World Reset Poll

There have been some people arguing for a world reset as of late. I am posting this not to argue for either side, but to simply poll HelloMiners players’ beliefs in if this should happen. Please only respond to the poll if you regularly play HelloMiners (that is, around once or more a week as of the last week. This way we can actually gauge current support, and not be influenced by former players jumping on the bandwagon.

Please vote for your preference, and that you are an active player. If you are not an active player, do not respond to the poll.

  • Reset the world entirely, including balances
  • Reset the world entirely, excluding balances
  • Don’t reset the world
  • I actively play on HelloMiners (all respondents should be truthful and tick this)

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I think a big part of this should be that we don’t have set spawn points. In the current version of HelloMiners, you spawn in HelloClan and can go to a variety of other cities within the greater HC region. But I think it’d be better and more realistic if you initially spawned in a random part of the city, and this became your /home spawn or something similar. Eh?

someone every two months


Yeah, but that’s usually Dylad and I ain’t Dylad

if you reset the world excluding balances, what are you going to buy

you’re going to buy stuff with that starter bal, aye


Yeah here is the thing though.

A server reset is not going to be the paradise everyone thinks it is. I’m not even talking about wiping out years of history (I mean fuck I wanna nuke HC, that place is ugly as fuck) I’m talking about putting too much faith in the player base to rebuild what is HM.

Right now HM has 100’s of cities, that’s unique about HM, you can spend hours wandering through them and see the history of it. After a reset we lose all of that including a few active players who I personally know would quit after a reset, you’ll end up with like 3 people who’ll make city, only 2 of them will end up making them and they’ll likely be the same aesthetic/vibe.

So you’ll have a big map with a couple of unfinished cities and if you’re lucky 1 finished one.

I don’t trust the players in favour of a full reset to actually rebuild HM to make it what makes HM. They’ll likely end up not having enough time due to school or work anyway and then what? You’ll have a new map with nothing cool to discover that doesn’t make us much different from any other boring ass server.

Like this server is a place where many of us spent our childhoods / teen times / quite a few years, a full reset would destroy all of that and for what? So a few people with a creative block can maybe work on a new city?

I understand we’re in a dire situation regarding player activity, server performance and economics but those are just temporary woes that can be fixed with the right people aboard.


Players that dont play in the server nor are active should stop advocating to reset what active players have done for years in the server when you don’t even play in the server and you obviously don’t have the time to fix and rebuild. It’s like you just want to kill the server. I don’t see how a reset would bring players or make active players more engage. Most players and staff don’t have the time to even built a dirt house but all of the sudden you going to have the time to rebuild a server? You reset the server and most players will quit, it will remain couple of players that agreed with the reset and when they see all they have to do to rebuild the server they will quit because they just don’t have the time for it nor they care.


I can see your perspective on the world reset, but

Players that dont play in the server nor are active should stop advocating to reset

I made this poll with the specific purpose of weeding those people out, who usually dominate the conversation around the subject. I am an active player as you know and was on just last night, and this thread was only made because I was involved in a convo this morning on the HM discord. Unless people are lying (which I doubt is occurring to a degree that the results would change), the only people who have voted are active in the server. So.

We don’t need a reset we should just start renovating the world we have again. I am NOT in favor of any type of reset as I would quit the server and a ton of other people would too. Think about how many hours and years some people have put into creations.

Maybe we should try to revive some of the “wilderness protection” team that used to go around regenning shitty stuff that clogs up the server now.
I am in favor of allowing more use of world edit in government cities such as hello clan to fix it up (deleting things, fixing/changing layout, while being able to also keep certain buildings we want)


I`m the new manager of the WPT :slight_smile: good one Alex!

I could gather a team to start asap

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I assume a reset means everything that anyone has worked , created, built, explored, invested time, effort and resources would be lost… if so, I’m out. A reset is effectively a new server and I really can’t be bothered to start again after six years… so I’d quit.


wouldn’t be lost as a world download would become available/exist but yes, that’s the gist of a complete reset (new world, balances, etc.)

Jeepers, seems the overwhelming response is against it. I love democracy.