HelloMiners Architecture Competition - August 2021

  • RC Hillside House - PrinceAdam
  • Luc’s HelloHills House - Toromboo
  • Valleyside Hotel - Gurbanguly
  • Cape Coral Stadium - MentalGamer
  • Commodity Central - Ecto1Rotten
  • Alexandria Coliseum - Endershack
  • Cake’s HelloHills Mansion - LunaticCultist
  • Montego Bay Royal Castle - Felipe98_

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Once upon a time, there was a monthly architecture competition here on the server and we are bringing it back! At the end of each month, we will make a topic on which players can submit their builds, after submissions close voting will begin and last 5 days.


  1. All submissions must be of builds on the server
  2. A player cannot submit more than one entry per month
  3. A submission cannot be used more than once
  4. Submissions must state who the builder is, contain photos of the build, and have coordinates to view the submission in-game
  5. You cannot vote on more than one submission
  6. The prize money will go to the builder of the winning submission


First Place: F15,000
Second Place: F7,500
Third Place: F3,750

Submissions will be open until Friday, August 27th!


insert: dirt hut

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Build: RC Hillside House
Designer (Building/Exterior): PrinceAdam
Interior Designer: Hizard7
Coordinates: X: 512 Z: -1957

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Build: Luc’s HelloHills House
Builder: Toromboo
Coordinates: -420 67 -307


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Valleyside Hotel
by Gurbanguly
860 64 100

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Cape Coral Stadium
by MentalGamer
4420 64 -500


Commodity Central
by Ecto1Rotten
City: Flowing Meadows
3968 / ## / -2953

I know I’m probably gonna lose, but this is newly built today and I’m happy with it.
No current furniture or interior decorations as it’s newly completed -

The goal of the building is to the be HQ of a new company I’m starting and as well provide a space for those wishing to set up a business. ( Just some lore :slight_smile: ) Being based of the Flowing Meadows city theme, “Neo-Classical”. To help match the existing area.
(Not exactly Neo-Classical but you get my drift)








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Not sure what timezone the competition ends but i’ll post anyway

Build: Alexandria Coliseum
Designer: Endershack
Coords: 6883 2929
Interior Side View

Interior Corner View


Jackals Locker Room

Entrance and Garden

Exterior Side View

Exterior Corner View



Tunnel to field, above the podium area


Build: Cake's HelloHills Mansion
Designer: _LunaticCultist_
Coordinates on HelloMiners: X: -496 Z: -302 (HelloHills, HC)



I hope this isnt too late lol

Build: Montego Bay Royal Castle
Designer: Felipe98_
Coordinates: 730 1300, theres a subway stop for it @ monbay.

Submissions have now closed! Voting will be open until Wednesday September 1st!

Voting has closed!

As a result of the poll, Felipe98_'s Montego Bay Royal Castle wins the competition with 12 votes! @Felipe98 has won F15,000!

In second place, we have a split tie between the two stadiums! Endershack and MentalGamer gather 6 votes each, and will split the total prize of 2nd and 3rd place. @MentalGamer and @Endershack have won F5,625 each!

Thank you all for participating and we hope to host more of these in the near future!