ban appeal

IGN: chickenfarm7/ILuvMinionMemes/Fazecolin

Reason for ban: Ban migration/parole violation/ Ip logging

Hello guys, its been a long time since I have spoken to most of you. Firstly I would like to apologize once again. It’s coming up on a year since I was last on the server, and I hope this long length of time has been enough for anyone to forgive me.

My first ban was due to me IP logging, bearing in mind nothing happened to the two people who clicked on the logger, and my second ban was for breaking the terms of my parole.
As I have said before, the terms of the parole were not set out, not mentioned in the rules, and not made clear to staff themselves, with different staff members telling me contradicting things regarding the parole system.

When speaking with some staff about this issue they did state that the rule “if you are likely to repeat your offence you may remain banned” (paraphrasing, I can’t remember the exact wording), could be used against me to keep my ban in place. However, I feel like this is not fair as I first joined this server in 2015, and sent one IP logger in November of 2019, and haven’t done since that one occasion, which was a year and a half ago. It may also be worth noting that the IP logging incident occurred completely on discord, and not on the server at all.

My most recent ban for breaking my parole also does not suggest I am likely to cause more harm to the server or repeat my offence. I broke sand from a structure that was unclaimed, and got banned for 24 hours because of this. I then joined on an alt account immediately after, which led to both accounts being banned, which is fair enough. But it should not be permanent, and I believe I should be unbanned, with a parole which is clearly set out. I do not intend to cause any more harm on this server and I once again apologize for the past.

I’ve been banned since August last year now, which is coming up for 10 months. If you include my initial ban I have now been banned for a total of 18 months, which was, once again, for an IP logger that caused some stress to two users, but no actual harm, and for breaking some unclaimed sand.
The fact that I have formally appealed in this way so many times should show enough on its own that I am unlikely to repeat my offence, and that I genuinely want to come back on the server.
For anyone unaware, I have also appealed multiple times in a private discord ticket in the server, and in DMs to staff throughout the time when the forum was down.

I’ve noticed with the new forums that there is a rule that says I need to link the ban topic, but obviously I cant as my ban appeal has been deleted from when the forums were hacked, but staff know why I am banned anyway.

I am well aware I will be immediately permanently banned if I were to cause any more harm on the server if I was unbanned, so I can’t understand not just giving me a chance.

Thank you for reading

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Considering we’ve just had a report of you harassing people (i.e. last 24 hours), your appeal has been denied.