I’m not too sure if you all have noticed, but the server has seen a rapid decrease in players. Going from on average 10 to about 2-3. Even 10 was low, but this new low is terrible. Now school and activities can play partial blame in the lack of players, however, the player base is continuing to decrease even with the increasing interest in Minecraft. Back in the good ol’ days of 2016, the average player count was up at 60-70 in the summer. Now, this gradually decreased with the interest of Minecraft. However, when Minecraft regained popularity, the server did not. Minecraft is at an all-time high. However, the server is not translating this into sustainable players.

On that note, I’m going to need cooperation with the community. Every player on this server agrees that something must be done to help the growth of the server. But every player disagrees on what must be done. We need to find an alternative that will keep the old players happy, and entertain the new players.

And for staff. Player cooperation is needed now more than ever.

What can be done about this?

The main issue is that there is no set goal on the server. There is no real reason to get an apartment. There is no reason to try and set up a shop if nobody is around to buy. There is no point in trying to work for companies that don’t exist.

There is no point to play on Hellominers.

New players don’t join for an empty survival world with limitations. They join to start a company, role play, and work their way up to become rich. There is no place to start on the server. And there is no help on the server.

What new players are looking to do on the server:
Do a tutorial on the basics of the server
Find a house or living area
Find a job
Make money
Get a bigger house
Open a business
Be successful

If they can’t get past the second step their journey ends.

My suggestions:

  • Warps should be brought back, the subway system is too complicated.
  • A hub for businesses to advertise on the server. (An ah menu to tp to apartments, shops etc. )
  • Make TP’s in warp Jobs
  • Implement a system where a house is Required for players to advance (restrict certain command use such as /company or /ah until a player has a house)
  • Organized list of Companies that are Active (/company)

Some of these suggestions might be brought up with the fact that “the server’s economy will be ruined because of it” However the purpose of these suggestions is to make the server easier to play on.

There is no economy without people to spend money.

After we have a dedicated rebuild plan set up. Then is when we start to advertise the server, using social media to our fullest potential.

I am quite known on this server for starting unnecessary problems and bringing up topics that are well known. However here I am trying to fix something. This server has been my home for 5 years now, and it pains me to see it go down this road. I am just here to help fix a well-known issue. Please leave any suggestions here. And please don’t start anything.
Thank you


Could unban me and legalize easy place. That would certainly solve the building issue. On a different, I am assuming the warp removal went through but did the job center for private cities go through. There was a suggestion a while back to make each major private city get admin shop style job centers where each city would specialize in a certain good like how the cargo port works. I also think there is some merit to a different topic about shrinking the map but that would probably be controversial.

I think that something that could help stimulate apartments and interacting with new players is to raise the start bal to 10k, apt cap to 7.5k and mandate that apartments have to take up like 2 floors of building or something. Something so that new players can get a big space that competes like a plot while also stimulating building construction since by making it so only a few amount of players can live in each building (albeit for a lot of forsals) there would be more demand to build buildings since you wouldn’t have borderline buildings that can cram the whole server population in 15x15 legal apartments and instead have luxurious, spacious apartments that can only fit a small amount each. This would also keep players on more since we would be giving them a higher standard of living compared to what is probably still being given.

I also think wild Regioning should be banned unless for city construction and we should have cities with industrial zones for slimefun and other auto factories. This way production is centralized, realistic, and we don’t get these 1 million forsal super farms in the middle of nowhere not helping anyone when they could help increase demand for city plots and development which is what factories do in real life.


Lets be honest here, I fully agree we need to do something, but we’ve tried a number of the things in the list here. Now ender is working on the nether reset and we just promoted aya to tech, so I figure we are making progerss but we need to adress the larger issues…

Housing has always been an issue on HM, no noob wants an apartment they want to own their own house, that being said, apartments work as a great filter to minimize the amount of ghost plots or inactive houses in the suburbs.

