Cowork - Innovating the job market

Cowork is a company where people list their jobs and people claim these jobs using a bot, it functions like Upwork would. It is a service for employers and freelancers to meet. It removes the middleman and combines listing and tickets all in one self-made bot.

This holds several advantages to the conventional build/demolition/design company…

  • It simplifies information for workers to allow for a higher acceptance rate. Instead of scattered information through more messages, you have 1 message with details necessary.

  • It eliminates the inconvenience of having a middleman, making the process faster and works 24/7

  • Employers have a platform to share jobs easily and freelancers have a platform to search for jobs easily.

  • Freelancers can make their own prices. They can provide an offer of how much they want for the job and work on their own accord.

  • Flexibility of work. Freelancers and employers can work flexibly and engage on their own terms, without the limitations of other companies.

  • Is a company taking too long? List your job on Cowork, and if needed, you may delete the listing

Be a part of the change in the job market.

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just wanna say, I know I’m an owner, but I do see more people making offers on jobs on Cowork with 23 members than I did on Liteworks, with 58 members. the offering rates to do a job is higher probably because anyone can offer to do a job, unlike Liteworks / Agora Build, which limit jobs to a small amount of players.

this company does not profit at all, I just made it for jobs to be in one place and for anyone to be able to see available jobs, not just a few people. it’s similar to most job-listing websites but on Discord, I made Confine a year or two ago and that was a website, it did flop because of that format, thought I’d give it a try.

when Liteworks went demolition-only (before I sold it), I thought of this service and I knew it’d take time, but I managed to make it and it seems to have no bugs (I’ll be adding new things soon to it too). I want to thank all who have used and continue to use this service, especially since it’s my first practical use of programming, a product that others have used haha

this will also be my last project on HM for a while. i have GCSEs coming up and I generally do not find HM much fun anymore, my priority for the next 6 years will be my life over block game, hope you’ll all understand

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