What is going on with the server?????

What happened to the Server? It’s down and there are no announcements???

there is an announcement

I just looked and I don’t see an announcement.
Where is it?
This is a problem. Why should I have to search for an announcement regarding the fact that the server is down?

i think just on discord. The server is down rn due to more storage issues. Working on fixing it, not sure exactly when it will be back up.

I know what discord is, but with hundreds of tabs open and at least twelve networked applications running, Discord puts a wasted load on my machine for little if any value.
I can’t stand the overhead.

LOL, posted an announcement for you (not staff anymore though).

I’m going to be fully honest, Discord is where pretty much all announcements have been for a while now, and I’m quite curious why you have hundreds of tabs open to begin with, so at the very least checking it occasionally (especially if you discover the server is dead) would probably be wise.