We’ve done tutorials before, in fact its one thing HM struggles with and this is why. We’re making tutorials that teach players nothing, theres no gameplay, theres no purpose. HM is too open world right now… We need to make solid gameplay before a tutorial can ever be successful.

Companies need a larger influence in the world, im not sure how but we could do a faction style company system, that allows companies to give players a salary, and so on… But from what im aware plugins like this dont really exist and we would have to write stuff from the ground up…

Housing, we need a suburbs manager, for real like an actual suburbs manager, and we need to make a script that auto teleports new players to a vacant rent sign. aya might have an idea on this but i’ll have to bring it up.

Warp jobs has always been abismal, we’re on the 4th implimentation ofa warp jobs and it still accomplished nothing. The prison mine is good, but honestly only rich people use it, noobs dont have the patience to mine non stop, we arent a prison server, nor are we a minigames server. We need actual jobs and quests. Somehow, maybe a daily join reward feature, but again thats kinda tied into the vote crate, which also does need a rework.

We shouldnt impliment something that restricts players to advance, but instead maybe add a tycoon rank, or player star system, that players can pay money to rank up. Again the benefits of this might include bringing warps back, but you need to earn them for gameplay, rewarding noobs and satisfying players. We could have a level system with [:star:5] in chat, 5 being the players tycoon level. This would go up to 100… Players would have to invest money into leveling up, for example level 1-5 could be 500f per level, level 5-10 could be 1000f, level 10-20, 5000 per level and so on. THIS IS SO GOOD, because it removes money from the economy (more money in the net economy leads to inflation.) We have to be careful because we cant make premium useless though so no additional sethomes and so on… Maybe item rewards like a diamond op helicopter at level 50, warps at level 10,15,20,25… Heck we can even add kits for basic gear.

I’m going to shill yet again for removing keep-inventory… We need an eco drain from the server, I feel like this should be discussed again. Adds more risk to the server and makes OP items less exploitale because theres risk using them, food and fireworks, armor generates a higher market value.

Shrines and dungeons, we need to revamp them but i’m too exhausted to do that at this time, I fully agree with stranges idea to add upgradable shrine items and turn that into more usable items, that arent as OP as the best items on the server, but comparable for new players to use.

Item recycler, we need a rare recycler thing, i know im the monster that started that trend, but what if we had a dump chest that turned enchanted items into an item currency that we can use to turn into an item shop… so for example take a halloween rare and dump it into the chest and it spits out 50 currency items, or if you put a unknown potion in there you might get like 2-3 items.

We are also looking for people who would be willing to take initiative, I know the staff wall is kinda restrictive, but if there was anything you would change or do, let us know because we want to fix the server too.


A huge problem was the pandemic. Not COVID, Magnus. Conveniently at the same time tho, he scared a good 75% of the player base off with his rapid changes and temperamental server “online-ity?”. One thing for sure is that once left it’s very hard to get old players back, so the focus should be on getting new players to fill the spaces. But there’s 2 problems with that:
a) No new players are joining
b) New players are fucking annoying - and that’s not their fault they’re a pain to work with by nature since they don’t know anything about the server, and the PH dept helps for that in a way but it still takes a long time to get your head round the server and during that time no one wants to talk to you because HM’s player base has an appalling attitude towards new players…


a) No new players are joining
b) New players are fucking annoying - and that’s not their fault they’re a pain to work with by nature since they don’t know anything about the server, and the PH dept helps for that in a way but it still takes a long time to get your head round the server and during that time no one wants to talk to you because HM’s player base has an appalling attitude towards new players…

Exactly, and you know what everyone says? Slimefun brings people to the server. Complete load of shit lmao. If we want a place to start, removing slimefun, adding custom foods and rebuilding events and quests to their former quality would be the best start. That’ll engage existing players while keeping the economy more in line. Then, working hard on creating an easy to understand system to introduce new players into. The whole warping system we have now is overcomplicated and is difficult for new players to understand and also inconvenient for all of us. Then we need to push the fuck out of events and just advertise large community events. That is what will bring people in. We then have to figure out some system of keeping them engaged after a weekly event, for example, figuring out some way to make them want to purchase property or to earn money for land, ect.

theres a lot to do and a long way to go, but we cant keep just pointing fingers, making shit decisions then pointing more fingers. we are already at our lowest so lets try do these kind of “drastic” - theyre really not - things and see what happens. i know for sure removing slimefun will trigger 2 - 3 on this thread but id put money on them not leaving if it was removed because they know fine well what its doing.


