Goodman's Ban Appeal

Good day/evening/night.

My name is AmaidoGoodman and I was banned on the 25th of October, 2018, after threatening to report the server to Mojang over an infraction of the Minecraft EULA, with a forums post which has long since disappeared from the internet. I won’t lie; the post was made solely because of my immature rage, at that point in time.

It’s been almost four years since the incident. Four years in which I have learnt what it truly means to grow up. So here I am, after all this time, pleading not for your dismissal of my old ways, but for a chance for a new man to revisit a place he held close to his heart at once. I truthfully regret letting everyone down and intentionally seeking to wreak havoc within this community.

Thank you,
Amaido Goodman


iirc weren’t you banned for making DDoS Threats and not for threatening to report the server for EULA? If so it’s quite unlikely that you’d get unbanned as those threats are taken seriously and there used to be a zero-tolerance policy, although another player that did something similar at around the same time was recently unbanned.

best of luck with your appeal, I hope staff do decide to unban you and would be nice to see you around again (servers dead and could do with more players, it’s not like you actually went ahead with your threat).


Hello we have carefully reviewed your ban appeal and have voted to unban you. If you still have difficulties joining the server contact an admin or reply to this topic and we will resolve any outstanding issues. Thank you.

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