Ban: NarwhalsRcool

Player: NarwhalsRcool
Staff: Joint Upper Staff
Reason: Griefing
Rule: “A scale one griefing means that only a few blocks are damaged”
Bantime: Category 1: a 5 day ban, and removal from the staff team.

Narwhals had broken 9 signs in PrinceAdam’s mansion inside Port June. This mansion had been around before the city, and was parented and built around by the previous owners. An agreement was made with the previous owners that the property was not a Port June plot or belonged to Port June. A sign at the front of the property clarifies that the region is exempt from Port June rules, so by Narwhals breaking lots of text-filled signs, it is considered griefing. To clarify, the demotion was not solely related to this incident.

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