Commodity Co. - Offering Construction & Demolition Services!


Commodity Co.
Est. 8/31/21

CC. is a business of Sole Proprietorship, operated by Ecto1Rotten. Based on providing current services of construction, demolition and others to apply.

Forged out of an ambition, aiming for quality services of Commodity Co’s mission.

  • The Company’s Mission:
    The ambition of the company is to provide quality services to the best of the abilities, as well expanding into other industries to provide materials & other development.

  • Commodity Central:
    The company’s Headquarters located in Flowing Meadows, a front row plot infront of the airport. Commodity Central also hosts “Shop” stalls for those wishing to expand / start a new business.
    More about the Commodity Central here:
    Commodity Central Building - Shop Spaces Open!

  • History:
    I’ve worked only few jobs upon my return but the promise of incoming jobs in needing for completion, are foreseen. I’ve noticed it necessary to establish an official company to lure in those who wish for demolition, construction or other services. Providing an opportunity to the company, and to the clients of Commodity Co.

  • Previous jobs as a solo contractor:
    SUD Tower of Monbay -&- Cake’s Estate of HelloHills + several demolition jobs a few years back.

  • Seeking Employment, Or a Job to be Completed?
    Join Commodity Co’s discord for best communications!
    Commodity Co.

  • Price Expectations
    Here at Commodity Co, the value of customer satisfaction has never been higher. Prices are determined by the expected difficulty of the job, normally the client will give the first offer for a job to be completed. Demolition rates may be cheaper than average construction rates!

  • Dealing with Cost of Materials of Construction, may come out of the Client’s pocket or portion of the payment that is settled. All details for a job can be discussed over DMs. As each job is expected to be different than the last.

  • A hired Contractor/Demolitioner will likely be paid 75-90% from Commodity Co. once the job is completed. Representatives/Staff such as Management of Commodity Co, will determine the job details.

  • One of Commodity Co’s Goals is to be independent on materials to be provided!

Need a job to be completed? Stop on by to Commodity Co, before you go!