About the Events category

Community Events Post Guide

Check out the Events Category to see a calendar of upcoming community events! Players can submit events for approval here.

How to create an event topic:

  1. Select the New Topic button highlighted with a green box.

  2. Fill out the title and description with details of the event as usual.

  3. Select the Calendar “Add Event” Button highlighted with a green box.

  4. Fill out the calendar setting the date and start/end times, and select done.

  5. Select the create topic button to submit for approval. Once submitted, let a staff member know and they will review and approve the post, adding it to the calendar.

Note: When setting the date - at times the calendar bugs out and you can’t click a date, you can reset it back to the originally displayed current date. Then, you can highlight the date or month or even year in the text bar, and then type the new number. So if today is 2023-07-19, if you highlight the 19 with your mouse, you can type a new day. It is the same for the month or year. I have just tested this and it works as of the above date.