Thank you all for your comments and support! we can really get stuff done!

This is a great idea I think most of the server can agree with. Also gives companies the opportunity to sell products that players need, not want. The apartment and housing market will increase dramatically if houses are required for ranking up.

I personally don’t think that it should be a pay to rank up, but rather requirements to rank up.

For example, to get to rank 2 you need at least 100 square blocks of living space,
Rank 10 is 300^2 of living and a car/ vehicle, along with a job.
And 50 is like 5000^2 of living, at least 10,000F of wildland, A car, and a job.

This gives an opportunity for companies to thrive off of players looking to rank up.

Ranking up also gives perks, like a tag in front of their name. We could also tie this into the keep inv rank, where ranks 1-10 get only 2-3 slots of keep inv, where level 100 keep half of their inv.

The only problem I see with this is that a large majority of the community is against this. It’s going to be hard to change their minds. But there could even be another risk level in dying like removing exp balance. or removing one item from the inv. But for a whole inv to be removed, most players are against this.

The reason (that i believe to be) is because of our new website. The website is great, but we have lost all google SEO. Meaning that with the search of “Minecraft City Server” our website does not come up.

(if I remember correctly) A survey back in like 2017 by succeededkiller showed that 50% of active players actually searched on google for “city roleplay server”. And for me at least, the first link was to Hellominers.

We have to focus our attention on other platforms like making a subreddit or upkeeping our socials.

However, we should focus on making the server more playable, and fixing common problems with the server before we look for new players. If we get a load of new players now, we will

The problem with removing slime fun is that a lot of players and companies are already dependent on operating on slimefun. However, we can restrict it.

Tieing into this, we can make the tiers in slime fun unlockable by tiers, not by experience points. Giving players something to strive towards.

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As a person who basically had to relearn a lot of the server since I rejoined and to start from scratch plot wise, I honestly think slime fun is fine. If anything, slime fun needs to be fully unlocked when you log into the server for the first time and not have everything locked until you do a tome. I spent 20 minutes teaching someone how to unlock the tome, get the exp, and use a tome which is something no one wants to do. You can’t use elevators without having the tome either which hurts in a lot of ways.

I also think there are no job oppurtunities and plots to make shops in good locations are virtually non existant. When I came back, it took days to find a good plot for a shop and I only found it since I have used area shop in the past a knew how to scroll through it.

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Why does everyone blame magnus. Everything magnus did had to be approved by staff. He would come on and complain staff wouldn’t let him do the things he wanted too. Magnus also didn’t cause the fishing issue. All magnus did from a community perspective was keep the server from collapsing and add slimefun. The other stuff was largely irrelevant drama that people feel somehow affect new players which it didn’t. The server was also terminally declining long before he showed.

New players aren’t be interacted with because there is no incentive too. That’s why I think we should do a 10k start bal, 7.5k apartment limit, and make it so you need 800 blocks (can be multiple floors like let’s say 4 blocks high per floor) of block space to also encourage building apt buildings. The server declined when the business side died and was replaced by just admin shop grinding. Honestly, you can point towards the apple recession as the beginning of the decline on the business side.

Looking at the history, we can kind of correlate what things caused the rise and fall of the economy and why new players stopped being maintained (excluding the advertisement side since that is another matter). I also want to agree with cake that the way I found this server when I first joined was looking up city roleplay economy server.

