Anti remove warps argument.

The removal of the warps has to be the dumbest thing I’ve seen happen here, and I’ve seen a lot of dumb.

Look at it this way, you live in Pittsburg there near the bottom. That’s your home on hm, let’s call Kansas City the gov cities and Joplin private cities, kc is a lot harder to get to and longer trip but where are you going to go? Your obviously going to kc to shop because it has more not because it has the better stores.

Making it easier to get to private cities and harder to get to gov cities is not going to change where people shop.

This isn’t a matter of travel, it’s a matter of people getting their name out there. You can have a huge store but have a bad name
Nobody’s gonna go.

Have a good stop with good stock everyone will regardless of location.

The removal was pointless and absolutely stupid.

That argument may be accurate, but we prefer to make decisions based on actual facts and things we know, not assumptions, and the facts are, in the past year+, the only successful private city store was one that sold every single item there is, and was stocked 24/7, the facts are that all new players leave since they cant make a company in a company server and cant make a city in a city server, the facts are that a 80% out of stock gov city store like agora will get over 10x the sales of a fully stocked cheaper store in a player owned city, when agora doesn’t advertise, and the player owned city store advertises all the time, there’s nothing to argue with ;-; these are facts that we know for sure


Before calling our decision stupid, you should go back to your example of KC and joplin. There is no warp gov city on HM has less traffic that a private city. Warp rc, c, airport, vc all get more traffic that any priv city. It IS a matter of travel, because people who make it about getting their name out there focus on TRAVEL because its what a consumer prioritizes. A shop owner can advertise much lower prices, a large selection, and a well designed store but if the plot is in the middle of new aurora and takes 30 seconds longer to get to than a warp city plot then the consumer will not go there unless they cannot find a specific product anywhere else. Mike you’re making it about something that isnt as big as a factor it should be. The factor you’re addressing about getting your name out there is the LOGIC us admins (and mods) thought of when deciding to remove warps. The use of unbalanced access between gov and private cities overshadows that factor of store quality/likeability. Your whole argument is that these gov cities have better shops with the KC and joplin analogy, but ask yourself why does KC have all the better shops? Is it not a coincidence that the cities with warps all have “Better shops” than those without them? Warps have literally bred that output because accessibility between a shop in a private vs shop city is such a big difference to the consumer.


I agree with mike. It isnt a matter of location but rather advertising. I would go to a plot in the middle of new aurora but I have never even heard of that city… so i go to places active and advertised where in most cases are plots in a government cities. What im saying is if people actually advertised there shops in private cities maybe people would actually go to them…

People do, and nobody goes to them anyway.

Well, that is just wrong :p, as the head of player helpers, I can tell you at least 4 or so new players started a shop in a player owned city recently, they had crazy cheap prices, 100% stock, a ton of different items, and a 2-3rd row plot, and they got precisely 0 sales, and they all quit since they joined the server to have fun starting their company, which is just impossible without a few 100 thousand for a first row warp plot, and that’s a fact


And they all did great color coded chat ads, I even did ads for some

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the absolute ignorance of staff replies here, i wish it surprised me tbh but at this point it doesnt. and im done typing about this xD

What do you mean absolute ignorance ;-; all we did is stating actual facts, things we know for sure that are true, and that warp removal will hopefully fix


Also, this isnt even staff, this is a community decision


as in saying new players have advertises and got no sales, first off im sure the shop was tiny had almost nothing in it and was in a shit spot regardless of warps, a new player has nothing to offer shop wise they hardly have anything themselves

Let me just say I find it very amusing that the warp plot gobbling elites are suddenly pretending that it’s all about advertising and not about location ( a magical command that takes you to a shop in 3 seconds. ). Because when you argue that location doesn’t matter and only advertising does you’re technically arguing against your own interests as pro-warp folks.

But I agree, advertising is very important, especially now that warps are removed. Because beforehand it didn’t matter if you advertised or were stocked 10 times better than any warp shop because people valued the convenience of warping more important than any of that.

As a warp shop owner you’ll still be able get traffic, as long as you actually stock and advertise your store. You just won’t have the magical advantage of warping anymore and will have to compete on quality rather than convenience.


community means nothing to staff look at the starting bal vote lol

we can all agree we have effectivly killed vc and rc theres no debating that

No actually, I helped them set it up and grind, they worked for a few hours non stop daily to open it, they had wool, all stone types, conc, mob drops, stairs, slabs, food, fireworks, etc, all stocked, and a plot right next to new aurora airport

And not a single sale

Since people /warp airport

They had a fully stocked cheap shop, a plot next to an airport, great color coded ads in chat, a pretty nice building they made themselves, and not a single sale

Well, if there are better player owned cities, they should be getting more sales, right?

Thats not true, a lot of decisions are made by the community, or just based on what staff see in chat and discord, and the starting bal vote was super close, and staff added their votes, which made 5k come out on top