What the heck is going on with Hello hills

I am a bit concerned about what’s going on with Hello hills?? All of a sudden there is all this floating over my property’s view… into the ocean. I was already losing property value when the island first expanded, but now this is crazy. What an eyesore… also, poor mike and Jens property which used to have an ocean view. Now they get a white box…

Also, Why do they all look the same? I thought we were going for some originality here and why is toro building all of them?
Love to have some explanation here or compensation for the damage this has caused me.

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THE LITTLE BRICK BOY AND THE BIG BOY U COMPLAINING ABOUT - idk who got hired for it but i believe in them to make it pretty :3

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Hehehe first your warp plots, then hellohills, next up all your farms…

Hello Alex.

I apologize for any inconvinience this might have cause you.

The house you referring is felipe HH house. Terraforming needs to be done same as it was done in all other houses that has been build. Once it’s done it will look great and that house wont be floating, the terraforming of that house will be at same level as the house that’s next to it.

Houses are similar becuase they are all build with quartz, but if you look closer all designs are different. I was paid or given the job by each HH owner to make their houses becuase they like how I build. If you go and take a look I really do believe that the new HH looks awesome.

If there is anything that I could do to make this better please let me know.

I made then like that becuase there is a complex near where I live. This complex is a little street fill with houses, all similar due being white but all houses are awesome and good looking and I wanted to give the same feeling.

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I suppose the floating islands should be fixed. They really don’t look too nice.
However, the buildings all look much better than many others in HH, so I don’t see a problem with that. Asking for compensation just sounds a bit like u want quick cash tbh idk


Terraforming is done, there is no longer a house floating in the air.
Take into account that the house is not done and there is a bunch of palm tress and decorations that need to be added. I am sure you will be pleased with the view once the house is done.

If there is anything you would like me to add/remove please let me know, I want that everyone is happy with HH.


Workin on fixing it. Life’s just a lot rn. Gimme time

No need for the post to be like that.

You do realize Staff didn’t build HH, right? And I’m sure the players who own/built these meant no harm ;-;

What kind of damage could a building thats clearly still in progress could caused you? Honestly just wait lol, the island has been abandoned for years, why get spicy now?

Toromboo already explained but the new owners just hired him because they liked, and you know, whatever the neighbours get to build is really none of your business, as long as its following the rules. This topic could’ve been an in game email or discord pm lmao.

Since the ‘‘problem’’ got solved, requesting topic lock <3

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