A basic summary is that the server declined when apartment led player interaction declined due to an admin shop selling banaza economy that was more profitable. This new money also inflated real estate values, grew wealth inequality, and decreased demand for goods from stores since people no longer needed as many blocks since they weren’t building cities or apartment buildings. This lack of demand stagnated prices on the goods side which is why we are where we are today with having to regulate real estate to the max to get prices to moderate while retail can’t stop having prices fall.

Some Statistics for you

Using the fact the top balance in 2014 was around 1 million forsals compared to today where is 10 million, you can say that the money supply has multiplied at a factor of 10x.

Also a note before reading. Some goods are more misleading as it implies all production goes to market which is not true since a lot of production gets held up in storage facilities.

Diamonds in 2014 = 30f
Diamonds in 2020 = 15f (admin shop set minimum)
In real terms the price of diamonds has dropped to 1.5f in 2014 prices

Quartz in 2014-2015 = 6f per block
Quartz in 2020 = 4.5f per block
In real terms, the price of quartz has dropped to roughly 0.45f per block in 2015 prices

Iron in 2014 = 3f
Iron in 2020 = 1f
In real terms, iron is roughly 0.1f in 2014 prices

Coal in 2014 = .5f per
Coal in 2020 = 1f per
In real terms, coal still dropped to 0.1f per coal

New player balance 2014 = 1,000f
New player balance 2021 = 5,000f
In real terms, the new player balance is roughly 500f in 2014 numbers

Cobblestone 2014 = 14f
Cobblestone 2020 = 10f (admin shop)
In real terms, the price is roughly 1f a stack

Wild Land Prices
Land 2014 = 5f per
Land 2021 = 10f per
In real terms, land is roughly 1f per block in 2014 prices

Sugar Cane
2014 = 20f a stack
2021 = 2f a stack (Probably lower but math easier)
In real terms, prices are 0.2f a stack in 2014 prices.

2014 Max Price - 600f
2021 Max Price - 2500f
In real terms, prices of an apartment is 250f in 2014 prices).

Note* - This is why I think apartment prices should be multiplied by a factor of 3 and start bal by 2 so that new players are the same off and not worse off compared to 2014.

2014 = 16f a stack
2021 = 24f a stack
Price is 2.4f in 2014 prices

Imagine running a shop with those prices in 2014. It wouldn’t be profitable. Although you can blame farming or updates for some of these loses, demand side declines help explain most of these declines. Items that saw substantial demand growth for example like coal helped mitigate the drop by only falling 80% (which is dramatic) compared to goods like quartz which lost around 92.5% of their value. Sugar cane, a majorly farmed good fell 98% which can be attributed to farming advances. However, because goods like quartz still fell approximately 92.5% and is still a base good for building, that means farming related price declines only further cause prices declines on top of what seems to be an average of 92.5% declines. It can be said that increases of farming only affect things in maybe a decline of real price by maybe 7.5x fold at the most on top of the 92.5% average most goods faced that didn’t have substantial increases in productivity (doing 0.075/0.01 dont quote this math its probably off). Since we factored out monetary increases by putting items in real terms and came up with a number to factor out productivity changes on automated goods (although that could have influenced an increase in demand but thats to annoying and not really possible to calcuate based on the data we have), the overall decreases were undoubtedly led by a decline in demand looking at quartz as a base good that had limited interferance by updates or material preference changes. I am using quartz also since although it is farmable in slimefun, the farming price is above the nominal price and the price has been relatively stable throughout time and any productivity changes caused by slimefun if any would be offset by a slight increase in demand for higher value blocks compared to things like wool which used to be primary building blocks.

For example, given we factored out a 10x growth in the money supply by adjusting all the prices to 2014 figures, and a 7.5x productivity boom on certain farmed goods (this is unrelated to quartz and is ignored in this case), doing math on quartz as a base good by taking the price in real terms compared to the price in 2014 (6/0.45), prices should be 13x higher than they are currently if the retail sector was healthy and continued along its path.

