Where I'm At in life right now

Been awhile since I did a late night rant on the forums. Just wanted to address my inactivity over the past couple months. Things have gotten busy in my life and I have been feeling the effects of burnout, a lot of my focus has been more irl, like focusing on my online stores and photoshop jobs to help pay for school. School has ramped up for the summer so I’m spending a couple days a week there, I honestly am not studying enough as it is, but thats not really relevant.

I have a bunch of plans that I want to do for HM but im waiting for a burst of motivation, I feel like through the 1.20 update we can get a ton of progress and release a regular sized content update for you guys. We currently dont have an ETA for 1.20, but I dont see it taking too long, I am waiting on the OK for techs to start on that, and I really dont want to start on it until I have other content ready to go for the topic like custom saplings, a small companies balance update, summer market content, and a couple features that were voted on in the discord.

I’m still around, just behind on my DM’s, but I am on my laptop at least once per day, I am hoping August/September will lend me more time to focus on HM and work on polishing up the new player experience.

We are also looking for people to help make some mapart designs for the mapart rp job quest, and maybe other minecart jobs to be done.

CB Plots are kinda on my mind too, I want to finish up the CB Estates, I have it mostly done its just finishing up the edges and planting trees, im not super happy with the current island and plot sizes, and the islands need to be regioned still. I want to auction some of the more high priced plots, however until warp spawn is polished i dont want to sell first or second row. I am willing to sell at gov land value 20f/b any 3rd row or further back cb plots.

I am hoping to do another unique halloween event this year, not backrooms, not ecduk, but I havent quite figured out what I’m going to do. I dont think it will be as large in scale as the backrooms event as that literally took me the entire summer to make for you guys.

Christmas event is guaranteed to return, the bosses for the dungeons will most likely be the same, however im hoping to do all new item sets and rares for the event. The 4th krampus dungeon will be fully redone and sure to be a challenge. I dont know if I want to keep the krampus set the way it is, but probably just change the year, because I feel like its already a powerful enough gear set, and it would save me a lot of time to not re-do it all again.

Overall im always free to chat, if you have anything that needs to be addressed on the server like quick plugin updates or stuff, feel free to reach out.

PS: I hope I gave at least one person a heart attack from seeing just the title.


PS: I hope I gave at least one person a heart attack from seeing just the title.


I have been feeling the effects of burnout

But seriously, please don’t push yourself too far lmao.