What's Satan been up to? - Explanation behind my absence as staffer

I figured it was about time to communicate this with y’all to clear up some confusion. I’m not stepping down, just not really active as admin right now

As most of you might have noticed I’ve lately not been on HM a lot and happen to be doing a lot of ban topics mostly these days. So what’s the reasoning behind that? Well, for starters most of you know I’ve been playing on my trusty chromebook for the majority of my time on HM, not the most powerful machine but hell, it does its job and has enabled me to do my work as a staffer for quite a while. (Despite some helpmes resulting in crashing my game).

I used to be fairly active, doing a lot of helpmes and writing them ban topics (seriously people, stop commiting crimes for the love of God) but as of recently that changed for two reasons.

  • I got a new Job
  • My trusty chromebook stopped letting me play Minecraft for whatever reason.

The combination of these two factors caused me to get less involved with the game and the community. My new job is extremely rewarding as I get to do meaningful work and get paid a decent buck but it also comes with the cost of having less time and energy.

I had just gotten used to the new work-life balance and started finding the time and energy to do more for HM again but then disaster struck as the company I work for might get shutdown by it’s parent company.

That uncertainty means it’s wiser for me to fatten up my financial buffer for the worst case scenario rather than to blow money on an expensive gaming setup.

Just when I had the perfect computer in mind and was drawing up plans for making Youtube content for HM to attract more players…

The parent company’s verdict should arrive somewhere this week, if I know whether I have a future at the place I can sit back, order that expensive gaming setup and do more with HM again.

In the meanwhile if you happen to see me on HM, it’s very likely I am on bedrock to just mindlessly browse the server by horse.


Sorry to hear about all the uncertainty atm, hope the verdict is what you’re hoping for, take it easy :pray:



Sadly the company is gonna shutdown but we still have to fullfil our contracts until the end of the year.

Turns out everyone on the team wants me to stay, we even made a PowerPoint to convince our out of touch doesn’t know what’s going on boss, which they’ll present tomorrow so that way my contract might get extended till the end of the year.

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