A note on the 13x figure, idk how much more productive people are at getting quartz compared to 2014. With that in mind, the 13x figure could be on the lower end with maybe 7x if people were twice as productive at getting quartz. In total though, productivity did not grow 13x since 2014 on quartz mining so demand side declines are a primary factor in the decline. Since sugar cane most likely grew on 7.5x in productivity at least based on prices (which for this product it is questionable since most people probably dont want to set up a shop for 0.1f per stack of sugar cane in 2021 even if that makes sense given its production so productivity growth here could be way higher but just not factorable since we can’t calculate actual amounts of sugar cane made compared to 2014).

In general, a simple summary is productivity and monetary amounts grew while demand did not. Admin shops most likely caused some of the disconnects above in farmed goods for example.

History of the collapse

2014-2016) Large growth in the broader economy and the player base. We began approaching the 100 player online at a time and I can remember there being at least 50 players on at most times of the day. New money creation excluding the mob bounty issue was primarily new players as stone gens weren’t that efficient and people focused primarily on building apts or cities to make money. Most of the helloclan, west city, valley city, and a lot of the cities on the interior of the map were started at this time. Having tons of new players come online at a time and the 600f cap on apartments meant you could make 1000s of forsals an hour just filling in apartments. Look at the weather apt company for an example of the apartment economy. This was the dominant form of growth at the time.

Apple and Stone Boom) Around the 2016 time if I recall correctly there was a period were apples began to become the main source of new money creation as there was a admin shop mistake of 3f per apple which meant an emerald could be transformed into 15-24f per instead of the market rate at the time of 5-7f. This meant rapid money growth which mean’t people started to pour money into projects and plot mergers into to grow their money and as a status symbol. For example, this money started the mega store GSNR and front row rc plots and 2nd row rc plots went from good places to set up shops at 150k that could get 10k worth of sales a day minimum, to 400k speculative assets that had decreasing sales as mega stores rose that didn’t care as much about profits as just building a mega store. People would then prefer to shop at maybe 1 or 2 mega stores (at the time it was OWL, and GSNR) and people focused on simply accumulating money through an admin shop which in turn further fuelled a bubble in the property market which made shops an even worse investment. When apples and all the money made + 10% were pulled the economy didn’t really recover since the real estate had already been accumulated by a few individuals, mega stores had been built and became way more productive, and the real estate prices had tanked and never really recovered in rc leading to people to look for new less player interactive ways to make money. In fact, the small rc plot store buisness model that a lot of players used died during this time because mega stores had developed way better pricing and centralized locations that small stores simply couldn’t compete with. RC had also already been declining because its core shopping center motiff was destroyed by plots becoming worth 400k+ just for a first row (Darthxman paid 440k for his 1st row plot for example) meaning people bought front row and 2nd row plots more as an investment than actually utilizing them. I can recall buying 3 2nd row rc plots just because the prices were going up and never used them. The collapse in prices also meant those with money or those that figured out stone gens could buy them all up before other people could figure it out or get out of debt which is why you began to see monopolies in real estate on a scale we hadn’t seen begin. North CIty for example became a monopoly plot wise and rc began to be colonized as well.

Around this time as stated above, some players also figured out building a stone gen would make you 8k an hour which meant you could make way more just selling to an admin shop than renting out to new players. This meant demand for retail goods collapsed which mean’t even running a shop wasn’t profitable or a good use of time so prices of items began to stagnate while farming grew. Then admin shops for gold and iron were added which just further increased farming revenue at the expense of apartments. This new money also meant new players were getting relatively poorer and significantly less important to the economy. The focus on just printing more money rather than trying to get it to circulate is basically why everyone is rich today and don’t know what to do with it. Everyone knows shops aren’t profitable since you can make more selling to an admin shop and there isn’t even demand anyways for goods since no one builds cities or buildings anymore compared to what it used to be. This means prices will probably never go up since there is enough automated production and reserves of items just being recycled to keep the retail sector going. Also there is the random offshot of players that stock items at just enough to keep prices stagnate. If there was a lot more demand, prices would be forced up but this isn’t going to happen since people have most of the stuff already and any shortages are quickly fixed by an admin shop.

