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Hello! As some may know, I have been designing and creating an Octoberfest event this year. It has been quite some time, since the last one released in October of 2020. Mainly, I will admit this was do my procrastination and me accidently deleting the entire 2021 map off my computer (I know, I was pissed). Anyways, since the server was down for quite some time, and since the admins need some time to develop the mobs/quests and such for the event, it wont release in October. Right now I am stuck on a new date to release it (if all goes well lol). Anyways I am thinking about in early next year (since no events happen during that time) to release it. Please vote, it helps, sorry I couldn’t get it done sooner, I poured my soul to this map during my free time this summer ( I still needa finish like 30% of it :sob: ).

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Anyways, heres a picture of the progress right now! Only one, I want it to be a suprise! (this from a while ago, the building be moved).

The picture be of one building…the map is much…larger, ultra can attest.

Yes its an octoberfest map but we can change the theme of it really easily, we can use it for valentines, or summer quest or even next years octoberfest