GTC Public Farm Project

For over half a decade, the Government Trade Center has stood as a memorable part of Helloclan City’s skyline, and for the last several years, it has gone unused.

Starting today, we will be starting a new project to help bring resource accessibility to the community as a whole.

The GTC Public Farm Project aims to bring the best of our worlds farms to the forefront by making them more accessible. Anyone who submits their public farm to this forum post will be put in contention for a warp station at the GTC for that specific type of item.
However, we will be looking to only have the best of the best! Meaning only the best oak wood farm, cobblestone farm, the best wheat farm, and the best mob farms will be featured.

What do players get out of it?
Players new and old will be able to access items and resources they normally have to struggle to find for themselves. And in instances like guardian farms and nether fortress farms, this may be one of the only chances for new players to get these resources without having to buy them from third parties

What do the farm owners get out of it?
As long as the players who are using the farm can collect at least 50% of the resources they collect, and any shops within the area do not fall within the scamming terminology of the server rules, you can gain any benefits you want.

  • If your farm is in a city, you can advertise for plots and shops there!
  • If you want to buy back the items the players collect, or sell tools needed to collect the items to players for a reasonable price, you can do that!
  • And if there is any reason that you may want a certain chunk of the map to be loaded in frequently (like say for a mob farm or raid farm), as long as the farm does its job, who are we to say no?

Da Rulez

  • We will be primarily featuring the best farm PER item. Meaning one of each.
    However, this does mean that at any time, you can take the top spot!
    By simply making your farm the most player friendly, the most efficient, or the best looking can help you move up to become the best farm of that item.
  • There is no fee for entering. Meaning anyone can submit an entry
  • There are no requirements in regards to location. It can be in a city, in your base, or in the middle of nowhere. As long as it is regioned and you own it, it is allowed.
  • The farms featured are at staffs discretion, so some rulings will be made on a case by case basis
  • Farms can be re-featured after updates and remodels, this will however require a resubmission to this forum post.

In order to submit your farm to be featured, simply reply to this post with

  • Your IGN
  • What type of item your farm is for
  • Coordinates you want to be used for a warp location (x, y, z)

- Steve
- Oak Wood
- (-32000, -200, 32000)

This is of course a new project and is subject to some changes as the process becomes a bit more refined and we learn how to make this experience better for everyone. So please try to be patient with us as we figure it out.

Thank you guys in advance for your submissions, and we hope to see a lot of cool farms from you guys!

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