Construction of skyscrapers is stuck since there isn’t a reason to build them since we already have an overstaturation of apartments and there aren’t enough new players to justify it.


Maybe at the start he was waiting on staff, but later nobody was even told (let alone consulted) about most of his more drastic changes.

Also while he wasn’t singlehandedly responsible, an economy server that randomly deletes balances isn’t the sort of thing you play on.

Citation: multiple times, I was asked to debug new plugins which I didn’t even know existed until I logged in, and was given no guidance or documentation links by Magnus. I also had my console access removed multiple times because he didn’t like me/boots didn’t like me/some other reason I wasn’t told.

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Yeah, you right there but he was just trying to say the server was declining before Magnus came on and saying his policies caused it is ignoring some longer term trends. I remember the fishing period and Magnus and the server didn’t have that many people on before then. Thats why I left for a while back then.

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That’s not what I meant. Magnus was having issues with staff and not implementing changes before and the thing about him not liking cheer is true but I was under the though process staff did have control on things (fishing for example and the banking attempt). His policies may not have worked out but he did try fix some of the longer term problems. Slimefun for example was approved by staff.

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As a veteran of almost 8 years, I completely agree with this. My personal reasons for not playing anymore are due to the fact that; a) I’ve achieved everything I’ve wanted to on this server, b) life goes on and minecraft isn’t as fun as it once was for me, and c) I have no motivation to play anymore as there’s nothing attracting me to play anymore. When I play from time to time, It’s usually under 15-20 minutes and all I enjoy doing is talking with familiar faces and sometimes I’ll see a vet like me online. The people who currently run this server seem to have completely altered the way old administration ran it and have in fact, done the complete opposite. Although our staff is working hard to make things good for the server, they’ve implemented things such as removing warps that have made our playerbase turn away from HelloMiners especially our vets. I think this administration needs to sort of reflect the on the way our old administration (from around 2014-2017) ran the server. CommandoBeta, an admin from 2011-2016, was arguably the best admin HM ever had. With his leadership, we had 50-70 players on a time and he spiced things up making the environment on here interesting like holding Saturday events, selecting a good staff team, managing government cities and custom mobs. I used Beta as an example but there were many other admins like Arctic, SK, and Marc who played a huge role in keeping our playerbase active.

Bottom line is, there is a huge lack of motivation to even play. How are our new players going to know there whereabouts if there’s no warps? How do you plan on keeping these old players interested? How do you plan on making up for the fact that people wasted hundreds of thousands of forsals on an RC warp plot after warp plots were removed? I could go on about the many inconveniences our new staff has implemented. I totally understand the main purpose of removing warps was to hopefully get people to rely more on transportation instead of commands but I don’t think the vehicles plugin should’ve been served to provide transporation, but rather make things on here fun. I will list below what we should do that will hopefully increase our player count.

-Warps be brought back
-Airports continue to be built for each government city
-Events with large cash prizes every week or so
-More advertising on social media.
-Choose staff who actually want to make a difference and not someone who is barely active.
-Holiday events such as halloween and xmas/new year
-Start new players out with at least F5,000.
-Perhaps alter the tutorial
-Better server stability

If you are an admin or staff member who has any questions for me you can message me on discord Bmatt#5604 and I’d be happy to speak with you and hopefully make suggestions. I was a staff member for two and a half years and know the ways our server was ran when we peaked.


the problem with this is, we would need to dedicate a player department to just leveling people up and I dont think that will work very well… If we have an automated system with a expandable requirement we can make it give automated rewards and allow us to change requirements or add permissions as we expand the system.

