Zilliux <3

Hello all,

I was banned for duping, I’d like to explain my motivations and actions. I admit to intentionally duping, not maliciously, but in order to receive a ban and take a break from the server. I desperately needed a break and duping was a crime that presented itself and would result in a long ban. Try thinking about what the reality was if you don’t believe me. There were dupes all over my open land in shulker boxes, and I asked Ultra to do a helpme, and he ‘stumbled upon them’

While I may not always agree with others, my main goal is to contribute positiveness to the community through my creative interests. Hellominers’ unique charm, where players can run their own shops and show off their creations, is something I love. This server holds a special place for me, and though I recognize that it has evolved over time. I want to return and see how things are.

It’s been over a year since my ban, and I’ve had time to think about what I did. If I ever feel the need for a break in the future, I will seek a voluntary ban rather than breaking any rules. I sincerely hope to rejoin the Hellominers community and reconnect in the areas of this server that I enjoy the most: creativity, building, and a sense of community with other players.



Appeal approved, welcome back. There will be a probation attached to the unban however I do not have the details for that right now, but its usually 6 months.

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