
  • /ac - Allows you to privately talk to other staff members online.
  • /invsee - Allows you to see what’s in the specified player’s inventory. Used prior to certain events and in claims of theft.
  • /seen - Allows you to see the specified player’s IP address, if they are banned and, if so, the reason as well as their location in the world. It will also let you know if they are online or not.
  • /seen - Will list all accounts that have logged on with that IP.
  • /spawnmob - Allows you to spawn a mob, this should only be used for events. Moderators are only able to spawn in pigs.
  • /sudo - Allows you to run a command as another player. Should only be used for cancelling inappropriate helpme requests.
  • /tp <player/location> - Allows you to teleport to the specified player or location. Should only be used for staff tasks.
  • /warn - Warns the specified player for the specified reason.
  • /warnings - Lists the warnings of the specified player.
  • /dwarn - Removes the warning with the specified ID from the specified player.
  • /v - Causes you to vanish. Should only be used to watch hackers/misbehaving players.
  • /pv target Targets the specified player so the scoreboard shows their ping/health.
  • /pets release - Releases the clicked pet into the wild. Should be used to remove pets which are on land belonging to someone else.
  • /as del - Removes the region from areashop.
  • /as setlandlord - Sets the specified player as landlord of the specified region
  • for renting.
  • /whitelist on - Enables the whitelist. (Should only be used during an attack or a severe server issue)
  • /whitelist off - Disables the whitelist.

Commands for admins

Staff Responsibilities

Staff are expected to do helpmes in a timely manner, the guidelines for which can be found in the helpme guidelines.

Staff that appear to be neglecting their responsibilities will be informed that their actions need to change, and if they continue not to do so they will face disciplinary action. The only exceptions to this are when they are busy dealing with other, staff related, issues.

Staff members are expected to uphold the rules at all times. Should a player break any rules, the appropriate courses of action can be found in the HelloMiners Rules. If the situation is believed to be of a more serious degree than the usual rules are designed for, they will post their opinion in the staff forums or discord chat, and gather responses. At least 1 admin should give their opinion before any action gets taken.

Staff members are also expected to deal with reports posted on the website in our report a player section.

Staff members should also ensure they are active in the staff discord, replying to topics that require their input. All topics related to this will be open for at least 2 weeks, require over half the current (active) staff to have their input, and all votes will require over 50% approval. Should a vote end in a tie, the admins reserve the ability to make the final decision.

General Behaviour

Staff members are expected to treat all players respectfully and fairly at all times, regardless of any personal differences or opinions.

Anything said in helpop (/ac), the staff forums or the staff discord chat should be kept confidential. At no point should it be shared with you unless an admin has given permission to do so, or if it involves an event, the event host has given you permission to do so.

Should any staff disagree with a decision, they should discuss that with the rest of the staff. They should not share their disagreement publicly. Should any staff member violate these guidelines, they may find themselves warned or, in serious cases, removed from their position entirely and potentially issued with a ban.

Minor offences are dealt with on a “2 strikes and you’re out” system. The first time a minor offence occurs, the staff member will be warned. The 2nd time it occurs they will be removed. The warning will expire after 3 months. Minor offences are classified as situations where staff permissions were used to give the staff member, or player, an advantage with little impact on the server or others.

Major offences result in the immediate removal of the staff member, and other potential punishments. Major offences are classified as situations where staff permissions were used to give the staff member, or player, an advantage with a large impact on the server or others.

Each action is classed as a singular incident. Illegally teleporting then creating a region without paying would count as 2 minor offences, and therefore result in removal.

What do I do if I see someone breaking these guidelines?

Report it to an admin or another staff member immediately. The sooner it can be looked into, the sooner any abuse can be dealt with. You may do this by in-game message/mail, discord PM, public report or confidential report.


We’re hoping by making these public it will improve our transparency and allow you to hold us accountable to our actions and ensure we are not abusing our powers, thereby promoting a better atmosphere in the server for everyone.