Ranking up for keep inventory is a stupid idea, we need it all in or not in at all. Maybe we can look into removing keep inventory but add a plugin for soulbound items, maybe where people can take their nightbane or take their jack frost, and add a lock to it for a cost which would make that specific item soulbound. We can give out these tokens on the level system or we can get players to buy them from other players.

Whos gunna do this, I take screenshots for instagram nobody posts them, I do trailers for the server, nobody watches them. We need an official community manager for HM as a whole… Like an official ranked community manager who can deal with all of this. LMK if you think this is a good idea.

We know this, but the amount of things to fix is a lot…

I consider plugins either as permanent or temporary whenever I add them… Any plugin that gives items, functionality or gameplay on its own is considered permanent and cant be removed easily. Plugins like the build battle event plugin we had two years ago, would be temporary because the plugin itself has no long term effect on the community. Slimefun however, would be a permanent plugin because of the economic loss that would value from removing it. I’m not saying slimefun is permanent, im saying it would be stupid to remove it without a vote.

transportation or ease of access is a huge barrier to players getting plots or cities, we need a solution.

we should re-add pyro fishing but with lower rewards

literally communism, but we should giveplayers the ability to make money themselves, not hand it out, successful players generate money for the economy, not spawn it in. Raising the eco give on join doesnt help much, it mainly helps richer players more

We need a more diverse market, if there was a way to restrict admin shops to newer players, maybe but we need a GTC fix.


100% we need this

we need mods willing to host

issue with this is the events I’ve done in the past have caused market saturation in the rare market and staff team have decided to step back and rethink for this season… Events like this dont bring players back, they mainly retain players for a few more weeks before they leave. People dont stick around after.

yes, and we need mini tutorial npcs around where noobs are more likely to find them

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From what I am seeing is that staff is having a hard time implementing features and ideas.
I believe that the community should be given positions such as player ran departments.
There are a lot of amazing ideas and some great discussions being made on this post. Now we need to implement a method of action.
Here is my suggestion:
Staff needs to create player ran departments.
Staff then need to outline the duties and restrictions of the department.

The economy should be our #1 concern at the moment. Making a department of fixing the economy. (should not be a large business owner)

We also need a department for Government cities
To keep up with evictions, and infrastructure.

Then a social media department

Then an active events department. (we somewhat have atm)

And maybe a newplayer department

Most of these departments have already existed through HM history. However, we need experienced and dedicated players to head each department.

These departments should not be restricted to only staff members, Staff members could and should run departments. However, we should value knowledge and dedication over player rank. Admins should choose wisely who to pick as department heads.

We have just about enough dedicated players to make up these positions.

I believe that this could take the load off of staff members. But the staff members’ jobs should be in implementing decisions made by departments. Of course, staff can overrule/veto any decision made by a department. But with the right planning. These tasks can get done.

I agree, players should have more of a role in this, but from my experience when we give power to players in regards to government mayors, event managers, and so on - players dont typically take initiative to get projects done, they just kinda pick at it for a bit before they give up or walk away. We need people who are going to stick around for years, not just a few weeks.


Player voting is quite flawed if I do say so myself. However, I believe admins can make the right decision on who to pick. A salary would be a nice initiative as well. Having players apply to positions on the server shows that they would go at least as far as spending 20-30 mins on making a thoughtful response. And interview these players on the server too. If they can spend this time answering questions from a staff member, there is hope they can convert this into performance.

If we were paying salary we would reallllllllly have to monitor them, we dont want players to eat up all the plots in a city for example, or similar things.

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At this point, its a risk worth taking.

I agree with Ultra that you should have to pay to level up. It’s a really good idea and gives a flat goal for all players.

Baz’s idea for having living space requirements, cars etc. is a horrible idea. Lots of people don’t want these things to be frank and it is incredibly difficult to enforce.

Also as an edit I’d just like to say that an official HM subreddit (not r/hellominers in it’s current form) should be worked on as an addition to the forums. It is simply a better platform to advertise the server and we can still maintain high communication.

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