Commodity Central Building - Shop Spaces Open!

Commodity Central
Home of Commodity Co, the company.

You can review Commodity Central itself by going to Flowing Meadows or reviewing the building’ submission in the forum here for photos:

Our Location:
/warp a > Paradise Hills Airport > Flowing Meadows Airport Button
Should be the first plot infront of the airport.

Do you need a place for a reasonably sized store, a place to expand or set up a new business for income?
Well come rent one of the various of 5 selections from either 700F to 850F. Each selection includes 2 Floors, each floor you may decorate with items, paintings, carpeting as you please!

However rules apply to every single selection if you choose to rent out a space!
Coords for Rules: 3957 / 76 / -2946 located in the Commodity Central building.

This building is owned & operated by Commodity Co, any violation of the rules may result in removal of the tenant.

Message here on the forums or DM Ecto1#8323 on Discord for any comments, questions or concerns. Or join the Commodity Co. Discord: Commodity Co.
If you rent out a spot and start up shop! Don’t forget to advertise!!

Take your opportunity, and sell to the community!