So, since I am banned again, I have decided to just make it official and leave the server if things go the way they are with the appeal. I was only really into it at this point to build things and with that not being a possibility since I’m banned, I don’t feel like I will get back into it. I will always love this server for being there for me through all parts of my life and I truly hope the server does well. I am making this post with the expectation that my appeal will be denied by the 3 admin yet to respond considering Luc and Ender’s reponses (Ender I see why you aren’t in charge of anything important after your response). If JC, Strange, and Cheer have a drastically different opinion that, I would maybe return (idk since irl things) and not do the whole division of assets thing listed below for a while longer but this is in preparation of the inevitable. Will comment below when they have responded.

Now for the division of my assets for when it comes to that. It has come to my attention that there is a rule that details that I can’t have stuff shifted around while banned. I don’t see it written down in the rules so it is up to staff and the people listed below whether they want the stuff when everything is finalized or when they are legally able to be transferred. The list below details who gets what and why. Also before I start, if there is a region in the following cities = Argos, Sunville, Rolling Hills, New Vegas, Icon, the athens area, Nate, kino, and Monrah should be added to it and them not being added was just laziness. They own those regions already and I probably just forgot to add)

Cake - 500k
Thanks for the snaps. You always were fun to talk to and since you asked, you get. I hope this helps with your highway

Kino - 1,000,000f and my shulker of rares in ender chests (the 3 boxes)
You are a real g. I dont really know how to thank you enough for being here, and although you are going inactive, I want to give you a parting gift.

Monrah - Keep the 1,000,000f you have in your balance + 500,000f and my Multi Tool in my ender chest
As the first person to want to form a company with me when I came back, and for all the bullshit I put you through, here you go, the rare you always wanted :).

Luna - The beginning of what was Big Ben that I abandoned a long time ago
Its from the xix map so I feel you would make the most use of it. Coords are -3501, 2477

Kingjaybruh - Keep the 30k
Your debt is forgiven. Your kneecaps will be good.

Zilliux - Warp Dealership VC Plot
Coords - -280 270. Although a lot of people dislike you, I am not oone them. Thank you for wanting to start ZGI with me and although we didn’t last very long, I hope you come back online at some point.

Colby - 10,000f
You were always on at the same time and your post was nice.

UltraPro - VCgovtrack plot (60x40 empty I think not sure) + free plot in Argos
Coords of vc plot - 380 177. Although you were the one that banned me, you were nice about it unlike some of the admin and mods. Also you were always cool when online so yeah. If you ever want to quest on wiz, disc me a friend code.

Luc - 20,000f
Thank you for at least reading all the appeal and responding on your vacation. Feel bad that you had to do that.

Natedogg723 - 4,100,000f + all my chests and stuff not allocated above + my Agora shares + my cactus farm called gbtfarm…

You always said you were waiting for this day. Thank you for being the best buisness partner around through the GSNR days (except with glass…) and Agora. Enjoy your lit bal now.

Endershack - Not really giving anything to you, just felt like you were really rude and didnt put any effort in at all when it came to disc. In fact, you have kind of always been a dick to me. You spent a lot of the time while I was playing online saying I was stupid whenever I asked for you to do something or whenever something came up so I don’t know why I expected anything. You had to be added twice to the appeal disc and you didn’t even want to read the 2 sentence summary of the appeal. Your only responses where carbon copies of what luc said and even that is a stretch.

I have left some assets left to be distributed. Not sure who I want to give to yet. Aya and Kom, you will get things, just deciding what to give. Others may be added as well.


gonna miss you sm <3 and now i have to find other people to get in to political fights with :roll_eyes: maybe zac…

ay man, sucks to see you banned, easyplace doesn’t deserve the same amount of bantime as printing, infact I’d argue it doesn’t deserve any bantime but that ship has sailed because adnins care more about gameplay mechanics than economics benefit, if a company irl found a way to build 20x faster I doubt any gov would stop them, but hm will always stick with what it knows. anyway we haven’t spoken much but I agree with most of your ideas for the economy, goodbye :pensive:

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Right, and that is why you are in the position you are in and I am in the position I am in. You don’t even know what I manage so don’t go talk on me like that. Forgive me for not reading an appeal of someones 4th ban, their 2nd easyplace ban. You getting yourself banned to change a rule is not how to go about it. Good luck trying to appeal by arguing you’re an important member of the community. The fact of the matter is is that you clear as day used easyplace and you know it was illegal. Last time you were banned you said you weren’t coming back so i’ll see you in 130 days.

You seem to think I have some personal thing against you but I don’t. Stupid is a nickname I give everyone and its meant to be lighthearted lmao not sure why you take that so personal I get called it a lot I dont see the big issue. Maybe if you had a problem with it you could ask me to not use it and i’d respect your wishes.


You won’t see me in 130 days and you clearly haven’t been using it as “just a nickname”. It is your job as an admin to at least read an appeal. The argument was more on the lines of we should be fining people for less severe crimes an amount determined by staff since the population count is low but you would have known that if you read the appeal in the first place. I also know your responsibilities since you talked to me about them a few months back when you were dealing with Ironball.

