Administration Changes Topic

This topic will be used to keep everyone up to date on what is going on in the management. It will also provide an up-to date list of our staff members.

»Update July 2021:

Marc050301 has resigned from staff after over 7 years on the team. We are very grateful for all the work he has done for this community, and wish him all the best as he navigates through university.

Vihq has rejoined the staff team as a Trial-Mod, congratulations to him! Please remember that he is still learning how to be a moderator, so please bear with him as he becomes more comfortable in this position.

HonestlyDirt has been demoted due to inactivity. We wish him the best and thank him for the work he did while on the staff team.

»Update June 2021 (click to drop down)

»Update June 2021:
MentalGamer and nightemperor are now trial-moderators! Congratulations to them! Please remember that they are still learning how to be a moderator, so please bear with them as they become comfortable in this position.

Patrick78 has been promoted to full moderator, congratulations!

ViHQ has resigned from his position, we’d like to thank him for the work and help he has provided during his time on the staff team.

NarwhalsRcool has been removed from staff due to reaching the staff warning limit in a 3 month period.

The current list of staffmembers is (July 2021):

Owner helloclan13

Technician Mister_Misery (~Luc)
Technician Cheerios32 (~wheetOS)
Technician nicochulo2001 (~Dad)

Admin Dr_StevenStrange
Admin Endershack (~Ender)
Admin Jcava5 (~JC)
Admin _ UltraPro_

Mod ayalaandtal
Mod Da_Kili15 (~Kili)
Mod oJacy
Mod patrick78
Mod richie_rich123 (~Richie)
Mod TrumpVoter (~SkolVikings)
Mod _ LunaticCultis_

Trial-Mod MentalGamer
Trial-Mod nightemperor (~Satan)
Trial-Mod Vihq


Updated for July 2021.