Also, I did ask you to stop using it and you said you hadn’t done it before.

Even if you were a lyin no good cheating criminal im gonna miss you <3 Hope you come back someday.

Cake is still anti-rectangle and that is a hill im willing to die on.

Pretty sure if your banned, you have no control over your assets.

Source: Server Rules, more specifically


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yeh init they dont let me control my stuff


So where’s the Rays Inc inheritance? xD

Its been fun knowing you

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I am not required to read your appeal if other admins have already and no relevant information regarding the state of your ban was mentioned. An appeal isnt for making suggestions. Fines for punishment are not only unequal for players with different balances but also cant be accurately balanced since money can be banked via land or transferred. And you still don’t know my responsibilites since you brought up a conversation that happened months ago. Forgive me that I hadn’t found my role within the admin team after a couple months after being promoted. You assume i’m not in charge of anything important after I dont bother reading your appeal. Your appeal was the least important thing I could be doing with my time, so it’s funny to mention that. It has nothing to do with any evidence that can overturn your ban or reasons why you feel you were banned wrongly, and were suggestions about fining punishments (funny to hear from one of the richest players), setting new precedents or something like what Spartan did with Alex, and legalizing/making easyplace less bantime. I’m literally against all of the suggestions you made so my input isn’t necessary at all and will no way get you unbanned. I saw what I needed to see.

Since admins vote on appeals, I would hope admins would read at least a summary of it but you admitted to not. The “based on staff” was so staff would establish different fines based on different net worths. For example, I quoted 5 million at least but once again, you keep refusing to read but somehow have time to read a goodbye post. You can’t be anti suggestions if you never read them in the first place. How would you feel if you went to court and the jury didn’t even bother to listen to you and just said guilty? Also, I didn’t mean to bring up the role thing when I first wrote this and I think I even snapped cake about me wanting to change (but edits are public and you responded rather quick) so I’m keeping it since you clearly were being lazy on the matter. If you are going to disagree, at least read the thing. It literally takes 5 minutes.

Your one to talk about not changing precedents btw. Weren’t you perma banned for comments you made in chat with nuggly? Imagine if admin who were in charge of deciding wheter to give you an appeal never felt like reading your appeal and just voted no. I don’t even think we had a probabation system when I joined so changing precedents is the reason you are on the server in the first place and not permanent banned with nuggly.

I have already asked the other admins to invite me back into the group chat to see if I missed anything given your last reply. Initally you only invited Luc and Ultra for some reason and Luc gave a summary. Nothing noteworthy regarding why you should be unbanned was mentioned.

Net worths are not accurate bases for fines since they are difficult to track. This isn’t court, this is a private minecraft server. Me and Nuggly’s ban never changed precedents. Both of us got unbanned from appealing after our 2017 bans. That was my second appeal, because my first appeal provided irrelevant information regarding the reason for the ban, and it was instantly denied (like yours). So I don’t have to imagine. And Nuggly is permanently banned because he didn’t fix his attitude, and that was an independent matter. Ban appeals like the one I had in 2018 was not the first to happen.

Also just to mention I didn’t want to be invited to the GC yet since I didnt want to deal with all the discord spam at the time, Luc invited me without warning twice. I did plan on looking over it on my own time.

I mean don’t lie about the bottom part since I doubt you wanted to read based on your above parts and you can turn off notifications. Thanks for wanting to come back and read it however. Also, people typically have an idea of each persons net worth and it would be up to staff whether the fine be a little or a lot.

There wasn’t anything routine about your ban and you were only able to come back since staff changed the rules on permanent bans a bit prior (another precedent changed that helped you personally) which allowed you to appeal. They also changed how they viewed chat offenses. I think I said it earlier, but the idea of probation was not something done until the 2017 era. Hopefully you consider your situation you went through when you decide to read it again.

If they did change something while I was gone then I must not have known, so thank you for informing me. I could go on to say how my ban vs yours is apples to oranges and that was my first ban and this is your 4th, but if staff really introduced probation due to my ban or starting around when I was banned then yeah my ban could have had influence on that rule change i’m not really sure. If you want to invite me to the GC go ahead. And yeah predicting networths can be quite easy but it can get subjective and gray real fast and banning is a much more black and white system to me personally.

Ok, will see if I get it right. on adding people. Would prefer to talk this over discord rather than this post.

Thanks for shopping in Aramega!


Gbt you probably don’t really care much for what I have to say but ever since I first joined in 2019 I admired what you had created and the dedication you had for this server. I don’t believe a ban was unjust but I also don’t believe the extent of the ban was fair. You have had one of the strongest impacts on the server and I believe all of the community recognise that, I wish you the best in your future!


Goodbye. I don’t think your punishment was unfair - you got banned for something that you knew was illegal that you just got unbanned for. I don’t think you had a great effect on the server. Goodbye.

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oh no he’s spread the anti-rectangle on to others? D:


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